Pablo Married illusion to a United PP: We are ready to win

A year and a half later, the goznes of Valencia bullring again creaked, reopened for the final tract of the PP Convention with so many bulls as sanitary restric

Pablo Married illusion to a United PP: We are ready to win

A year and a half later, the goznes of Valencia bullring again creaked, reopened for the final tract of the PP Convention with so many bulls as sanitary restrictions. Some 9,000 people filled all the cosa minus the second naya, evicted by "security". So more than 2,000 people stayed outside while Pablo Married recovered the ideological attack "without complexes" with which he won the 2018 Popular Congress. And while he defended a "center" in which they burn voters' again " who emigrated That is, "all liberals and conservatives" and even "social democrats defrauded by sanchism".

Married heard a Total Amendment Program to Pedro Sánchez, in which, very in the line of Aznar, he recovered all the battles of the most impetuous "values" of the PP, from the liberalization of the soil to the recentralization of autonomous competences , going through the repeal of all the social laws of the current government.

But, no matter how important it is given to the beginning of marriage, the key to the long itinerant convention of the PP was not ideological, but mood. The central act of the conclave of the populars had been conceived as a kind of collective reaffirmation therapy. What Genova was looking for was that the PP would believe himself capable of winning, starting with his leader. A drone flew over the cosa of Xátiva Street so that the cenal image - a human paella in the Sol- end of convincing married from the dimension of the event. First of all, the reconquest of the Valencian Square was an "emotional chute", as he assured himself.

The coso looked as in the times when it was an authentic Talisman of the PP of the great victories, but yesterday the comparison was another. In Genoa they remembered the puncture in the Plaza de Vitoria in 2019, with the fully empty linen. Together with married, his team marveled at the tumult that accompanied the leader of the PP to the ring: "This is the collective delirium. The enthusiasm has recovered, "said a leader of Genoa. "The PP has returned. We are ready to win. From here to the Moncloa, "said another. For those who lived the general campaigns of 2019, or the Catalan 2021, triumphalism was inevitable. "An incontestable success, to see what the PSOE does now ...». «Brutal, the married one of the Congress [of 2018]». "Big door". And so, one by one, all the national and Valencian leaders of the Party were putting words to the euphoria of him. The most accurate of them hit the nail: "In March, this did not do it or joke, or joke."

The truth is that from March to October, the spears have become canes for married. Before the motion of Murcia, the PP creamered in the surveys and licked the internal wounds after the Suffp of Vox in Catalonia. But then the elections rushed in Madrid and luck changed to married. Now the PP leads most of the surveys and wants to reactivate its "Ensanche" operation of the electorate, to "reunify" the votes of the centroderecha.

"This is the reunion," he summed up married to his, before expanding himself at the reunion of his project "to unite everything that is to the right of the PSOE."

His idea-strength is that the PP "does not have to move from his central site to shelter many people," but "maintain the roots" of their most classic and identifiable "values". They paid at them married in his final harangue: "Here we continue, with the game together as a pineapple and strong as a rock, prepared to go back to throw ourselves on my back, to rescue our ruin compatriots." The Listings of the PP corresponded with cries of "President!".

In a clearly Mitinero, Married concluded that "Spain wants to breathe again PP." «I want a large, firm, wide, open, strong, united, a pp that does not come out to inherit, nor to tie, but to win and govern, to return power to the Spaniards», proclaimed, in another déjà vu From that discourse that acted it to the Presidency of the Party in 2018.

As usual, the PP president wanted to make several speeches in one. He was so neat in his explanations and it was so hot (30 degrees in the shade) that a part of the audience abandoned the sunstones in advance, opening balds in the back area of the stage.

Most of the time dedicated it married to claim the legacy of PP and to promise to repeal, one by one, all Sánchez's social laws. "We are the party that broke the glass roof of women; Lessons of feminism, nor one ». "We are the party that founded the euro." "We are the party that defeated ETA." "We are the party that stopped the Ibarretxe plan and Plan Puigdemont." «We are the Environment Party». And so on.

Married assured that, if he reaches the Moncloa, he will lie down the Law of Democratic Memory, the Law Celaá, the Trans Law, or the reform of the Sánchez pensions. Such is the confrontation of him with the president of the government, who did not want to go to him: "It is already the past, although he still does not know him. You already know what I think about him, and I'm not going to name her ».

He also did not appoint Vox married, but he released evening releases (like Rajoy and Barons throughout the week), as well as citizens. For example: "Those who came to replace us have been left along the way. The PP is a lot of PP ». "We want a PP of hands open to all" and "We believe a policy in the face of illegal immigration with more means to stop this humanitarian drama," he continued.

«We come," summarized the married end, "to offer Spanish a new social contract, a contract with Spain, to return power to citizens, limit the government, reinforce institutions and justice, create employment and sustain our well-being ». And in which "judges choose the judges."

Date Of Update: 03 October 2021, 15:56

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