Palestinian factions celebrate the cessation of the hunger strike of a prisoner after the Israeli decision to free him

The Israeli decision to release the Palestinian Prisoner Hisham Abu Hawash has not only the cessation of his hunger strike he began 141 days ago as protest for

Palestinian factions celebrate the cessation of the hunger strike of a prisoner after the Israeli decision to free him

The Israeli decision to release the Palestinian Prisoner Hisham Abu Hawash has not only the cessation of his hunger strike he began 141 days ago as protest for his administrative detention but the deactivation of a watchmaking pump at the point of exploding before the last Notices of armed groups in Gaza, Hamas and Islamic Yihad of a new climb in case of his death.

The Palestinian National Authority (ANP) and the Palestinian Facilities "rivaled" on Wednesday in its role and share responsibility for the implementation of the prisoner linked to Islamic jihad at the end of next month.

"Hisham Abu Hawash has achieved a new victory that confirms the ability of our people and from our detainees to win all the battles that free against occupation," says Hamas spokesman, Abdel Latif al-Qanou while since Yihad congratulates him for his "Heroic battle". This group had warned that it would attack Israel in response to the death of Abu Hawash converted into one of its great references in recent weeks. Hamas transmitted to the Egyptian mediators that this case could go by land the agrea agreed after climbing in the month of May. It is not casual that Egypt, with excellent relations with Israeli security agencies, measured to solve this case before it was too late.

The President of the ANP, Abu Mazen, sent a message of support and solidarity to the Palestinian prisoner. "We congratulate the free (man), Abu Hawash for obtaining the freedom of him by the strength of his will," said the head of Palestinian government in Ramalo, Mohamed Shtayeh. Nowadays, the two issues that have a greater consensus in the Synthal Palestinian People (West Bank under Government of Al Fatah and Hamas Gaza) are the mosque al Aqsa and Jerusalem and the situation of Palestinian prisoners.

Abu Hawash, 40 years old and father of five children, was arrested on October 27 in the area of Hebron. The Internal Secret Service (Shabak) presented before the military court evidence on the alleged relationship of him with terrorism, but without making them public claiming that he would endanger the sources of him. Administrative detention is a practice criticized by the UN and Israeli, Palestinian and International Human Rights by allowing the arrest without presenting charges or leading to trial.

Abu Hawash began his hunger strike on August 17 in protest for the renewal of detention without charges. Since then, he only drinks water being transferred to a hospital in the center of Israel. Faced with the deterioration of the situation of him and the recommendation of security services, Israel froze ten days ago administrative detention, but without committing to not renovating it in February as he has done now. With the release of him on February 26, the Palestinian will have passed 54 months under arrest.

It is not even much the first time that Israel releases a prisoner due to pressure by his hunger strike amplified by Hamas and Yihad threats and media echo on social networks and in Palestine Street. As in previous occasions, the Israeli authorities had to choose between two bad decisions from their point of view. On the one hand, the death of Abu Hawash would have provoked disorders in the prisons, riots and crashes in the West Bank against Israel and the ANP (as they warned Abu Mazen) and a new climbing with the Gaza armed factions. On the other hand, it is about freeing someone who considered dangerous one year ago and above all sends a message of weakness to Hamas and Islamic Yihad. This has been interpreted by these two groups in their triumphant speeches after the agreement announced on Tuesday night.

The resolution of the "Abu Hawash" case avoids an imminent escalation but does not guarantee calm between Israel and the militias. In fact, Hamas warns the Egyptian mediators that "all options are on the table" if in the coming days there is no more significant advance in negotiations on the economic situation of the Palestinian territory under its control since 2007. If we stick The past, his discontent will be reflected in the launch of incendiary balloons and projectiles against southern Israel.

The situation of Abu Hawash and its explosive effects were treated at the meeting between Abu Mazen and the Benny Gantz Israeli Defense Minister of December 28 and basically focused on cooperation in safety and favorable measures to the Palestinian economy.

Gantz, which at the moment would be Prime Minister if Benjamin Netanyahu had agreed to approve the budget a year ago guaranteeing the Rotation Agreement, has become the great interlocutor of the new Israeli government before the ANP and Jordan.

In this sense, Gantz has met on Wednesday with King Abdalla II of Jordan. The hachemite monarch, which maintained a terrible relationship with Netanyahu, and the new Israeli leadership have several months of intense intimate and public approach for several months. "You have to maintain stability and offer a political horizon to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict," said Jordanian King to Gantz, calling for measures to Israel to keep the possibility of the two-state solution. He also praised Israeli for having received Abu Mazen in his house a week ago.

According to the Office of the Israeli Minister of Defense, the Summit dealt with security and diplomatic issues. "Gantz emphasized the strategic importance of nearby relations between Israel and Jordan who contribute to the security of the two countries. The Minister of Defense thanked the King about his activity and maintenance of stability in the area and the consolidation of peace and normalization "He added after the appointment in the Jordanian capital 28 years after his peace agreement.

Updated Date: 06 January 2022, 17:46

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