'Pam & Tommy': When we were foolish and happy

When the secret story of the 21st century is written in the future, the robbery and subsequent filtration of the sexual video of the vigilant of the Pamela Ande

'Pam & Tommy': When we were foolish and happy

When the secret story of the 21st century is written in the future, the robbery and subsequent filtration of the sexual video of the vigilant of the Pamela Anderson beach and the rocker came at least Tommy Lee should have a capital importance. On the day of her, the gossip paralyzed the planet: not in vain, the most desired sex Symbol - thanks to the red swimsuit of it and a rotund size D of the operated chest - appeared in full intercourse with the battery of the Mötley Band Bat. It was a new turn to the love story between the folk and the bullfighter - the model and the footballer - but with amateur porn movie.

But after more than 25 years, we know that this video was not an anecdote, but a precedent of what we recognize today in the problem of privacy on the Internet, the obsession of the fans for accessing all kinds of dirty rags of the stars, Exhibitionism as an autobombus form - that it did not take Rédito Paris Hilton to his sexual video - and that disgusting form of derision called porno-revenge. All this began with the theft of a safe that guarded an HI-8 tape, and has continued with the massive hacking of mobile phones to steal photos of naked celebrities. Of that dust, these sludge.

This great story of our time deserved an adaptation, and that is why Pam & Tommy - a series of Starz licensed to the Hulu platform, and available via Disney + in Spain - it is so stimulating: not only because part of a premise tired morbid, but because With today's eyes can transcend the mere yellowish carnage to give us clues of why the Narcissism on Networks, Paranoia for Privacy, and Marketing via Onlyfans. The funniest thing is that all this, so serious, emanates from a couple of Ceporros that, as they are portrayed in the series, barely add a half neuron between the two.

The history of the theft of Pamela Sex Ribbon and Tommy Lee explained it Amanda Chicago Lewis explained in an article by Rolling Stone in December 2014, and as surprising - and what allows the series to have a solid narrative - is how it could appear That private video on the Internet, when the Internet was still in diapers. For incredible that seems, everything was the work of an electrician - in the series is a carpenter and it interprets Seth Rogen - called Rand Gauthier, a shield that worked in the reform works of Tommy's house in Malibu, of which he was fired to Shotgun tip and without charging.

His revenge went on to plan a robbery: after months of surveillance, he slipped into the mansion, took a safe with money, weapons and jewelry of Pamela Anderson and, as an unexpected gift, a video tape. If this was not unreal enough, Gauthier was also a porn actor, "it turned anal scenes, favored by the tolerable size of his tool-, and thanks to his contacts in the guild moved the ribbon. Nobody dared to market such a denunciable VHS, but the Internet was a virgin territory and thus began distribution. Gauthier ended up being a collateral victim of his crime-he did not get money or revenge, but he got at least everyone knew the size of Tommy Lee's penis, which he described as a Viennese sausage. That this is a disney content is, the less, rejoicing and wonderful.

Pam & Tommy's interpretations are, along with the soundtrack, the most notable of a series that has fun as Movies for Teenagers from Kevin Smith: Sebastian Stan - Marvel's winter soldier - is the tattooed and rude Tommy Lee , while Lily James is metamorphose in Pamela Anderson, including the tattooing of the wire on her left arm. Although the best, surely, is the nostalgia of the 90s that travels the three available chapters, drawn as a carefree pre-Internet paradise that the protagonists are expelled when their sex life begins to be the subject of excessive global attention. That video, we said, changed the rules: he erased a world where we were foolish, so happier, and gave way to the era of surveillance and paranoia.

Date Of Update: 05 February 2022, 20:12

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