Parchís: a golden eggs hen (but not for children)

This Wednesday, Blood ties dedicates its program to Parches, the famous children's group in the 80s, which caused euphoria in Spain and Latin America. During

Parchís: a golden eggs hen (but not for children)

This Wednesday, Blood ties dedicates its program to Parches, the famous children's group in the 80s, which caused euphoria in Spain and Latin America. During that time, everything seemed magnificent for the five children prodigy -oscar Ferrer, Constantino Fernández, David Muñoz, Gemma Prat and Yolanda Ventura. However, various productions have shown that they did not always have a good time.

For example, in 2019, a Netflix documentary revealed that they felt "stressed" and "scammed". However, tonight the program of 1 will go much further and will show testimonies in which the former parches will reveal that "they generated a lot of money", which "were the hen of the golden eggs", but that "the contracts they saw They were not the real ones. " And it is that for the musical industry it was not difficult to deceive 10-year-old children ...

Parchís was created in 1979, after a label put an ad in a newspaper. "Belter discs give the opportunity to children from 8 to 12 who sing well and make sense of rhythm for the formation of a childhood set and record discs," said the call ... and both Ferrer like Fernández, Muñoz, Prat and Ventura answered the call. At the beginning, the five thought it was something anecdotal. However, in less than a year, the band was constituted at an entrepreneurship and were offered to sing on television. In fact, one of his first presentations was in the Applause Program of TVE and the impact he had led them to record his first album: the 25 super songs, which included versions of the Bee Gees and the Village People.

Few could have been foreseen, but the success of Parchis was immediate. Intera Spain spoke of the kids - those who were known about the role played in the parchis: red, yellow, blue, green and given sheet - and at the beginning of 1980, the possibility of representing the country in Eurovision was shuffled. Although those who directed the Group decided to take another course: bet on the conquest of America and the United States. A process that was dedicated almost completely between 1980 and 1981, and then dare to explore other horizons, such as cinema. Moreover, during his six years of career, Parchís rolled seven films that, at the time, broke all the records. Everything Parchís played became gold ... Despite it, the boys were not as well as it seemed on the screen.

In 1981, Parchís suffered his first low. Oscar left the group for personal problems and was replaced by Frank Díaz, who was perfectly coupled to his companions. However, two years later were Constantine and David who decided to break with the stability of the band and moved away from music. At that time, no one elucubred about the reasons for his departure. But, after the revelations of recent years, it can be inferred that their abandonment might have to do with the immense physical and mental requirement that involved being in parchís. Even Gemma and Yolanda have confessed that "Parchís was a little desmadre" and that certain things happened "because there was no one who was watching them." That is, teenagers grew, basically, alone, so it is not surprising that their families worry.

"My mother cried a lot, she says that she was wrong," says Gemma in the trailer of blood ties. And, even if it is not revealed why Prat's progenitor cried, herself is known that one of the dolores of the former parchis is that the representative of him stole almost everything he had won. "Our legal representative stayed with 600 million pesetas of the label and record label stole us," Frank Díaz said in 2014 to the world. In spite of this, it could not be said that the former members are "traumatized" or "damaged". On the contrary, everyone has always declared that they remember with much love their time of fame and, every time they are seen, they are happy to meet again. Above all, because everyone is dedicated to their lives and do not usually perform events together.

And what is everyone dedicated today? Gemma studied childcare and Frank became a photographer, while Yolanda became a super star in Mexico, where she has made more than 20 teleseries -wall those found Rosario Scissors and the latest production of televisa S.O.S. I'm falling in love-. On the other hand, Constantino tried to launch a solo career, but at the end of the 90 he suffered a traffic accident, he collided against a car and the incident caused him the loss of an arm. Initially, Fernandez suffered a deep depression. Although over the years he was overcoming him and this Wednesday he will talk for blood ties ... unlike David, who would live in New York and would exercise as a publicist. However, the reason for the absence of it in this documentary has not yet been clarified.

Updated Date: 02 December 2021, 06:10

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