Paul Married Rosa Díez come together in the Congress to defend Spain's constitutional

Mañueco recipe consensus and stability to a fiscal year "complex"Married "looks clear" that Sanchez wants to eleccionesCalvo plant to Alvarez de Toledo in t

Paul Married Rosa Díez come together in the Congress to defend Spain's constitutional
Mañueco recipe consensus and stability to a fiscal year "complex"Married "looks clear" that Sanchez wants to eleccionesCalvo plant to Alvarez de Toledo in their first face-to-face in the Congress

The PP has organized an event in Congress this Thursday, " Spanish in defense of the common ", to which have been invited to Vox and Citizens, while the party of Abascal has refused to attend to see an act of "propaganda", while Rivera has sent to the deputy Roberto Hernandez , Foreign ministry spokesman. Yes has been one of the founders of Vox, Alejo Vidal-Quadras, who walked away from the PP when Rajoy was at the forefront . The spokesman of the Popular Group in Congress, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo , has been thankful in a special way to Vidal-Quadras his presence. In this event participated the co-founder of UPyD, Rosa Díez , as well as Alvaro Pombo , the president of the PP Catalan, Alejandro Fernandez and Ana Losada , president of the Assembly for the Bilingual School. The image of Rosa Díez, has been defined as a social democrat, together with the PP has been especially relevant, with nods reciprocal.

Paul Married has come to Congress with Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo to your left, and Rosa Díez, to his right, in a relaxed and cordial. Both parties have shown to be totally comfortable in this situation, despite the pullas which launched the PP and UPyD in the past times of Rajoy. Everything has changed, and now the harmony is more than evident, and the desire to join forces, also.

compliments of Álvarez de Toledo Rosa Díez were eloquent, and his desire to return to active politics, still more: "Rose does not need presentation, this is your home, shone in this house. Came with me in the campaign, is a free spirit, critical, is a brave woman". Álvarez de Toledo has acknowledged that he would like to see Rosa Díez in the active policy, and has acknowledged that it will give rise to speculation, but it gives "equal". Spain, he said, cannot "do without" of a policy as the exdirigente of UPyD. "We will not surrender ever (in the defense of the Spanish constitution), nor in the effort that you return to this House."

"We have to try to unite all the constitutionalism Spanish in defense of freedom", has been desired.

Such praise contrasted with the comment made by the president of the PP basque, Alfonso Alonso , just this morning, in the Ser. In your opinion, is a "surprising thing" the proximity to the PP of Rosa Díez because "charge a lot" against the popular in the past. In his opinion, she has a "personality, very versatile".

Coexistence in front of cainismo

In his presentation of the events at the Congress, Álvarez de Toledo explained that "it is an act in favour of harmony, against the old cainismo Spanish, a topic about what is Spain". "You can't defend the Nation by a policy of segregation of identity".

Alvarez de Toledo has pointed to Pedro Sanchez as responsible for the situation that crosses Spain: "Sanchez has broken the levees of the defense constitutional ", underlined the spokesperson, who has been noted as a milestone on a motion of censure in which it had the support of the independents, and in addition has negotiated the Provincial council of Barcelona. Another example is that of Navarre, where the governing socialists with the vote of the party that justified the political murder, that is to say Bildu. Álvarez de Toledo was asked if the PSOE will be willing to govern with offenders, in the case of a verdict of guilty against the prisoners accused of rebellion and sedition.

"We are militants of Spain and of the democracy in Spain before that members of the party," he remarked, in what has seemed like an answer to Vox, that had been qualified as "electoral propaganda" of this act.

around Ten to the Congress

To take the word, Rosa Díez has commented that, who would say that the return to the common house of the spaniards, three and a half years after leaving Congress, was re-invited by the Group, which called it "a scourge", in the stage of the Rajoy Government. "The PP is a right-wing party, which invited to this social-democratic for us to reflect together and freely about what is happening in Spain and what there is to do in defence of what is common," he said.

Díez has asked all patience, to not give up, and to defend with pride the unity of the Nation , the Spain constitutional and the flag that is a symbol of the freedoms. "We do not have complexes in cogernos of the hand and out to the street to defend what unites us, freedom and democracy".

The president of the PP, Pablo Married , has closed the act in the Congress. The popular leader has pointed out that the PP is a party wide, in which four decades have fitted different sensitivities to ideology, as conservatives, christian democrats, liberals and even social democrats".

Married has been pointed out that "this House" also misses Rosa Díez, and has expressed his wish that "could converge".

"this is Not only to avoid the secession of a territory . This is to prevent the final de-nationalization of Spain. Prevent disarticulation national. This is to prevent that, to meet the atavism of a few, we lose the citizenship of all", has defended Married.

"political democracy is not a gift that comes from heaven. It is a delicate plant that needs cultivation and requires sometimes limitations and voluntary sacrifices to their custodians. The PP, an instrument at the service of the spaniards, is willing to add in this project to all of you who understand this," he concluded Married.

Updated Date: 12 September 2019, 21:00

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