Pedro Castillo exceeds the first check of the opposition for only six votes

With similar screams to those who were heard at the doors of the Monumental Congress of Peru ("The people, united, will never be defeated!"), The official dep

Pedro Castillo exceeds the first check of the opposition for only six votes

With similar screams to those who were heard at the doors of the Monumental Congress of Peru ("The people, united, will never be defeated!"), The official deputies celebrated the parliamentary victory of this Tuesday night in Lima (early morning in Spain ).

In this agonic form, Pedro Castillo surpassed the first check of the right-wing opposition against his presidency. Congress voted against the implementation of vacancy motion (dismissal) against the first president of the Andean country, which was not decided until the last minute.

With 46 support, six votes separated those who presented the motion of the 52 seats necessary to force the Cajamarca Master to defend himself personally before the 130 deputies of the parliament of the accusations that have been raised against him. Against the vacancy, 76 deputies were manifested and four abstained.

Much of the relative success of castle, when only four months have passed since its possession, was due to the Express meetings with different heads of the parties. The meetings were held until midnight on the eve, during which investments would have been offered in some provinces in exchange for support, according to the rows of popular renovation (RP), one of the banks that supported the beginning of the impeachment.

During the weekend, those who presented the motion had the support of 52 deputies, sufficient to move forward. A motion that was born stealthily and that only the presidential mistakes managed to take weight over the days.

The little impact of the second part of the Fourth Power television report was also definitive, the program that turned against the President with its research on the parallel headquarters of the private house in Breña, where Castillo has received businessmen and politicians, Something forbidden by law.

"If you do not amend your mistakes it will be the last chance, we are giving them to not lose governance," he warned Congressman Pedro Martínez, of popular action (AP), a key support for the final outcome.

"This motion to impose the permanent moral disability of the President is a way to save and protect democracy that has dynamited Pedro Castillo, who systematically refuses to give explanations to the country. We do not want to end up as Cuba or Venezuela," said Deputy Patricia Chirinos , from the country, who exhibited a video with the investigations of the house of Breña and with another major scandal, the raised after the cessation of the Secretary of the Dispatch of the Presidency, Bruno Pacheco, investigated by the Prosecutor's Office after finding $ 20,000 in the bathroom of his office. "Let's make the president face the country, abstaining us makes us accomplices," she sentenced.

The deputy Alejandro's son, of popular renovation, showed his enthusiasm with the vacancy and listed the errors (many) committed by Castle, "who wants to do whatever he wants, as when he named ministers close to terrorism." A "pattern of behavior", he determined him.

"It does not have the capacity to distinguish the good of evil, the right thing about the wrong, which is like being Daltonic. And that is what we presuppose and want the president to come here and gave ourselves an explanation," the spokesman Fujimorist Hernando war added. Local means filtered during the day that two deputies of Popular Force (FP), Keiko's match, had withdrawn his signature from the motion.

The first to respond to the opponents was Waldemar Cerron, spokesman for the free Peru, PL) and brothers of Vladimir, the leader of the radicals. "Enough of these circuses, I am outraged with the loss of time," secured Cerron, despite the fact that the decision of the party of him did not reach until the full day and after returning Vladimir to Palace, after months of distancing with the President. .

"We need a space for reflection in the country and to proceed the presidential vacancy, we will generate that in a few years we have eight different presidents in Peru. What economic agent would come to this republining with a president every six months? But the president has To reflect, the wrong decisions and try to impose unsuccessful economic models (in reference to Venezuela), "announced alliance for progress (APP), another of the fundamental critical support for castle.

In parallel, the Centrista Party has requested the creation of a Commission to investigate the journalistic complaints sprinkled against Castle. We are also Peru requested dialogue "and that you know how to better choose your officials" in exchange for your support.

In the past legislature, Peru saw how three of its presidents (Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, Martín Vizcarra and Manuel Merino) fell by vacancy processes and by the pressure of the street. The previous presidents are in jail (Alberto Fujimori), have gone through it (Ollanta Humala), await its extradition from the US (Alejandro Toledo) or has been committed to avoid being imprisoned (Alan García).

"Millions of Peruvians are looking forward to this congress to guarantee rights," Ruth Luque, from together for Peru, Aliado del Officialism, with words very similar to those who are heard at the doors of the Congress for the president's followers.

"We close ranks in front of the coup, it is a trial balloon," said Edgar Raymundo, who also recalled that he would be a curtain of smoke before the trial against the opposition leader, Keiko Fujimori. The daughter of the dictator faces a petition of the prosecutor up to 30 years in prison for corruption.

Updated Date: 07 December 2021, 22:29

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