Pedro Sánchez and Yolanda Díaz reduce his covenant and undergo the labor reform that asks Brussels

More wear that successes. Nine months after activating the Bureau for Social Dialogue, the Government has slowed down its pretensions in labor matters into th

Pedro Sánchez and Yolanda Díaz reduce his covenant and undergo the labor reform that asks Brussels

More wear that successes. Nine months after activating the Bureau for Social Dialogue, the Government has slowed down its pretensions in labor matters into the last day by crossing to "derogate" the reform of the Popular Party to undertake a "enormous transformation" of "some parts" Through the roadmap that Brand Brussels and after an internal struggle that has damaged the image of the coalition at a decisive moment of the legislature.

The work of the executive in negotiation with social agents are focused on addressing temporality, subcontracting or searching for greater balances between unions and entrepreneurs. But other relevant aspects, such as dismissal compensation days, "they will not be played," since this decision is not part of the Government Agreement, although it was present in the Electoral Electoral Program we can, which has made the Labor matter One of its main flags This legislature.

This lack has not liked the parliamentary partners of the Coalition - as ERC, who had asked to recover the 45 days of compensation, as before the reform, or of the Eh Bildu, which this Thursday warned the Executive that if not "repeal" The complete rule will not revalidate the electoral triumph or unions, which ask for "restricting" the dismissal to guarantee the rights of the worker.

The differences between the PSOE and united we can "trenchadas" on Tuesday, when Pedro Sánchez sat Yolanda Díaz and Nadia Calviño - behind other ministers: María Jesús Montero, José Luis Escrivá and Pilar Alegría- to reconfirm the action of the Government in matters Labor: The term "derogate" was endorsed, as it defended us, although in the communiqué issued to the means later the negotiation was referred to the terms specified in component 23 sent to Brussels. And what some paragraphs was before a derogation was completed at the end in a "review of the imbalances" of the current work framework.

This Friday is two weeks since the United States we can alert that the coalition was passing its worst moment as a result of discrepancies related to labor reform, whose negotiation had been directed so far by the Ministry of Labor. Then, the purple denounced "interference" by Calviño, with the aim of monopolizing the management in the final rectal of contacts with social agents.

From the United States we can materialize that it did not intend to give in this internal battle and that it would force the PSOE to fulfill the agreement. And thus it was detached, initially, when both parties left the meeting facing the end completely of the labor reform designed by Mariano Rajoy, an idea at which Peter Sánchez was committed in mid-October at the 40th Federal Congress of Socialists , but that in the last days they had shuffled from the majority member of the executive.

What was initially understood by some as a purple victory for the acceptance of the term "derogate" was truncated the next day, when Díaz had to recognize that "technically" it is impossible to repeal the labor reform of the PP and that the government seeks the Maximum support in the negotiation to "delete some aspects" of the current regulations, beyond the "political fetish" which is to talk about "repeal".

From the Ministry of Labor they emphasize that it is not the first time that Diaz assumes that the repeal has margins and it will not be total. This Thursday, before the stir generated by the senses version on the reform, it was affected in the corridors of the Congress of the Members in which the project managed by the Government, from the Coalition Agreement to the plan sent to the European Union, "it implies repealed some parts of the labor reform of the PP and transform others ".

Clarification was not there. Soon after, and before the Youth Association of the UGT union, he certified that "repealing the reform is no slogan" and that costs what it costs will work to find an agreement with all the agents involved, including the employer, as it also claims the executive European Comission.

Be a slogan or not, from the purple sector of the Executive, the controversy was attempted on Thursday by reassessing the debate as a mere "semantic question" and not content. The Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, even defended the use of the term "repeal", although the remodeling to be undertaken to be partial, since the intention, "technically", is to "change articles of regulations". Two "compatible dimensions", gave the IU leader valid. In parallel, since the socialist sector of the Council of Ministers recommended not to "get involved" under the terms, as the Minister of Social Inclusion and Safety, José Luis Escrivá stressed.

The government sources consulted defend the strategy of the Ministry of Labor, since the intention of Diaz is "repeal the concept" of the "aggressive" labor reform of the PP through different actions: "Some precepts are eliminated, others are modified, others They are added ". A new work paradigm, although with common elements with the legislation that is intended to overcome. A change of orientation.

Updated Date: 04 November 2021, 17:40

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