Pedro Sánchez announces the approval of the Law of Housing in full dispute with United Can We Can

The social announcement struggle among the members of the Government Coalition has no end. It seems a daily competition to see who takes more muscle, if PSOE

Pedro Sánchez announces the approval of the Law of Housing in full dispute with United Can We Can

The social announcement struggle among the members of the Government Coalition has no end. It seems a daily competition to see who takes more muscle, if PSOE or we can. This Sunday in Mérida - in the re-election of Guillermo Fernández Vara again as Secretary General of the PSOE of Extremadura - he touched the president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and in a section of special sensitivity for his government, housing and in particular partner The social rent, or what is the same, the intervention of rentals, a historical demand of the purple party.

Sánchez has announced the approval next Tuesday in the Governing Council "after 40 years of History of Democracy" of the First Law on Housing "to convert a right that is in the Constitution in a true right for our young people and for Those people who today feel excluded from the purchase or rent of a home ". The Chairman of the Government has explained that the objective of the new regulation is to "stop conceiving housing as a problem, which is what it is for many people, so that it is really a right for the whole citizenship, and above all to Those who need it most, which are young people. "

In this sense, he has asserted that he will "prohibit the alienation of social housing to speculative investment funds as they have made some territories of our country." Thus, he has committed himself to not "he will never deamort public housing in our country."

Parallelly, Sánchez has remembered that in the rental plan they already have raised of 100,000 homes to build in the coming years, "30% of them -30,000 homes - will be for young people in rental social housing to achieve - said - Reduce the age of emancipation. " In this line, she wanted to highlight that budgets include the proposal of allocation of 250 euros for young people less than 35 years old who will receive this aid for two years on a monthly basis.

In the closure of the XIII PSOE Congress of Extremadura, Pedro Sánchez has also advanced that the next Council of Ministers will approve a law decree by which 100 million additional euros will be allocated to help families more vulnerable by the rise of the receipt of the Light "Now that winter starts." From these aids will benefit - as he pointed out - 1,200,000 homes.

He has indicated that the new decree will also serve as "defense" to industries and companies "to protect their contracts" before said prices. Although it has not specified how it was going to do, it has insisted that it has to be the union of all European countries that suffer this problem that has to pose joint measures before the "gas producing countries" that are unleashing "speculative phenomena" .

"It is evident that in Europe these debates are slower than what I would like, although we respect it," said Sánchez when announcing that Tuesday in the Council of Ministers "we are going to continue advancing before the rise in wholesale markets. of energy "incorporating" transparency and greater control before energy companies "in the formation of electricity rate prices.

Throughout his speech, 30 minutes long, Pedro Sánchez has claimed the values of social democracy as an instrument for the improvement of the history of Spanish society. "Social democracy is more alive than ever" and, as an example of this, he has congratulated having reached 19,500,000 affiliates to social security after the health crisis. In this sense, the Government President has performed a positive balance of his Government and for this he has glossed some issues, such as the "revaluation" of pensions, the protection of the ERTE during the VOC-19, the help to the autonomous, The minimum vital income, salary equality, the law of dignified death, the rise of the minimum wage ... "All of them achievements of the PSOE", aimed at exclusively these "social advances" without making any reference to we can, their partner of government.

On the other hand, Guillermo Fernández Vara has been proclaimed again General Secretary of the PSOE of Extremadura (only candidate that was presented to the primaries), in which he represents the anteroom again of his candidacy to repeat as a candidate for the next regional elections ( Despite his doubts at the beginning of the legislature). The Baron got rid of all time in praise towards Pedro Sánchez: "You have reunited the PSOE around a project that has made us feel as its own but especially at the service of this homeland, Spain," he said, leaving Back his criticism of the past, as in February 2017, when he said: "The model of Sánchez de Country and Party is not the PSOE".

But that is completely forgotten, Fernández Vara -named by Sánchez in Valencia New Autonomic Policy Secretary - and a long time ago and showed him for the umpteenth time his trust: "Extremadura has in the Government of Spain, in Madrid, a friend ", Trusting, said, that will soon be solved, for example, train problems in this region.

Updated Date: 24 October 2021, 08:07

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