Pedro Sánchez is proud of a fast recovery but Lamban reminds him that funding is a pending problem

The president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has opened this Saturday the 17th PSOE Congress of Aragon proud to have "cohesized" to the PSOE, having "save

Pedro Sánchez is proud of a fast recovery but Lamban reminds him that funding is a pending problem

The president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has opened this Saturday the 17th PSOE Congress of Aragon proud to have "cohesized" to the PSOE, having "saved lives" with its management of the Covid-19 pandemic and now promote a recovery "more Fast, just and clean "that the one who directed the PP executive from 2012 to overcome the financial crisis. An optimistic vision to which Javier Lamban, president of Aragon and socialist leader in this region, has put a but: autonomic financing, a "problem pending problem", has reminded him of the president of the Government.

Pedro Sánchez has made special emphasis on the unit that exhibits the party after the 40th Federal Congress of Valencia precisely in a territory, Aragon, whose president and general secretary of Aragonese Socialists, Javier Lamban, has always been one of the most critical barons in front To Sánchez's socialism and its pacts with populists, independentist and abertzales. A Lamban who, however, this Saturday, has been presented as a firm support from the President of the Government in his effort to exhaust the Legislature and get a new victory in the upcoming general elections.

Sánchez has been especially proud of the "unity and cohesion" that socialists have now, "just at the time in which Spain needs it," said the president, to go out of the crisis propitiated by the pandemic.

A crisis of which the country is recovering, has ensured the leader of the Socialists, rapidly, justice and "without corruption" because the PSOE, with him at the forefront of the government, is determined to close the "Social Gaps, Gender and territorial "that" after the cuts and the austericide policy on the right "exist in Spain.

Faced with this vision, Lamban has taken advantage of his speech at the opening of Congress to claim Sánchez a new model of autonomic financing and extension, "for one more year" of the economic aid put on to overcome the Covid crisis. None of these two demands has been referred to the president of the Government.

For the Aragonese President the autonomic financing "is not a problem with this Government, but a problem that democracy has to be resolved," because the "autonomic state has been a success" and a short "pending" this issue.

Precisely this Friday the PSOE address and the Minister of Finance met with the Socialist Presidents to try to combine a common position in autonomic financing. The appointment served to verify the impossibility of the Socialists to have a single voice for the different positions of their barons.

The President has indicated as milestones of its management, the approval of the minimum vital income, the rise in the minimum interprofessional wage, the future housing law or the law of euthanasia. Achievements in whose delivery he has not quoted together we can, the smaller partner of him in the coalition executive.

Sánchez has also taken advantage to campaign in favor of the General Budget Project of the State that last Thursday managed to overcome the veto of seven amendments to the whole and thus undertake the parliamentary processing of the hand of the PNV, ERC, Bildu and the minority forces of the Congress of the Deputies. Some budgets that he has defined as "Social Democrats of Manual" because they bet "for growth, job creation and equality" and that, in the interest of communities such as Aragon, pay special attention to the demographic challenge.

The president of the Government has dedicated a good part of his speech to extol his management during the pandemic. A Management Based, recalled, a method of transfer of responsibilities from the central government to autonomous communities whose legality under the state of alarm has been questioned by the Constitutional Court, but that for Sánchez it has been the application "Genuine" of Title VIII of the Constitution; And in economic measures as the erte that, he has affirmed, "lives lives".

The president has also taken chest of the high level of vaccination against the Covid-19 that exists in Spain and that makes Spain in a reference just at a time when a fourth wave of the pandemic begins to affect a large part of countries of the environment.

Dozens of Aragonese interims in law fraud have focused on Saturday at the doors of the multi-purpose room of the Zaragoza Auditorium coinciding with the presence of Pedro Sánchez at the 17th Congress of the PSOE Aragon.

The concentration has led to representatives of the Aragonese Stepa union and other forces such as STEA, integrated in the intersindical Ista, in demand for final stability for the collective. Around 20,000 public workers in Aragon, about 800,000 throughout Spain, are in temporary abuse having surpassed the legal maximum of three years.

"Twenty years temporary, something is becoming bad" or "against the abuse of administration, Set" have been some of the sludge-heartedness in concentration. The representatives have sent Pedro Sánchez a written with the main claims of it.

María Pilar Revírez, a member of the Stepa Secretariat, has declared: "We are here to report that they do not comply with European legislation, it is enough to abuse temporary workers from public administrations. This affects all governments: central, autonomous and Local. It is already necessary and a legal, just already zero cost. Our proposal is the stability in employment. Pedro Sánchez and Javier Lamban are leaving us behind. "

For his part, Tomás Sancho, of Stea, has highlighted that "we have focused on Sánchez and Lamban the breach of his electoral promises regarding interim staff and also reminding them that Spain is not applying European regulations."

Updated Date: 06 November 2021, 09:21

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