Pedro Sánchez presumes to achieve 70% vaccination 14 days after what he promised and fixes 90% as a nearby milestone

It was Pedro Sánchez who activated the countdown. "We are only 100 days away from achieving group immunity, that is, to achieve 70% of the Spanish population

Pedro Sánchez presumes to achieve 70% vaccination 14 days after what he promised and fixes 90% as a nearby milestone

It was Pedro Sánchez who activated the countdown. "We are only 100 days away from achieving group immunity, that is, to achieve 70% of the Spanish population vaccinated and, therefore, immunized." And he was reiterating that goal on successive days at the minimum opportunity provided by his appearances and public events. "There are 99 days", "98", "97", was subtracted aloud The president of the government. These accounts established that the milestone had to have been fulfilled on August 18, however, 70% of vaccination was not finally reached until yesterday, September 1, that is, 14 days after the promised date. Meanwhile, the Delta del Coronavirus variant has also truncated the plans to achieve the desired "group immunity" with that percentage, after experts consider it necessary to put many more vaccines to protect themselves from it.

Despite this delay in the objectives that President himself established and reiterated publicly, Sánchez has presumed this Thursday of the "collective success" to have 70% of the Spanish population with the full schedule and 90% have now been set as the Next milestone of the campaign. Of course, this time without giving deadlines or making accounts ago.

Sánchez has celebrated the 70% figure in an act in Guadalajara, where the campaign started on December 27 with the First Spanish one in receiving the vaccine, Araceli Hidalgo, a 96-year-old elderly who has been among the guests by Moncloa , along with Carmen Carboné, the nurse who had the "honor" to put that first puncture.

Sánchez, who has entered Araceli at the San Jose Center Auditorium, has been enthusiastic with the milestone. "Objective complied with, commitment achieved, congratulations to all and all because it is a collective success," he said. And he has been optimistic with the future. "We have achieved 70% and go now for 90%."

Accompanied by Minister of Health, Carolina Darias; And the president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-page, Sánchez has highlighted that Spain "leads vaccination between the 20 most important economies in the world" and has encouraged that "patriotism" is to recognize this type of merits.

"We have 70% vaccination and 100% pride and confidence that this battle will win it," he said during his speech.

The president of the Government has remembered that when in the center of Guadalajara began the vaccination campaign, "We lived in the absolute uncertainty and walked between darkness." For now, a year later, having recovered the hope to be "even closer to be able to overcome this pandemic."

He has given figures to praise the achievements of a campaign without "precedents": 66 million doses inoculated in eight months, which compared with the previous "most successful" that was that of influenza with 14 million doses in eight weeks. "The health system has far surpassed the forecasts," he has celebrated her, despite the fact that logistics "has not been simple". "They are lives we save," he said, expressing his feeling of "pride" and his gratitude to health personnel, autonomous communities, municipalities and the European Union for centralizing the purchase of dose.

Sánchez has pointed out that there are two lessons that leaves the milestone of 70%. The "value of the public", because the campaign has been done with "equity" and regardless of the size of the "pocket" of who received the vaccine; and the "value of the unit", because he has shown that when Spanish society joins "no one who stops us".

Looking at what is missing, Sánchez has encouraged those who have not yet been able to vaccinate or have not wanted to do so. "We lose fear but not respect the virus, let's continue recovering our spaces of freedom and those more lagging, encouraging them to get vaccinated because they will be protecting their loved ones."

For his part, the president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-page, has underlined that we are facing a "collective success" and stressed that the Spaniards "have gained the right to have optimism and lose fear but not to give up to prudence ". Thus, he has manifested that the advance of vaccination offers "hope" and "collective self-esteem".

Before starting the act, Araceli Hidalgo, the first Spanish to receive the vaccine, has underlined the relevance of this immunization process and has encouraged all of them to do so as soon as possible. "It is necessary to put on the vaccine, I tell everyone, who are not afraid and that they vacved," she said.

Thus, the old woman wanted to dispel the fears of those who hesitate to emphasize the "great" that is and that he had no reaction "or anything" when they were inoculated it. "Let them be brave, who voyed, who are not afraid," she has insisted on her calling as questions from the media.

Araceli's life is quieter than before in the residence of the Olms, in Guadalajara, since all his companions have the full guideline and are more protected against Coronavirus. Meanwhile, she has confessed that her family, especially the four grandchildren and the bisonist of her, is "very happy and proud" that she is "famous" for having been the first Spanish to receive the vaccine. "They call me right away," she said, when she leaves on television.

The nurse who put the vaccine, Carmen Carboné, did have taken the floor on the spot with Sánchez as recognition of the role of heals in the campaign. She has recalled that December 27 lived "one of the happiest days" of her life, for the "illusion" and "hope" of arrival in Spain of the vaccine. And, based on that, she has warned that you do not have to relax and have to continue to fulfill the protection measures.

In this sense, he has taken advantage of to make an appeal to the "lagging" and "undecided" so that "do not be afraid". "We are millions worldwide and the effects are minimal before the benefits", it has highlighted, asking them for their collaboration to combat the virus.

Date Of Update: 03 September 2021, 09:40

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