Pedro Sánchez says Rotundo that will not take 200 eTares from jail but does not commit to break with Bildu as required by the PP

The tenth anniversary of the End of Violence Etarra has marked the control session to the government with a new bitter confrontation between the President and t

Pedro Sánchez says Rotundo that will not take 200 eTares from jail but does not commit to break with Bildu as required by the PP

The tenth anniversary of the End of Violence Etarra has marked the control session to the government with a new bitter confrontation between the President and the opposition leader. Pablo Marriedo has remembered Pedro Sánchez the deception of him to the Spaniards when he said: "With Bildu we are not going to Pact. If I want I say it five times or twenty, that question offends. With Bildu nothing is agreed." Words said in a campaign that now are denied, according to the PP, by the Alliance between the Government and Bildu, a pact that, for the popular ones, is nothing more than the "bleaching" of the heirs of the terrorists to "maintain power" And the first step to continue in the Moncloa is the approval of the General Budgets of the State.

With these prolegomena, Married has asked Sánchez if he is going to take 200 terrorists from jail in exchange for the five deputies of Eh Bildu vote in favor of budgets in Congress, as explained by Arnaldo Otegi to his militancy and , in addition, it has been communifixed to immediately break any agreement with Bildu. To this direct question, the Government president has responded with a "non-resounding" and lamented that the PP hesitates in this field of the Executive's intentions. However, what the president has not committed is to break with Bildu, a training to which he considers allied in the congress and to which he needs to carry out all parliamentary initiatives, mainly state accounts.

Sánchez has ensured that the PSOE "has never used terrorism" when ETA existed and has emphasized that it will not do it now that it has ceased to exist. The president of the Government has taken advantage of him to remember that he was a Socialist president, Zapatero; A socialist Lehendakari, Patxi López, and an interior minister, also socialist, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, those who were in power when it was over with ETA, but has remembered at the same time that the success of the end of violence is also the PP and of Spanish democracy.

Therefore, it has said "not understanding" why the right always moves a "bitter" view of the "end forever" of Etarra terrorism. That married doubt of the Government's intentions regarding terrorist prisoners is something that Sánchez ensures that "it fills him with pain" because in Spain, he has pointed out "the law prevails".

However, these words are nothing but hollow affirmations for the popular, which come day after day at Congress as the Socialists agree with Bildu, a force that they consider ally and with which the Government to Navarra Suma in Navarra.

Yesterday, the popular registered a proposal not law in Congress, urging precisely to the government to break any type of alliance with the formations that do not condemn terrorism, in direct reference to EH Bildu, and to consider the murders of ETA as crimes against the Humanity so they do not prescribe.

This is why the PP leader has ripped the president: "You can not agree and bleach to continue in power to those who justify the 850 innocent murder." Married has reminded him of Sánchez the words of Enrique Múgica when he said that "it is better to lose votes to lose my soul." The leader of the popular has insisted before the plenary in which the police forces and the judiciary, "No Thessions of Zapatero" A Otegi, Bildu coordinator, and who married, unlike the former president of the government, It does not consider "a man of peace", but a "terrorist".

At another time of the control session, and after an intervention by Eh Bildu, putting in question the independence of the judges, the Minister of Justice, Pilar Llop, has responded that the tributes to ETARRAS suppose an "authentic humiliation" for the victims of the Terrorism and for people "Democrats". "Honor, all citizens nor are we going to be the same or the same as there are NGO etorris and tributes that are made to the eTares left out of prisons," she said.

After the control session, the parliamentary groups have reacted to the words of Otegi linking the freedom of the prisoners and their support for the budgets and the response given by Sánchez in Congress.

"If someone had deceived him, Otegi takes off his mask only hours after his statement" with the information about his statements about the budget negotiation, they say in the PP, where they see "A shame" that says "we have" Prisoners, in the first person of the plural.

"Otegi does not condemn terrorism, he supports tributes to ETARRAS, it does not help clarify unresolved crimes ... and now makes the price clear to support budgets," criticized sources from Genoa.

"On a day like today, Sánchez has to meet once with his word and break with Bildu," they claim. "We will not accept that it is normalized 'the relationship with those who do not condemn terrorism," Apostillan.

On the "non-resounding" that Sánchez has answered at married to the question of whether he will take the Etharas from the jail in exchange for Bildu's budget support, in the PP they ask themselves: "How many times have Sánchez lied? How many times Do you have already approached the guidelines of Bildu? ". And they conclude: "Sánchez says" Roturnunda "that he will not get 200 eTares from jail ... as he also assured resounding that he would never agree with Bildu. He is the president of the lie."

"Otegi, who has no moral quality, has been characterized in recent times to tell the truth and to tell all Spaniards that ETA is in the state direction, which we are going to have to vote ETA budgets in this congress "The Leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, says for its part.

"Today we know once again that Pedro Sánchez and Arnaldo Otegi share a plan to alter the national reality, social reality, democratic reality in Spain. And therefore we entered this hemicy really aware of gravity considering that in mind that in Long time we will have to vote here the budgets of the Terrorist band ETA, has declared in Congress moments before intervening in the control session.

In addition, the vox leader denounces that during the last days "we have suffered the attempted whitening attempt. We have had to endure the attempt to trample victims of terrorism. And, in addition, today we have known that the PP of Mariano Rajoy was In the garlic once we have known the minutes with the communications and talks of ETA from the Government of ZP. This is extreme gravity, has added the political leader, in reference to the information published today in the world.

The President of Citizens, Inés Arradadas, has demanded Sánchez to "break right now" his covenant with "the spokesman of the Etars" to approve the budgets "if he remains some decency" because, if he does not, "he will be giving him The reason "about the release of Etharas in exchange for his votes.

Of little, or rather nothing, it has earned him the answer given by Sánchez in Congress because, as he underlined, his word "Nothing is worth" because he already said that he was not "he was going to induce the leaders of Procées and who either I would never agree with Bildu. "If Sánchez says no to something, let him tremble," he has incident. "If you want to show something that goes out to break any kind of support with Bildu because everything else is Sánchez's palaver."

Arranged has highlighted that everything that is happening with Otegi and Bildu "is unworthy until Sánchez, who is already" and has urged to see if with the controversy generated with prisoners it comes out "a little embarrassment" and move to , among other things, approve a law that will soon lead citizens to Congress to prohibit tributes to the prisoners of ETA that come out of prison.

The leader of citizens recalled that Sánchez had the opportunity to "take his hand" of his game last year to approve the accounts and not need left abertzale, however, he lamented that Sánchez chose the way of independence. As will also happen this year.

United we can, at the moment, keep silent after Otegi's words and Sánchez's response. The purple party, however, redefined its relationship with Eh Bildu a few days ago. In its new road map, we can consider the Basque and Catalan formations "Strategic Allied" for them and for the PSOE, being fundamental to sustain the current government and prevent the right from reaching the Moncloa.

For this reason, the majority member of the Executive was reminded the need to reach agreements and maintain tuning with these parties, despite existing discordances, such as the independence component: "Working together is a historical imperative and taking care of those alliances a political task central".

Updated Date: 20 October 2021, 13:33

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