Pedro Sánchez sew the unit in the PSOE traveling from We are left to strong social democracy

Four years later, same acronyms but a different party. The PSOE has celebrated in Valencia this weekend its 40th Federal Congress. A "Congress of Unity" w

Pedro Sánchez sew the unit in the PSOE traveling from We are left to strong social democracy

Four years later, same acronyms but a different party. The PSOE has celebrated in Valencia this weekend its 40th Federal Congress. A "Congress of Unity" where internal struggles have been saved under the carpet, where leaders have closed ranks with the leadership of Pedro Sánchez, where they have been resigned wounds with the past with the presences of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and Felipe González and where the PSOE has gone from sold as "the left" to be a spearhead of Social Democracy in Europe.

This Sunday, Sánchez has taken advantage of the great appointment of socialism to move his commitment to be placed in moderation, in the center. The PSOE now carries the sticker of social democracy in the jacket. Four years ago the slogan was "we are left", now "we advance." And that journey has led to replace Left by Social Democracy.

A few years ago, the irruption of we can on the Spanish political map forced the PSOE to turn to the left to try to counteract the strength of the formation of Pablo Iglesias. Now, being in the Moncloa and with the purple chaining descents in the elections, in the party they assume that the only possibility of growing and recovering ground against the PP who now takes advantage in surveys, is from moderation.

"Peter has realized that the PSOE options go through moderation," socialist sources explain. The goal is to be able to scratch votes from the center, to the right and left of its ideological space. Hence movements, for example, negotiation with the PP to renew bodies such as the Constitutional Court, in order to score centrist profile against the United States.

"142 years later we are where we are because it is from social democracy from where people's life is changed, from where the world is changed," Sánchez has exposed in an intervention at the Fair of Valencia before 9,500 people, according to data from the organization . "Social democracy is the most advanced and most modern political ideal, the most current one".

When Sánchez agreed to the Moncloa in 2018 it became, if not on the principal, in one of the main references of social democracy in Europe. The advance of the Social Democrats, whose culmen can be the arrival to power in Germany of Olaf Scholz, can dilute the reference role of Sánchez.

Therefore, the president of the Government vindicates its management of the Pandemic of the COVID-19 and its socio-economic policies as an example to follow of Social Democracy.

"Do you know what is called that exercise that we have practiced in the pandemic? It's called Social Democracy, we have been practicing it a few decades," said Sánchez, at an intervention where on multiple occasions he wanted to visualize the umbilical cord that joins his government action with his government action with The one at his time starred in Felipe González or José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.

"We have endured criticism of being a social democratic, Felipe González or José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero know, and now those who criticized us reproach us not to be social democratic".

"Social democracy is strong," he has sentenced, to put on the table that this project is what can cope with the advancement of "ultraraderecha". "Faced with social democracy there is no strong idea, when powerful ideas are missing, insult or disqualifications are used."

For the president of the Government and leader of the PSOE, his project is the wall against the danger that supposes "a right and an ultrarage that despised politicians and want a power without democracy. This is a risk we have in our country. They are current They are silent and pollute the political life of traditional formations such as the traditional right, which is complexed and disoriented, "has reflected in allusion to the PP and Vox.

Sánchez's intervention, which has put the final brooch to the Federal Congress, has been accompanied by commitments. The Chairman of the Government has committed to "putting a point and final" to the reform of the Citizen Security Law, known as Mordaza Law, to the labor reform of the PP and "abolish prostitution", as agreed on the debate among militants of Saturday.

"We will advance by putting a point and end to the 'Law Mordaza' and the labor reform of the PP, imposed without agreement, which premarified contracts and devalued salaries," has pointed out during its long intervention.

Another of the issues that the President of the Government has addressed is the dialogue operation with Catalonia, defending its bet against opposition criticism. "When others have tired of hating, we will continue working for coexistence."

The leader of the PSOE has shown the red line that this dialogue should be produced "within the law" and in "The Constitutional Framework", which has defined as a "necessary but insufficient condition. We work for the cohesion born from the affection and Respect with tools such as dialogue and concord ".

"To which now the title of real patriots and true Spaniards are now arranged and they accuse us of wanting to break Spain, we will have to be reminded that it was not this government to which the unilateral independence of Catalonia was declared," has been the dart that has Commanded to the PP. "If there is a match that loves Spain, it is the PSOE."

In his speech, Sánchez has not alluded to matters as the increase in the bill of light or negotiation with the nationalist formations that will be necessary to carry out the general budgets for 2022.

Updated Date: 17 October 2021, 09:10

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