Pedro Sánchez turns 50: the PP removes problems and aesthetic retouching, wrinkles

A Pedro Sánchez is missing hours to meet 50 years, a significant anniversary that will celebrate this Monday, February 28 or Tuesday, March 1, was born, paradox

Pedro Sánchez turns 50: the PP removes problems and aesthetic retouching, wrinkles

A Pedro Sánchez is missing hours to meet 50 years, a significant anniversary that will celebrate this Monday, February 28 or Tuesday, March 1, was born, paradoxes of destiny, on February 29, one year, 1972, date that only Figure in the calendar every four years. As if Aladdin with his wonderful lamp had appeared, the president has received for his birthday the best gift: the unexpected crisis of the married PP after his napkin confrontation with Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who gives Vox and allows the PSOE to whip Fear of the ultrarage. A miracle for Sánchez, which the panorama appeared somber after losing the majority in Castile and León in favor of the PP, confirming the downward trend of the Socialists who reflect the surveys. But Sánchez is unaffordable to discouragement. Even after the electoral defeats of him (in 2016 he achieved the worst result of the PSOE history), he never lost his faith in which he would be president. "That's what he reminded Zapatero," said Miguel Sebastián.

His international image was placed on a few days ago when they bid, at doors of the conflict in Ukraine, excluded him from his videoconference with the European Allies. He then published in social networks images of his phone. The text said: "Following very closely the situation in Ukraine and in permanent contact with European leaders."

In short, a new staging from the President, which since he arrived in charge in 2018 has lavished in Posés who have burned the networks, something that was moderated enough after Cesar Ivan Round as chief cabinet. We have seen a Kennedian Sánchez aboard the presidential falcon with sunglasses, in Agent Plan 007, also running through the gardens of Moncloa, making affection to the Turkish bitch. O Showing only the hands of him, with the message: "audacity, strength and decision".

The experts see in Barack Obama, who made his image his main political weapon, the mirror where Sánchez has looked at himself. Young, attractive and elegant, it was built a picture of relaxed politician, a sportsman and always smiling. A study conducted by the University of Otawa in 2008, when he arrived at the White House, he affirmed that a pleasant physique like Obama could suppose up to 10% of the votes: "The vote is not rational, is more an act of identification And the simplest thing is to infer from physical which is the most competent candidate. "

According to Santiago Mollinedo, Director of Personality Media, the image of politicians has gone greater importance over the years "currently, a good appearance can provide between 20 and 30% of the votes and for discounted that in Sánchez his physicist has been fundamental. " Without neglecting the intellectual: "In my adolescence, Mermman said me (Sic.) Hesse, this summer I read the autobiographies of Nelson Mandela and Willy Brandt and the book Idus March," Answer Laconic to a questionnaire who sent him this Newspaper.

That the president is very handsome, they do not discuss it or their stroke enemies. "Peter the handsome", "George Clooney" were some of the nicknames that Susana Díaz, once rival and today Senator Wan. In fact, when he worked for Pepe Blanco, he was known as the most handsome of the handsome of the so-called "Blanco Boys". The other faction were ready. He himself recognized him to Susanna Greek in an interview, when she raised him if being "very very handsome" in politics did not take him seriously: "I am just handsome," he answered Modesto. He has also assured that he does not bother him to hear him "if they do not say it with a switch." With its 1.90 stature, and athletic aspect, inheritance of the past of it in the student basketball team, in the harmonious features of it highlights the perfectly rehearsed smile of it. Something that has transcended our borders, as demonstrated last July on its tour of the United States, in which North Americans were lavished in Piropos as "the most handsome prime minister in the world" "Hot President" (good is), "Gorgeus Man "(precious man) and even journalist Chris Morris commented that his wife asked him to move to Spain" because his president looks a lot like Superman. "

Sánchez does not appear the half-century that premieres either, which many attribute to the topic that at birth on February 29, only meets every four years, that is, it would be close to 13 years. Jokes aside, he seems rather work of aesthetic treatments, today totally extended in men, that many cases resort to a bomox or hyaluronic acid to improve their appearance, especially in politics, where youth is a degree. As Loc published, the architecture of the appearance to what Dorian Gray is Dr. Pedro Jaén, a magician of aesthetics. The friendship of Him with Begoña Gómez (47 years old), wife of Sánchez and his patient, propitiated that the president would claim the services of him with the maximum secret. Although neither in its consultation nor in Moncloa wanted to give information, although they did not deny it either, the experts believe that Sánchez, especially to smooth his face, has followed a laser treatment or radiofrequency rather aggressive, which facilitates a rapid recovery and what It has completed with punctual injections of hyaluronic acid, bomox and vitamins.

Retouching that corroborates Loc La Morphopsychologist Paloma Ramón: "Sánchez had deep acne marks that have now been disguised and is quite rejuvenated. But I think it has been exceeded and that has changed her expression. Now she is more hierratic and hard. Although it is evident that the president gives great importance to his image. "

What has also led him to renew his clothing, hanging those narrow pants as tights in the calf or those uneven jackets Slim Fit. He has also introduced tones other than black or dark blue, and his brief ties besides red, have been encouraged with other colors, polka dots and up horizontal stripes.

In its endless rack of white shirts, the pink gum that wearing in its telephone talk with European leaders or the blue that looked recently in a rally in Burgos with its classic Cutting Jeans Lee has been cast. She now also she has a clock, an elegant Longines, model presence whose price is 800 euros. All this contains a message that an expert in image would define as "candidate to the Moncloa to Statista". It corroborates Santiago Mollinedo: "It is true that Pedro Sánchez has much improved his style. I do not know if he influenced his meetings with King Felipe, who always saw impeccable, but every time he feels the suits. To measure ".

To his, to the same extent that the political scenario is presented, with a PP on the canvas. Another thing is that the pacts with Eh Bildu and ERC there is no retouching that deletes them. Something will occur to you.

Date Of Update: 27 February 2022, 08:56

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