Pedro Sánchez will drop Bildu into budgets if he requires repealing labor reform

The government has ensured the approval of State accounts for 2022 with the essential support of PNV and ERC. It will be with these groups with which the Mini

Pedro Sánchez will drop Bildu into budgets if he requires repealing labor reform

The government has ensured the approval of State accounts for 2022 with the essential support of PNV and ERC. It will be with these groups with which the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, and the Parliamentarian spokesman, Héctor Gómez, mainly, "swear the shirt" to include a good part of his demands in the new exercise.

With the support of these two formations, Pedro Sánchez will add 174 votes, in need only two seats to achieve an absolute majority that will guarantee not only the viability of the general budgets of the State, but also its continuity in the Moncloa.

On the slope of this equation, Bildu can be left, as it has anticipated its spokeswoman in the budgetary debate, Oskar Matute, maintains as a red line the demand to proceed to a complete "repeal", without rebates "imposed by the CEOE, of the reform labor.

It is a demand for maximum difficult to satisfy: the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, the main advocate within the Government of knocking down the labor legislation approved by the PP, it admits since the complete repeal is not possible and will have to be focused on correcting the More harmful aspects of the reform and also counting in that work with the agreement of the entrepreneurs as Brussels claim.

In any case, with or without the requirement to repeal the labor reform, in the PSOE there are few who would feel more comfortable with an approved budget without having made concessions on the left abertzale.

The covenant with Bildu "weighs too much", admits sources from socialist banking, especially after Arnaldo Otegi suggested that the price of its votes would be the government's commitment to the release of the Ethara prisoners.

Spokesman Abertzale at Congress, Mertxe Aizgurúa, denies that this is a condition to negotiate and support state accounts and ensures that in their contacts with the executive has never been placed on the table. However, the word of it has not been enough to appease the expansive wave of OTEGI.

The Government, in fact, discarding plane changing accounts by prisoners, but will not be able to prevent the opposition, if there was finally agreement with Bildu, make a flag of a question as sensitive to the eyes of the citizenship to reduce without mercy against Pedro Sánchez.

The rejection of the covenant with the abertzales unites as a cement to the three main parties of the opposition -PP, VOX and citizens - and also provokes a deep disgust in the main socialist baronies.

The five abertzy vows in the Congress of the Deputies would provide Sánchez by more than enough to approve the budgets, but they would be easily substitutable with the backup "much less burdensome politically and economically", point sources of PSOE, from any of the minority forces .

Thus, the 174 votes of the PSOE, we can, PNV and ERC could be added with little effort, for example, from New Canarias, Teruel exists and PRC (one vote each training) and, with something else, that of PDECAT (four ), the most country (two) or commitments (one).

Teruel exists, for example, claims investments for highways A-68 and A-40 and for the Cantabrian-Mediterranean railway corridor, transportation aid in the most depopulated provinces -Teruel, Soria and Cuenca - and more resources to promote the development of The so-called Spain emptied.

New Canarias, meanwhile, emphasizes the aid to the palm and investments on roads. And the PRC, which has already been satisfied with the project presented by the Government, will ask to be contemplated the underground of the AVE lines in Torrelavega and that rises the annuity awarded to the works of the Bird Palencia-Santander.

More country, a training that would ensure the government the two votes needed to complete the equation with the PNV and ERC, presents amendments for a total of 127 million euros: 94, for the establishment of a network of high-speed nocturnal trains that unan the peninsula with the main European capitals; 20, for an infanty-youth mental health prevention plan; eight, for squares of psychologists in public health; and five, to create an audit agency of the algorithms.

The 13 ERC seats, unlike those of Bildu, are essential, because to compensate you would not be enough with the support of the PNV plus all the small parties that have not claimed returning the accounts to the government and that, together, add up to 11 deputies . With the Formula PNV, NEW Canarias, PRC, Teruel exists, more country, commitments, PDecat and BNG, budgets would have 172 votes, in the absence of four for the absolute majority.

Approve public accounts requires, in principle, a simple majority, that is, more so you do not, but given that it is the most important law of the year because it translates into figures the government's policy and also ensures the stability of the legislature , all groups of the lower house vote without means of inks, standing in the yes or no, what requires in practice to reach the absolute majority to take them forward.

An objective that, on this occasion, the government gives by guaranteed despite the warnings of Esquerra. Pedro Sánchez plays with the assurance that for Republicans going out in the photo next to the right is not an option.

Updated Date: 07 November 2021, 20:16

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