Piqué's balls out of soccer while Barcelona collapses

Barcelona crosses serious economic problems, but Piqué goes from business success to another. Barça passes through one of his worst sports moments, but the pl

Piqué's balls out of soccer while Barcelona collapses

Barcelona crosses serious economic problems, but Piqué goes from business success to another. Barça passes through one of his worst sports moments, but the plant leaves unscathed from the crisis (and the burning) despite not being playing at a good level. Gerard Piqué (34) is like the ease of Meme: around him everything burns, but he 'is fine'. And he is so good because his business out of soccer multiply and because the image of him as I culé icon, with the presidency of Barça on the horizon, is being reinforced during the institutional crisis that crosses the club. Of the ball in the shot. And looking for another round business he has partnered with his friend Ibai Llanos to organize, in his own words of him, "a smoked".

Between the trolley and the genius that have the most unlikely ideas Piqué presented, next to the Streamer, who is his last project outside of football: a global number of balloons. At first it seemed almost a joke. The game, popularized in Tik Tok by American brothers, consists of spending a balloon and keeping it in the air for longer than your opponent, all tagged with furniture and other obstacles that put in trouble to your opponent. Yes, it looks like a joke but, either by the real hobby to this game or by the media and global pull of its two promoters, the truth is that, if time permits, the new world will be played next Thursday, October 14 and It will bring together 24 participants from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Before the global number, the ball was real estate after the purchase of the Solar of the Old Cinema Andalusia, in Málaga, to build a luxury hotel, according to an information that advanced South Diario.

The operation of the culé, of more than 50 million euros, was instrumentalized through his company Kerad Holding, specializing in financial services and in which Gerard shares his administrator position with his father, Joan Piqué. The footballer lands in the tourist world of Meliá, who will build and manage a "great luxury" hotel. The hotel company does not make evaluations of the operation to Loc, shielding that the project is only taking its first steps (the operation was formalized at the end of July) and that there are still a lack of materialize several details of how the new hotel will be And its opening date. The Kerrad Holding conglomerate, through which Piqué and other investment groups bought the Solar, has a total asset of more than 60 million euros.

He who has given him fame of good sports manager and solvent businessman is the reformulation he has made of the Davis Cup, the tennis tournament that has gone from being a championship with usually decaffeinated eliminations and distributed throughout the season to Concentrate on all the figures of the world tennis in a single week in Madrid, a city to which it will be added this year innsbruck and Turin as secondary sees. "If Piqué convinced Arisco Djokovic so that he played the competition despite the initial reluctance of him ... What could not he have done with Messi if he was the president of Barça?" They wonder from the culé environment.

The company in charge of the exploitation of Davis is Kosmos Global Tennis, with a total asset of 19 million euros and that is chaired by the Piqué itself. The Company, according to data from the public sector hiring platform, is awarded for a "sponsorship of the Davis Cup final phase in the city of Madrid in its 2019 and 2020 editions (postponed by Coronavirus this year) "For an amount of nine million euros. In addition, according to data from the transparency portal, the company has obtained two subsidies: one of almost six million euros and another of 800,000 euros, both guarantees from the Ministry of Economy within the ICO Credit Program that help finance companies Affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

But if there is a project that connects with the presidential aspirations of the sport manager is the purchase in 2018 of Fútbol Club Andorra. The team passed at that time by serious economic tighteous, but Barça's player saved them through a liquidity injection: 600,000 euros to settle the accumulated debts of the club and another 452,000 to buy a square in second B that was vacant. Its closest environment keeps caution before the issue, but the truth is that, half in a joke, half, its usual modus operandi, Piqué has never hidden its aspiration to be at some time President of Barcelona ("Being President of Barça is Something I've always wanted, "he said on more than one occasion). For this reason, in its day the rescue operation to the Andorra was seen as a skillful strategy of the player to begin to know the management of football from within and from below to arrive at some time to other higher levels. A master's degree with practices included in which the footballer is very pending of the day-to-day club of which he owns: he did not lower his budget despite the economic crisis of the coronavirus and was the claim for the club subscriber campaign, which It will draw three dinners with Piqué among all its partners.

Balloons, luxury hotel, Davis Cup, Andorra ... But, how did a successful businessman began to be Piqué and be Més than a player for Barcelona? His 'with you started everything' was his friendship and association with Hiroshi Mikitani, President of Rakuten (Japan's largest online store) and a member and counselor of Kosmos Global Holding, the company dedicated to "recreational and entertainment activities" in which Gerard Piqué himself is CEO. The last operation of him in Spain has been the acquisition of the television rights of the French League, taking advantage of the jug of the march of Messi to the PSG. Also in the audiovisual world were those responsible for the production of the decision, that Docu-Reality in which Griezmann told him not to Barça.

The special relationship of Piqué with Hiroshi Mikitani, or Mickey, as the footballer calls him, has served for Gerard to be cognate as an international entrepreneur and, tangentially, has benefited Barça. The footballer was a key player for Rakutan to be the new sponsor of Club Catalan in 2015 after organizing a dinner in San Francisco between Mikitani himself and then President Culé, Bartomeu.

Despite his good smell and vision for business, Gerard Piqué has also suffered setbacks in the business world. The most sounded was the close in 2018 of his company Kerad Games, dedicated to the videogame sector and that the footballer founded in 2012. The losses of the Company lost their accounts and forced the liquidation, although it has not completely abandoned the sector. He is president of E-Sports Media Rights and, again with the friend and partner of him Ibai, have bought an e-Sports team with which they will compete in the (other) superliga. Nor did he end his adventure hostel with the hamburger you, in the center of Barcelona, which closed in 2018. In the food sector he remains active with the company 426 thousand, chaired by his father and specialized in isotonic beverages.

The name of Shakira, pair of Piqué, appreciated this week in Pandora's roles, filtering documents that link to personalities with offshore companies created, supposedly, to evade tax responsibilities. The singer has assured that these societies were created before it was effective the residence of it in Spain. The criminal process of it for defrauding Hacienda 14 million euros follows its course.

In the image you can see how Gerard Piqué affectionately greeted King Felipe VI at the box during the final of the Davis 2019 Cup. It has always been crossed to be close to Catalan Independentism and on October 1, 2017 he participated in the referendum Illegal, but he has never "commented what he would vote." What is clear is that in the business of him he has proven to be a citizen of the world.

The first collaboration of Ibai Llanos and Piqué was in February of this year on the Streamer Twitch channel, which opened with the Barcelona a series of conversations with footballers under the heading 'chatting quietly'. Hence, a relationship emerged that in June he frighted in his first commercial collaboration: Kosmos bought the emission rights of the Copa America in Spain and Ibai retransmitted it on its Twitch channel.

Date Of Update: 09 October 2021, 12:38

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