Police analyzes the mobile of the young man disappeared in Badajoz after a week without any track of his whereabouts

This next morning a week of the disappearance in Badajoz de Pablo Sierra will be fulfilled, the 21-year-old mathematics student who does not exist an indication

Police analyzes the mobile of the young man disappeared in Badajoz after a week without any track of his whereabouts

This next morning a week of the disappearance in Badajoz de Pablo Sierra will be fulfilled, the 21-year-old mathematics student who does not exist an indication about his whereabouts. The National Police continues its search and at this time focuses on the analysis of your mobile phone to try to clarify what happened at night of its disappearance after locating the device last Friday by an agent of the Service Free Civil Guard I walked with his dog. The apparatus, already turned off, was in a stones area next to a path in an area called Las Crispites, next to the Guadiana River, about seven kilometers from the university residence where he resided. The area was tracked for three days without success. The young, natural of Zorita (Cáceres), lived with the brother of him, "on the residence of Rucab students - for two minutes of the university - and it was the next morning of the disappearance when he was missing. That night he had come out with a group of friends through the center of Badajoz and was seen for the last time at two o'clock in the morning at Zurbarán Street, in the old case, one of the areas of bars. The research tries to reconstruct the last hours of the young woman that night and for that it is key to get some clue in the studio of your mobile, how to check the people you could talk about or with those who exchanged messages, what places toured (through the GPS ), If he came to take a bus to return to the residence, which apparently was his intention ... ultimately, some clue that can solve the case.

While, since last Monday, the citizen security patrols were suspended that were organized to track the city and who combed, without success, the possible areas where the young man was able to spend the last hours. This decision was made "not to hinder" police work and not to fall into the "demoralization" by having traveled all possible places (the colors, slopes of urinase, good luck of Saavedra or the Rivillas River) and not find any trace, According to the family spokesman, and the SOS Association disappeared, Joaquín Amills. In any case, they are available to the police to resume this search if necessary. The diligences of the case are carried by the Court No. 3 of Badajoz.

Meanwhile, emergency services - informed by Red Cross, civil protection, firefighters, canine guides and the group of underwater activities of the Civil Guard - are still necessary in case its intervention was necessary. In numerous streets and neighborhoods of the capital Pacense, especially in which he spent the last moments until the disappearance of him, there are placed posters with the photograph of him where the citizen collaboration is requested.

The spokesman for the family has explained that "there is reasons for hope because there is nothing that shows the opposite" and added that all the hypotheses are open and that the investigation should be directed to know what happened in those hours in which it was It loses the trail of Pablo Sierra: "It is true that time goes by and can be discouraged, but we keep faith to find Paul Sano and saved." In addition, he has insisted that he is "very important citizen collaboration" so he has returned to appeal so that all that person who has a minimum detail about Pablo Sierra communicate to the family or the police.

For its part, Pablo Sierra's family rule out the voluntary disappearance: "He has never given us any problem," Susana Moreno, aunt of the missing young man, who has underlined that nephew is "a boy 10", so I never know I would go in this way without warning. In this sense, she has underlined that the whole family is "very anguished and worried" because they do not know what could happen. "Pablo is a good boy, worker, good student, friendly, he is a boy of 10. He has never given us any problem, so we have no doubt about him."

In addition, Moreno has explained that despite the nervousness because he did not get any news about the young man's whereabouts, they understand that the police are doing their work and ask for citizen collaboration that can contribute any detail, although it may seem nimio: "We call that It diffuses as much as possible its disappearance so that it will come to anyone who may have seen something, "he explained.

Pablo Sierra measures 1.75 m. Height, he has brown hair, curly bangs and at the time of the disappearance of him wearing blue shirt, jeans and white shoes.

On the other hand, the University of Extremadura (UEX) has shown its predisposition to collaborate "in everything the family needs" by Pablo Sierra in the dissemination of the case to find the young man. The rector of the UEX, Antonio Hidalgo, has affirmed that he has been able to speak with the mother of the disappeared and to offer "for everything that was necessary", while it moved that "the greatest possible diffusion was given in case someone had some kind of information". In this sense, an email has also been distributed to all students of the Faculty of Sciences "in case someone had any data that He considered relevant, to communicate it to the police." Hidalgo has confirmed that mathematics classes have taken up behind the festive bridge, because "you have to understand the situation, but the class will continue working."

Date Of Update: 09 December 2021, 06:47

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