Police loads and incidents at the eighth day of metal strike in Cádiz

The metal conflict in the province of Cádiz continues to generate problems and also inconvenient to companies and workers from other sectors, which, although th

Police loads and incidents at the eighth day of metal strike in Cádiz

The metal conflict in the province of Cádiz continues to generate problems and also inconvenient to companies and workers from other sectors, which, although they understand the claims of those affected, begin to get tired, after eight days, of the road cuts, blockages and diverse discomfort than mobilizations, both in the capital, those with the highest tension, as in the Gibraltar field, are being celebrated.

In fact, during the demonstration on Tuesday in the city Gaditana, the anti-tisturbios had to act as the subdelegate of the Government of the Nation, José Pacheco had already been warned. "The troops are here from last weeks in case their intervention is necessary," although he made it clear from the first moment that "it will always be adjusted and balanced to avoid having to regret more serious situations."

The socialist leader of the criticisms of the leaders of We can, in his various aspects, who expressed his criticism for the presence of some tanks in the main road of the Gaditana city.

The protest left from the Plaza Asdrúbal to the headquarters of FEMCA, on Marconi Avenue; Up there the march passed without incident. However, when the protesters were divided to try to cut the Bridge Carranza, police charges were produced after the burning of containers and destroyers in the urban furniture. There is a detained person and in principle no bead of consideration.

In this tension climate, tomorrow's day can be the definitive one. Negotiations between the employer, FEMCA, and unions (CCOO-UGT), resumes in Seville at 11:00. It will be the fourth intention to put an end to this situation that is already noted in the municipalities of the province have or not large industries in their municipal terms.

One of them is that of the line of conception. His mayor, Juan Franco (line 100x100), newly incorporated after positive by Covid in recent days, has shown his respect and solidarity with the workers, but has come out of the complaints that entrepreneurs of his city have been expressing in The last days for the injury they are suffering. "We understand that their claims can be fair, but I would also like to remember that many companies in the city are facing a series of economic losses since access to the city are collapsed."

Something that is also felt, also, in Gibraltar with the condition of cross-border employees who in the last week have endured withholdings on the road and the performance of the informative pickets that have prevented them from reaching their position at the usual and even time, In the first few days, have to give up their daily work.

Franco has asked the Subdelegation of the Government to initiate the relevant negotiations with the unions so that the neighboring town of the Peñón "is not collapsed as we have already a week." "This situation can not be prolonged for an indeterminate time," the local leader has exposed.

From the union plot, in addition to the criticisms of the employer, to which they accuse not wanting to sign an agreement despite the numerous proposals that, according to them, have also slid other messages that affect, in this case, to the Contratas that operate in the large industries of the Bay of Algecirea Bay, such as Acerinox or others.

Angel Serrano, UGT's comarcal secretary in the Gibraltar field, also alludes to contratas. "Here everyone is defending their company, who do not forget the employers." However, although there is a unitary movement in the vindication, it can not be ignored that the large companies, case of Acerinox, are betting, increasingly, by subcontracting the jobs that supposes a cost savings and not having to increase The fixed employee template.

In this regard, it should be noted that labor conflict has also come, at times, to contratas whose employees have shown, on more than one occasion, their disconformity with their conditions and asked for the support of the parent company committee.

Salary differences between an operator belonging to the Great Industry or subcontracted are remarkable. A fixed employee of a large region industry can hang a payroll of 2,500 euros, while in the other case, exceeds 1,000.

Although labor representatives do not say it clearly, these days are some messages, between lines, pointing to "SMEs and small workshops" as handicaps at the time of collective bargaining.

There is also staff that, from anonymity, aims to two variants to expose their point of view on the conflict. "It is true that we have a series of dangers in the chemical pole and other tasks that must be compensated economically, but there is also a reality behind the fence that gets up every day in the factories that many people forget when it is here inside."

Updated Date: 25 November 2021, 01:01

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