Primary care differs on the government's plan to gripalize the Covid: Do we have to normalize 200 daily dead?

The plan that the government lasts to address the Coronavirus as a common influenza has not quite covered in the three main primary care medical societies. If

Primary care differs on the government's plan to gripalize the Covid: Do we have to normalize 200 daily dead?

The plan that the government lasts to address the Coronavirus as a common influenza has not quite covered in the three main primary care medical societies. If for one it is a precipitated decision that diffuses the magnitude of the disease "in an attempt to minimize the Covid", for others it is accurate because "gripalizing the attention" saves the system.

The latter is the opinion of the president of the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (Semfyc), Salvador Tranche, who, in statements to EFE, argues that the current situation with a less pathogenic variant (omicron) and "excellent" rates of Vaccination allows you to change the strategy and pass "from a crisis management model to a control model".

The plan in which the government works goes by observing the coronavirus as a respiratory disease, which would mean to leave aside the exhaustive count of cases and calculate instead how the disease expands from samples collected by A surveillance network composed of "sentinel" doctors, which already existed with influenza.

Understand the president of the SEMFYC, which, however, a threshold that can not depend on the level of incidence by number of contagions, which no longer have any impact because most are mild paintings, and would have to go to "Hard Indicators "As hospital occupation, fundamentally in the ICU, and deaths.

For Tranche, who in his day was a doctor "sentinel", we must relativize the figure of contagions. "To grip attention is that health services attend to the population with serious pictures, which is what is done with the flu and that the mild passes the symptomatology at home with self-cared."

This change of strategy will allow "saving the saturation of primary care, hospitals and emergencies" and take out of limbo all these chronic pathologies that by the Covid were undiagnosed, last year 50% and between 30 and 40% of the oncological processes.

In the opinion of the president of the SEMFYC, this is the ideal time to put into practice this plan because the lethality is low and the vaccination of the very high population.

This point of view is not shared by the spokesman of the Spanish Society of General and Family Physicians (Semg), Lorenzo Armenteros, who sees "precipitate" to launch a plan of this draft when it has not yet reached the peak of contagion omicron

For the spokesman of the Semg, ignoring the number of data, the magnitude of the problem will never be known. The plan, he says, is an attempt to "minimize the situation and hide his head under the wing."

Armenteros insists that to make a decision like this has to be a "stable illness without possible or very few mutations, with a low degree of infection and a therapeutic alternative to be able to address certain cases with drugs".

Remember that this situation "right now it is not given and is far from giving away" and perceives that the decision is "closer to hiding data that can be known or be alarming because they have surpassed any control situation by administrations."

In addition, it regards that it is "the population that carries with the responsibility of the measures of progression control of the disease and of all measures so that the disease does not progress."

It also subtracts value to the surveillance network as it is based on estimated data, and in a "so serious" situation like the one that is being lived, "Based on a Sentinel Network is to minimize the situation and hide the magnitude of the problem."

In a similar but more moderate line, the Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians is situated. In statements to EFE the vowel of the National Board of Directors, the Vicente Martín epidemiologist also believes that "gripalizing" the Covid is "precipitated".

For this epidemiologist, it is early to know the impact of omicron in mortality and UCIS, there are still a few weeks to see the vessel between infection and gravity, and verify if the variant is as slight as it is said or, on the contrary, will rise The hospital pressure and the occupation of the UCIS.

It also concerns the large number of reinfections by Covid with symptoms that were not seen before and that, in no case, are an exception.

"Do we have to see how normal there are 200 daily dead? What is the number of deaths that must be understood as assumable?" Says this responsible in the Semeren Directive, who in a situation of Community transmission proposes that it applies "Social control".

Martín insists on being more demanding in the control of the flu that also produces many dead. And more than "gripalizing the Covid" appeals to "coronavilizing the flu" and that 99.9% of health professionals are vaccinated from this disease, as is against SARS-COV-2.

From Semergen they agree that the situation must be normalized but in its proper measure, "without rushing or banalizing the Covid saying that it is like the flu because it is not".

Therefore, it argues that in a situation of community transmission "can not be asked what is being asking for" and appeals to social control, to facilitate antigens and self-control and, above all, to "not overload primary care with measures that do not have return Social and be there for severe and symptomatic cases, which must be monitored.

Updated Date: 11 January 2022, 01:23

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