Princess Marie: - It is no use to grumble

It can be difficult to get, as a foreigner, to a foreign country. When you are on top of the purchase becomes a part of a royal family, with all that it impli

Princess Marie: - It is no use to grumble

It can be difficult to get, as a foreigner, to a foreign country.

When you are on top of the purchase becomes a part of a royal family, with all that it implies, will be the challenge undeniably greater.

But even though the big attention from the public can be difficult to get used to, so use it according to the princess Marie, not something to grumble.

she says, among other things, in a great interview, as she and prince Joachim has given to the French magazine Paris Match.

the Interview is made in their apartment in Paris, they live in, while Joachim finalizing his studies at the French military academy.

In the interview the princess asked to the situation in which american-born Meghan Markle, who is married to the English prince Harry, has ended up in.

Meghan Markle has repeatedly aired his dissatisfaction with the attention from the media and the public since she became a part of the british monarchy, which has resulted in big debate in the british isles.

- I make sure only to expose myself, when it is necessary. It is no use to grumble, says princess Marie.

She also says that she has received help from prince Joachim and prince Henrik at the beginning of her time in Denmark, when it came to learning how to conduct themselves as a princess.

On the question of whether her equality with crown princess Mary has been problematic for her, the equivalent of the princess;

- We are undoubtedly very similar. And to make it even harder, we have birthday the same month with a day of intervals. But as long as the work we each perform differently and are being recognized, so all is well for me.

Prinseparrets two children, princess Athena and prince Henrik, is moved to the French capital. Here they have among other things, become acquainted with the French school system, which has not been entirely unproblematic.

- To be taught eight hours a day in a second language can be exhausting. In Denmark is skoledagene shorter. The afternoon is more dedicated to physical activity and creativity. But I never heard them complain. Their results are really good. And they will speak the French to me down here. It is, of course, I happy, says the princess.

She stresses, however, that children first and foremost to feel Danish.

She also says that the children miss their friends in Denmark, but that they often communicate with over the net. However, they are careful with the use of social media.

- They avoid social media, because our situation is delicate. They primarily use their tablets to explore the world, says the princess.

In their exploration of the network is the children, like so many other young people, also encountered the Swedish climate phenomenon Gretha Thunberg.

- the Children motivates us very much. Of course, know her. They ask interesting and thoughtful questions. She has awakened their curiosity, says princess Marie.

Prince Joachim of denmark will be in the interview asked how it goes with prince Nikolai and prince Felix, who are not raised with their father to Paris.

- Nikolai came and spent 10 days here in conjunction with fashion week. He is a model and walks the catwalk for Dior, and Burberry. But everything is perfectly clear in his head. He knows that modelkarrieren first and foremost, is a hobby, and that the most important thing is his economics. Felix still go to school, says prince Joachim.

He also says that it is not quite easy to start in the school such as the 50-year-old, but to the teaching of the French is exciting.

- I'm very honored to be here, because I'm surrounded by the elite of the French officers, says prince Joachim.

Date Of Update: 23 December 2019, 11:41

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