Put the cheapest and more 'green' washing machine: This is the sustainable rates to combat the rise of light

If something has taught the consumer the escalation of energy prices or the repeated alarms of scientists about climate change, it is that the origin of energy,

Put the cheapest and more 'green' washing machine: This is the sustainable rates to combat the rise of light

If something has taught the consumer the escalation of energy prices or the repeated alarms of scientists about climate change, it is that the origin of energy, matters. In an exercise of transparency, the National Market and Competition Commission (CNMC) approved on December 13, a new format for the labeling of electricity in the consumer invoice.

With this new measure, it will come into force as of April of next year, the consumer will be able to know which sources of energy produce electricity that operates its washing machine and lights the bulbs of your home. To do this, the invoice will include a sectoral diagram that will specify which percentage of each energy source has supplied the marketing to its customers and will break down the equivalent CO2 and radioactive waste that generated said energy sources.

Some marketers already take some years creating greater rates, coupling the demands of increasingly committed clients with the environment. According to the CNMC comparator, for an average consumption of a home in Madrid (3,000 kWh in a year), there are currently 34 electricity offers from renewable sources of 20 different marketers. Are known as "green offers" and encompass all those sources of 100% renewable energy -solar, wind, etc- or high efficiency cogeneration -the use of the power of energy production processes to generate electricity, be able to come of non-renewable sources-.

Naturgy, Hello light, imagine energy or sphere light are some of the companies that offer their customers of this type electricity. Of all of them, it is NATRUGY which offers a lower fee with its rate Commitment Light: around 836.86 euros per year by 3,000 kWh. According to the company, this offer specially addressed to domestic users, "reinforces Naturgy's responsibility and vocation of service, and reveals its strong commitment to sustainability." In this way, Naturgy has registered a total of 75,000 contracts with this fee, according to the data of the marketing itself.

Total Energies and Endesa are the following marketers that head the ranking, with offers ranging between 877.12 and 914.25 euros per year during the first year, including taxes. In your air (Total Energies) and One Light (ENDESA), as well as the rest of the offers, does not include a penalty for breaking the contract.

Not all of these offers maintain the same price during the two years of the contract. It is the case of the rate to your air, which only sets the price during the first year, unlike most rates of this type. "While other offers from other competitors guarantee a price for two or three years, we are putting a price for a year because futures markets are providing a significant decrease in electricity cost in 2023," Ignacio Javier Vázquez, director of Marketing and B2C of Total Energies.

Even so, the reception of this offer "is being spectacular," ensures from the company, which is proud to reduce the rate of 85% of users who have used their invoice comparator available on their website - a 7,000 people - That today they have achieved an average saving of 25% of their annual bills. About 300 euros according to the estimates of Total Energies.

Most of the offers are directed for any type of client, although these offers are also used as a hook to attract new consumers, which according to companies, are more committed to the environment and demand more offers of this type. "All our offers that we are right now using to capture new customers are renewable," concrete from Total Energies, who affirm that this has been the strategy since 2019. In this way, at least eight of the thirty offers are destined exclusively to new consumers . Three of them, with the lowest prices of the entire ranking.

In contrast, only nine offers of electricity have continue to have their origin in non-renewable sources. Ignacio Javier Vázquez considers that the trend is that this type of offers end up occupying a reduced place in the market. In fact, the company's commitment is to reach 100% renewable energies for 2023.

For the time being, only 43% of the energy produced in Spain in 2020 came from renewable energy sources, according to the data of the results of the electricity labeling relating to the energy produced in the year 2020, prepared by the CNMC. Another 23% had to originate nuclear energy and 17% natural gas.

With the explosion of renewable energy facilities and green rates, the CNMC surveillance has also increased, which has developed the new labeling with a desire to avoid the Greenwashing (Green washing) strategies of the marketers. This measure has been received with open arms by companies, which consider that "any action or initiative that facilitates communication and understanding of invoices by the customer is positive," they have stated from Naturgy. An opportunity that from Total Energies consider very aligned with its "commitment to generate a clean energy for the market", and that offers economic alternatives to families on foot.

Updated Date: 06 January 2022, 22:31

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