Putin despises Macron and denies a commitment of desdecaled in Ukraine

After the bilateral meeting in the Kremlin with his Russian counterpart, the French president, Emmanuel Macron, said he has achieved the guarantee of "that the

Putin despises Macron and denies a commitment of desdecaled in Ukraine

After the bilateral meeting in the Kremlin with his Russian counterpart, the French president, Emmanuel Macron, said he has achieved the guarantee of "that there will be no degradation or climb" in the crisis facing Russia with the Western countries and that there would be no new Maneuvers next to the border. Little took Moscow to throw cold water over the French affirmations of diplomatic progress. The Kremlin denied that Vladimir Putin had promised the French president not to do more military maneuvers with Ukraine. "I have assured that there will be no deterioration or climbing," he said despite all Macron before meeting in Kiev with President Volodimir Zelensky. He had been a French official, speaking in the morning with journalists under a condition as anonymous, who had said that last night that Putin had promised not to make new maneuvers near Ukraine for now. Moscow only confirmed that he is going to withdraw the Russian troops from Belarus at the end of the military exercises. "No one has ever said that Russian troops will remain in the territory of Belarus, this has never been discussed," said Kremlin spokesman, Dimitri Peskov. Worse was the explanation that Kremlin gave to the impossibility of Putin and Macron. Agreed a description. "France is a leading country in the EU, France is a member of NATO, but Paris is not the leader. In this bloc he sends another country. So, what do we can talk about?", Said Peskov in clear reference to 'Following 'That Russia has been denouncing at European posture before a superpot as a USA. This Macron said that he thinks his conversations had helped prevent the crisis from intensifying even more, claiming that he had received personal guarantees from Vladimir Putin that Russia did not I would make things worse. Since the beginning of the crisis, France has minimized the possibility of a Russian invasion, unlike US governments or the United Kingdom. In that Macron has connected with the Ukrainian president, who for weeks has been asking for fewer "apocalyptic" messages about the immediate future of his country. "Calm is essential for all parties, in words and facts," said Macron, praising Zelensky for "the cold blood that is showing, and that is showing the Ukrainian people, in front of military pressure on their borders and in their Country ". And before a trip to Moscow, Macron said he believed that Russia has no plans to take Ukraine, but aims to renegotiate European security agreements. The French leader is aligned with those who see signs that Russian president wants to avoid an escalation of the Ukrainian crisis and look for some kind of agreement with the West. The objective fact is that Putin has concentrated nearly 100,000 soldiers next to the Ukrainian border and has warned the West of a "military technical response" if their demands are not attended. But in addition to its usual admonitions on NATO, on Monday night Putin insisted with its French counterpart in which dialogue was not over, it was worthwhile to discuss some proposals from the United States and NATO, and that Russia would "all The possible thing to find commitments that suit everyone. "The question is whether the proposals that are willing to offer the US or NATO, basically linked to the scope of disarmament and transparency, may be sufficient for Moscow to stop pressing. Putin wants a Ukraine out of NATO and also does not accommodate allied missiles within some kind of bilateral agreement. In his press conference with his Ukrainian colleague, Macron was forced to explain if it was true that he had spoken with Putin about the possibility of 'Finlandize' Ukraine, leaving it indefinitely with a neutral status. The term 'finlandization' refers to the non-aligned state of Helsinki during the Cold War, and raises rashes in Ukraine. When asked at the press conference in Kiev on the "Finlandization", Macron said that he "had never used this formula" and even refused to repeat the word. The French leader is determined to play a key role of mediator. Both Putin and the Ukrainian president have told him that they are committed to the principles of a 2014 peace agreement proclaimed Macron. This agreement, known as the Minsk agreements, offers a way to resolve their disputes. But Zelensky was skeptical about any guarantee that Macron could have received from Putin. "I really do not trust the words, I believe that every politician can be transparent by taking concrete measures," said the Ukrainian leader. Another background problem is that Kiev and Moscow do not agree with what exactly implies the Minsk Agreement. The Kremlin says that Kiev must recognize the Prorrusian separatists in the eastern territories of Donetsk and Lugansk. But the Ukrainian government insists that separatists should disarm before finding a political solution and also be disconnected from the 'cord um

Date Of Update: 08 February 2022, 15:14

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