Raphael: I thought it was more hysterical

They are pronounced the same, but Raphael is not the same as Rafael. The second, surname Martos and born in Linares (Jaén) in 1943, it became the first and, w

Raphael: I thought it was more hysterical

They are pronounced the same, but Raphael is not the same as Rafael. The second, surname Martos and born in Linares (Jaén) in 1943, it became the first and, well, in a world star. Now it is time to recover Rafael, the person, and that is what the documentary series that has made on Him Movistar pretends, which has been presented at the San Sebastián Festival and that, however, carries the title of 'Raphaelism'.

"When there is something of my private life, with my children or with my wife, I'm really sorry strange and interesting," says the singer to the world after seeing fragments of the series, which will premiere next year. "I think the artist should go with his work, there are many things that would not be understood about his behavior, about how to live, if he was not like that. Because a lawyer is managed very differently from an artist" .

"The strangest thing was that it was Rafael, my person," he confesses. "If I get to be representing a role, I would not have missed anything, because it is what I am used to, even in my songs, I, when I sing, they are characters that say those things. But this time I have felt very pleasantly reflected How am I, not the artist ". And he highlights a discovery: "I thought it was more hysterical. And it turns out that no."

Chronologically, and with the contributions of relatives, friends and colleagues, 'Raphaelism' collects crucial moments of the singer's career, from her abandoning as a young singer until her film career, in which she was directed, among others by the Recently deceased Mario Camus, for whom Raphael has an excited memory. Charlie Arnaiz and Alberto Ortega directors also stop in aspects of the personality 'Raphaeliana'.

"I believe that vanity comes well to a certain extent," says Martos on one of those aspects, "especially to go on stage and overcome shame, with nerves to skin flower from the beginning until the custom makes you lose them and Take things with greater normality and tranquility. But no more. Because, if not, you become unbearable, it is good to have that little dose. You have to have a 'controlled' "modesty.

There is also a place for more intimate issues, such as their relationship with their wife, Natalia Figueroa. "It has been very easy because everything that is said there is true," he says about it. "So, not having to disguise anything or have to invent anything, it comes out as the conversation that we have between you and me, with all the normality of the world, it would cost me more work to interpret a role. But, at the same time, when you tell things More daily is more difficult, because you can not exaggerate anything. "

Likewise, there is the issue of its uncommonity. A characteristic that associates its rejection by nostalgia. "I've always been like that, until I was a five-year-old boy," she recalls. "I'm from tomorrow, from the future, always, more than this one, it is known that, inside I should want to live eternally." He adds that his desire to work contribute: "I am a lover of my profession and it is noticed. Yes. And I love that it is noted. And that the public Notes the work that costs me. Sing every day three hours there Where I sing is complicated, and that at the end you are standing, it is also ".

That is why it does not take a retreat date. Until the end, as Charles Aznavour. "But I get it harder," he says. "I have to follow exactly as I am now. If not, that day I will get up, I'll take the phone, I'll call the office and I'll say: 'Gentlemen, thank you for all, have been sixty-so many wonderful years, but I stay at home Now. Because I have to give the audience what the audience wants. What can not be is that a couple is saying at that time in the theater or wherever: 'Do you remember how I sang?'. That is not going to say about me, I can not consent it. "

'Raphaelismo' is also the chronicle of a time of great changes in Spain and in the world. "The first time I went to the USSR there were no diplomatic relations, look at," he says his protagonist. "Of course I am not so pedantic as to think that everything has happened while I was in this world, and less that I have done anything for him, but I have had the immense luck to live in an interesting time. I doubt that what We stayed for seeing or staying to see is as interesting as what we are living. "

That includes more recent events, such as the Covid, who cut the constant activity of the singer: "When he started, he was in Bogotá, and then my wife who calls me on the phone and tells me: 'Do the favor of getting out of there'. We suspended The concert and took the first plane that came out for Madrid. I locked myself at home and I spent three months talking to my children by videoconference. And at three months I got tired, I went and I recorded three albums. And I kept taking my career as If nothing has happened here. I debuted at the Wizink Center. I did two wonderful features with a wonderful public behavior, thousands of people. And then follow and follow, to this day. "

Date Of Update: 21 September 2021, 05:20

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