Rappel, the fortune fortune that gave the letters to Franco

We have become accustomed in recent years to a batch of seers of air zarrapastroso - all that goes from the Green of Sandro King speaks Soez of the witch Lola -

Rappel, the fortune fortune that gave the letters to Franco

We have become accustomed in recent years to a batch of seers of air zarrapastroso - all that goes from the Green of Sandro King speaks Soez of the witch Lola - and that is why, still at this point of 2021 Rappel is still the great star of the sprinkled divination of unbeatable glamor. It would not be daring to say that Rafael Francisco Payá is the arcan arts what Elton John to music: an emancy of exaggerated magnitude in which the image has been about to devour the person, but who has not restored a Apex of solidity in his.

The first thing we like about Rappel is the outside. First, glasses with inverted frame that remind us so much, not already ELTON, which would be the easy, but the binocular style of Antonio Díaz Miguel, former national basketball coach, which was wearing roller lenses that Snoop Dogg would have copied him with pleasure . Secondly, the robes: Rappel has always explained that before being a professional arises he was modist, and that in his beginnings in the tailoring he gave him for the exaggerated clothes, inspired by the aspect of the decadent ladies that appear in Henry's novels James, and who came to the parties of the High Society of Madrid dressed in his clothes, for convenience, by a singular image and, already of passage, by Product Placement. Thus, while he sold dressed during the day, he threw the cards and read his hands in the back room, because he perceived the gift of clairvoyance in his interior.

There are two distinctive stages in the rise and triumph of Rappel in the agreed gear. The first was before the deposit of the 80s: he began to bid in Madrid of the late dictatorship as a manual oracle, with art and wit, and was from the first fortune-tellers to have a prospective section on TV; He until he was claimed in the brown to the instance of Franco. Then there was already the great pop pop of the 80s, the appearances of him in the pink press as the genuine seer of the Jet Set and the summers in Marbella. Who could not admire Rappel? That syrupted prosody, that folded ureum hair, the mixture between Nostalgia Cañí and that Faux-Theosophical aspect, with slight pharaonic inclination, radiated an unreablished truth: the guy was a star.

In recent months, the originality of Rappel has been discussed, especially since, thanks to the Netflix documentary a lot, a lot of love, we have better known in Spain to the Great Divo of Astrology in America, Walter Market. Market was seer very similar to Rappel, certainly: The rhinestone with intention of talisman hanging around the neck, silk tunic with zodiacal embroidery, the throne of the Grand Master of Lodge; Walter was less than the cis, but he had a huge magnetism.

Rappel has always said that he already dressed like this before the market prospered on American television in the 70s, and we can believe him, because it is not that the Portorrriqueño inventing anything: he was also inspired by a long retahíla de magicians, alchemists and Rosicules of yesteryear who had coded that synchrotic aspect pre-new age halfway between the angelic, the Egyptian and the Nepalese, call Aleister Crowley or Madame Blavatsky, and that they had even filtered to respectable culture in figures like Sun Ra -The keyboardist of jazz that came from another galaxy- or the Madame Sosostris referred by TS Elliot in his modernist poem Land Baldía.

What differentiates Rappel from its imitators is something subtle: There is a Christian rooting in its divinatory profile - will always recommend a prayer or light a candle to the Virgin, which in Spain still has its audience - and this bias has enhanced it in books of Catholic-esoteric theme as my favorite virgins or the saints that help us. We do not know if Rappel sees the future, but we know that he dominates the Iberian psyche and that is why he is a legend.

The best of Rappel has also been his lack of modesty, which humanizes us. Those years of yours a little crushes of the 90 and early 2000, when you engrave with Thai Two Yupa and it was reported in your pool wearing a fetén underpace that simulated the leopard skin are a show of the spectacle and a precedent of the trap . Surely, now it would give us notice to see him in smaller cloths - also, actually, "but he has earned respect. If Elton John is above good and evil, Rappel can not be less.

Date Of Update: 26 September 2021, 12:16

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