Re-issued all of the verses of Manuel Machado, the poet most read by the poets

Manuel and Antonio, of SevillaDos works of the brothers Machado, 80 years waiting for a function it Is relevant to be asking questions about Manuel Machado t

Re-issued all of the verses of Manuel Machado, the poet most read by the poets
Manuel and Antonio, of SevillaDos works of the brothers Machado, 80 years waiting for a function

it Is relevant to be asking questions about Manuel Machado that makes the poet, and professor of the University of Oviedo, José Luis García Martín : "do you Still live as a poet?". The question, points to the validity of a poetic work that has been in the background much of the TWENTIETH century. The reasons for this may be biographical, as the elongated shadow of his brother, writer, and emblem of the Republic and the exile; and policies, as the early ascription of the poet from seville to the faction in revolt of Francisco Franco you would lose the favour of the poets in exile, with Luis Cernuda to the head, that he crossed out his style of "insubstantial and affected", and of all the Spanish poetry of the postwar period, until the Generation of the 50, that made his brother's flag.

Cover of "complete Poems", by Manuel Machado - Editorial Renaissance

A oblivion unfair to the work of a poet of multiple records: introducer in the Spanish poetry of the speech colloquial, symbolist, parnasiano, stylist of the popular language, goldsmith historicist... that led him not only to be praised by an author of the requirement of the argentine Jorge Luis Borges, but which enjoyed popularity and respect critical of his contemporaries, because it was considered in the first third of a century "as one of the three or four greatest poets of his time" , pointed out in one of his writings, Emilio Baron , a poet and professor of canadian Queen's Univeristy.

This he remembered in the preface of his edition of the "bad poem" (1909), possibly his book is more claimed today, the words of praise which he dedicated to the poet from seville, "an author so severe as Miguel de Unamuno ", when he wrote in 1907: "This a light thing, winged and sacred that is to the times Manuel Machado turns out to be a real classic". For this reason, Manuel Machado was an influence for the poets of his time , as told by a member of the Generation of the 27 already in exile as Jose Moreno Villa : "I don't think that without Manolo Machado, Garcia Lorca, or Albert i would have gotten the ease and excitement of gypsy that got. When one day the count of the influences exerted by it, and by Juan Ramón Jiménez in the generations that followed him, we will see who gets the most of both". is His political allegiance to the regime was "compelled by the circumstances, but it was not a franco enthusiast" , points out García Martín. is Andrés Trapiello says on "arms and letters": "Manuel Machado would be the that, winning the war, they lost the manuals of literature."

A modern poetry

Both Garcia Martin as the editor of Renaissance and also a poet, Abelardo Linares , match to claim the today of a poetry that not only remains alive, but continues to influence authors, essential of the last fifty years of Spanish poetry, from Jaime Gil de Biedma to Felipe Benítez Reyes . For Linares, Manuel Machado is a poet for poets, a writing quality, thoroughness and a high degree of complexity, with many levels of reading, which can be continue reading all the time."

Renaissance published "complete Poems" in 1993. Now the editorial sevillana just republishing, in a neat edition, with new foreword by García Martín, a text in which it appears is precisely the question about the relevance of his poetry. "The edition which we now retrieve, for years he had been exhausted and it was the first truly full of the poetry of Manuel Machado, as incorporates her poems scattered that, for whatever reason, not picked up in life in his complete poems, but which are valuable and which are of interest ," explains the editor.

Neither resignation, points out García Martín, to pick up "texts dissonant", as "the poems of propaganda" and "very explicitly fascist" of Machado, who "had no choice but to write if you wanted to save lives on that Burgos ecstatic", in which he had triumphed uprising against the second Republic, which was coincidentally the poet at the age of 62 years in July of 1936.

The bad poem

In this way, the more than seven hundred pages of these "complete Poems" bring to the reader all of the profiles of the poet, who is today remembered above all for "The wrong poem", which introduces in the Spanish poetry a conversational style and ironic and creates the poetic language modern in Spain, according to Baron.

"his books, is the one that most has influenced Spanish poetry, and that also has more historical value. It is like the "Diary of a poet recently married" (1916), Juan Ramón Jiménez, which is not his best book, but it is the most significant.

This work marks a before and an after in the Spanish literature, by its prosaísmo, that mark a path to poetry post-Modernism ", points out García Martín.

But this is just one of the many "Manuel Machado", because in his work you can trace moments for the symbolism, "Soul" (1902); the parnasianismo, "Apollo" (1911); the impressionism, prints, taurines of "The national feast" (1906); or the recreation of the andalusian folklore books as "Cante hondo" (1912), all came out of the pen of an author for whom your desire first, he wrote, "it would have been to become banderillero". To which there are added the epitaphs, one of them to Alejandro Sawa .

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