Real Madrid dodges the embarrassment and leaves alcoy in eighth

There was no embarrassment or assault on the heavens. No dreams are repeated two nights in a row. There was no glory for the Alcoyan. Real Madrid knew how

Real Madrid dodges the embarrassment and leaves alcoy in eighth

There was no embarrassment or assault on the heavens. No dreams are repeated two nights in a row. There was no glory for the Alcoyan. Real Madrid knew how to escape his abysses. It cost him to take his way but he wanted a place in the eighth of the end and took it from the collao. At times it seemed that he forgot the shame that happened a year ago, that he would be present again, but it did not happen. He did not give an option because this team is today more solid and has less doubts. So much that it does not suffer more than necessary without lethal arms such as Benzema or Modric.

The message of Ancelotti took to Calar in his players, who was slow to settle, as if these crazy coperos duels could be matured, and only recalled that the COALLO may be a place of penance at the exit in Tromba del Alcoyan. In the first three minutes, Lunin had to take out a hand to clear a shot by Dani Vega after allowing a hat to militao in the area. It was not the only frivolity, because Camavinga had to clear another auction from Miranda and Militao, in a good Band Bank of Anton, avoided the center of him from finding auctioneer in the area. Three notices that had to be tampered.

José Juan was a spectator anymore because Real Madrid, very obligated, sank into his field and found no way to shake a sticky rival that accelerated the party without ceasing with a direct football, speed and a lot of intention. As much as the Andy had to haggle Casemiro in the peak of the area and release a left outflow that finally crashed on the side of the network.

The white response wanted Mariano in a race against Andy prevented him from finding a goal. In intensity, those of Ancelotti were unable to match Alcoyan, but Soccer did not achieve it either. Without a moment to think, of each mistake, from each lost ball the premises took out a whiplash, like the shot of Carlos Blanco who returned to Lunin under sticks.

Vicente Parras's plan was leaving: open field, high pressure and fast transitions that surprised Real Madrid more than Ancelotti, refugee on the bench, would have liked it. But the Alcoyan, who does not stop being a first RFEF team, had too forgiven an eleven star with almost infinite resources. From the first play in which Madridistas were planted in the area with some benefit, the goal was born in the score.

He grabbed Hazard's command and took two dribbles that turned the central Carlos Blanco shipping corner. Rodrygo put the ball at stake for Imperial Militao and topped her at the false exit of José Juan. As a year ago, the Brazilian advanced Real Madrid.

I still needed to be revealed if the script would be burned at one year ago in the second part. 20 minutes lasted the suspense. They were the most comfortable for Real Madrid. He overcame the lesion of a Marian gray and forced the bench to make a hand of Asensio, which would eventually be also decisive, albeit with some fortune. Even so, the whites seemed comfortable in a stage that in which the Alcoyan had no choice but to raise his foot due to effort. Without ball, in the hands of a rival who protected her more, the party fell asleep ... Until Dani Vega appeared, he slipped into the area to cut Casemiro and Militao, and beat Lunin. It was a goal to a modesty that did not play as such.

The tie invited the collao to return to believe, but the ghosts did not appear. He searched Vicente Parras Give lung to his team refreshing his lines, but he did not take effect. The dominating dynamics of white footballers definitely inclined the duel in two minutes.

The fortune that was denied 350 days ago appeared for Madrid. Hazard attended Asensio to take a shot from the heart of the area that touched at Central Raúl and deducted José Juan. Two minutes later, when Ancelotti had already sought Kross's aplomb and Isco's talent to sustain the advantage, who was hero he lost the powers of him as unexpected as understandable in a forty player. The Meta Alcoyano was wrong at the exit of him to stop Isco and, winding the Malagueño, put the ball on his own door.

A final that blurred the intent of the Alicantes for returning to be protagonists of this cup. They only had to die and offer at the same time by a unique experience.

Updated Date: 06 January 2022, 03:39

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