Red Bull takes verstappen to a 'polle' that can be worth a world

It was a perfect choreography, such a surprising blow, so secretly organized by Red Bull, which does not even Lewis Hamilton could neutralize it. Max Verstapp

Red Bull takes verstappen to a 'polle' that can be worth a world

It was a perfect choreography, such a surprising blow, so secretly organized by Red Bull, which does not even Lewis Hamilton could neutralize it. Max Verstappen took the pole in Yas Marina (1: 22,800) and the scream of it almost disintegrates the radio micro. To the wake of the brother car of him, piloted by Sergio Pérez, the Dutch brought out in almost half a second to the great nival of him, who did not know or did not want to organize a similar job with Valtteri Bottas. The Finn, sixth on the grill, just behind Carlos Sainz, does not seem that he can help him tomorrow.

Christian Horner, Main Team of Red Bull, smiled rogue before the cameras in the previous, without loosening, while the guests to the most exclusive area, from their terraces overlooking the paddock, wagged without ceasing. Red Bull brains had hidden their cards, while Hamilton, confident, greeted the attendance, overlooking the incident of it with Nikita Mazepin in the last free. Michael Masi, director of career, had saved the third reprimand, which had led to a penalty of 10 stalls on the grill. From Friday, Mercedes had marked the reference, although everything turned suddenly. Verstappen wore an amazing speed and in case something was missing, Pérez was already over there.

The Mexican took his leader in the flying and pulled away, with a rigor clinical, before tackling one of the redesigned areas in Yas Marina. For these new curves VELAVA VELTAPPEN also in its second attempt, aborted when it was already absurd to assume any risk. This circuit causes the dizziness of Jeddah and with such a few overtaking points, the pole has a capital importance. Hamilton, in a funeral tone, nothing better from the car, was the first to see him. All the previous battle on Saturday, resolved in close margin, had been a farce.

Since the first instant of Q1, he wanted Mercedes to record his authority (1: 23,266), with four tenths of Sir Lewis on Mad Max, distributed equally from the second sector. The primacy of silver arrows was patent with bottas, which rolled on the same tenth that Versetappen. Not satisfied, Hamilton still polished the chrono of him, with used tires (1: 22,845). The eye not warned could confuse that with a triumph due to crushing.

However, the gap at the beginning of Q2 was ridiculous: four thousandths (1: 23,185) when the two aspirants mounted medium tires. In his next attempt, VersaPpen was marked a map when losing the car in the first curve. It was only then when the first part of the Red Bull plan was evident, which he mounted the soft tire, with which tomorrow will take the exit. Mercedes, against, followed with the idea of the yellows, the same ones that he will ride on the grill.

As many nerves, as it could not be otherwise, they would end up moving the asphalt with the usual war for the position. In search of the best time, to leave when more agreed, Daniel Ricciardo obviously hindered Fernando Alonso. There, precisely, the elimination of Asturian would be governed, forced to resist Pierre Gasly's harassment, the other disappointment of the day. The Frenchman, also harmed by traffic, lost its internal battle with Yuki Tsunoda.

Ferrari had handled up to minutes before the option of getting into the Top-10 with the media, although he finally did not take as much risk. Sainz, with the soft, ascended at the top of the table (1: 23,174). From Friday, Carlos was looking for the balance of him and when things became serious he overwhelmed Charles Leclerc. The 12 hundredths of him about the Monegasque seek the most promising on a Sunday where he will try to follow the trail of Pérez.

In the absence of six minutes, when the Ferrari attacked his return, the red flags jumped. Mick Schumacher had taken ahead in the last curve a bollard who was about to cause a scoring to Lando Norris. The British would not only go unharmed, but also with the inspiration of the big days of it. He with his way he stayed with himself among the favorites until climbing up to the third square of the grill. Much more discreet was Kimi Raikkonen's last Saturday at F1. At least, the message The Motor Top of the Alfa Romeo from him put a nice end point: "Dear Kimi: Now we will leave you alone."

Date Of Update: 11 December 2021, 11:34

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