René defends his management at LOC: the threads that moves in the PSG skid with the signing of Sergio Ramos

Big Brother, agent, advisor, manager ... are the four costumes that René Ramos could be put to illustrate his fraternal and professional relationship with Sergi

René defends his management at LOC: the threads that moves in the PSG skid with the signing of Sergio Ramos

Big Brother, agent, advisor, manager ... are the four costumes that René Ramos could be put to illustrate his fraternal and professional relationship with Sergio Ramos. And according to who I ask him from the closest environment of him, there is one that fits more perfectly than the others. The older brother who guided him and channel him in his early years in Madrid? The agent who moves the threads of the professional career of him? Does the advisor influence the decisions of the player? Or the manager manage media scenarios and marketing?

It is curious that the man who wants to award so many and so varied suits do not want to wear any. "I just want to be in the background," says René himself in telephone conversation with LOC. But it does not seem like he is going to get it. His name, very expensive, jumps at every professional step that his brother gives and now the topic takes a new home after the cumulus of bad luck and questionable decisions in which Sergio Ramos has been surrounded from the beginning of the year and which culminated With its forced march of Real Madrid.

To understand the complex process that prompted his white club departure we have to put René his agent suit. According to Loc, he was the brother of Sergio Ramos the one who seized and culminated the operation of the signing of the Central by the PSG this summer. René was in permanent contact with Leonardo, the sports director of the French Club, and it was with him with whom he negotiated the arrival of his brother to Paris. At that time it seemed like a good idea: his new club offered him a work stability beyond the year of contract that Real Madrid gave him, some emoluments according to the status they claimed and a club-state whose priority is to win, from a time, the European Cup.

Soon the dream reality was twisted by René and Sergio. The power station arrived at Paris touched from his left steel and when it seemed that he could recover he had a relapse in September. Conclusion: He has not debuted with the new team and has barely been able to do more than train alone, outside of his companions. The decision of the exit of Him of Madrid has been questioned even more during the last week: the PSG is already launching Balloons Probe among its related media, among them Le Parisien, on a possible rescission of Sergio Ramos contract. The solution may seem crazy, but it is already written black on white. René clarifies the issue at LOC: "He is not going to be withdrawn, nor is it going to break the contract, neither there is doubts, is a physical issue and he will play again as he can."

You often want to be held responsible for the René Agent of Mala de Sergio Ramos in the PSG ... but they can not bear the decisions that his brother has taken. It is the turn of dressing René with the advisory suit. A suit that he can not always exercise because "Sergio Ramos only advises Sergio Ramos," they say who have known him for years. As it was seen in the unsuccessful renewal attempt with Real Madrid earlier this year. According to Loc, in those moments it was René who was more for the work of accepting the lower of the white club and he who tried to "stop" the desire to leave his brother Sergio, emboldened by a context in which He felt underestimated. At that time, René understood that given the knee problems that affected Ramos for some time and the economic situation of the club, which has financially accused the crisis of the Coronavirus, was logical and the most appropriate to accept a renewal, in principle, unfavorable : Only one year of expansion and a salary reduction of 10%. Sergio did not listen to his brother and took the initiative to leave. The René Advisor lost the battle and the René agent began to work to seek Sergio a destination according to the demands of him. When the player wanted to recover and accept that renewal down it was too late: for Madrid that offer had already expired and the club departure in which he had been the last 15 years it was already a fact.

It seems that the advisor costume does not fit as well as years ago, although from the player's surroundings they say that he has never finished fit and that all previous contract renovations have been agreed and negotiated from "you to you between the player and Florentino Pérez ". Even so, there is a suit that can never be removed, if only by genetic pure. The older brother, role that exercised conscientiously in the first steps of Sergio in football: "We were very young when we both came to Madrid and we learned and we developed professionally together. They were difficult moments, but very pretty for the two," he reflects René on a suit that leads with pride. "I am Sergio's brother, but also from Miriam. What happens is that professionally I have worked and work with Sergio and not with my other sister, we will always be brothers, but professionally he has his life and I mine. I work More than 15 years in the world of football, I take more than 30 players, I travel throughout Spain, by Europe ... that shows that I am something more than Sergio Ramos, right? ", says René.

But if there is a suit that René denies is that of Manager Machiavellian, the one who has come to call "pesetero" and who blame the exit of Madrid of Sergio. "It has been a campaign of destruction, I see why the interests of my represented, Sergio included. Does that become bad? I do not see that other representatives tell them that when their players renew. It is very unfair the controversy that there is always when In the owner, Sergio or René Ramos appears. I want to flee all that and be calm, "says René to Loc.

Because, far from his brother's orbit, the suit that most becomes René Ramos is that of independent businessman. The company RR-SOCCER Management Agency is a sports representation and advisory company that is in "full growth", with more than 30 players on your agenda. Although none of the representative of him scope the status of his brother Sergio has taken some of Marcelo's operations (Madrid player) or Luca Zidane (the second son of Zidane, who is a professional goalkeeper). He also exercises from an intermediary. "There are some operations that I do not want to transcend because I do not want to put medals, that's not my style," René Ramos says.

He controls his own representation company from Foutex 2015 SL, from which he is a unique administrator and owner of 100% of the shareholder, with an asset amounting to more than four and a half million euros. In addition, among the business of him has found a niche market in female football, in which he represents several players and in which he invested as an extinct sports club heel, team in which he was vice president. They say that the influence of him was capital for Florentino Pérez to buy this club and turned it into Real Madrid female. It was a more demonstration of the René businessman, who whose professional life does not necessarily orbit around his brother.

Updated Date: 06 November 2021, 21:22

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