Round Ivan reappears as Cofrade of the Idiazábal cheese: It was his star gift in Moncloa

"Sometimes in politics, in the company as in life, besides knowing how to win, know how to do something much more important: know how to stop. Thank you very m

Round Ivan reappears as Cofrade of the Idiazábal cheese: It was his star gift in Moncloa

"Sometimes in politics, in the company as in life, besides knowing how to win, know how to do something much more important: know how to stop. Thank you very much for everything, we will see ourselves again." With these words, Ivan's round of the direction of the Cabinet of the Presidency of Pedro Sánchez was dismissed. The figure with the most power of the government, the man of the president, the strategist, fell into the remodeling of the executive who did Sánchez last July. The Light of Moncloa went out and Iván left the complex to try to return to anonymity that he lost forever when he became the plumber of the presidential residence.

"I am a humble advisor, I do not aspire to make any decision, but to make recommendations." So it was defined round, which always affected the idea that he was an advisor without an ideological affirmation. He does not in vain he has not been militated in any political party, although he has provided his services both the PP (Xavier García Albiol, José Antonio Monago) and the PSOE.

After a quiet summer in which he has returned to his origins, his country Basque, Round has stopped hoarding holders for being the architect of Sánchez's "story" to be appointed Brotherhood of Honor of the Idiazábal Cheese of the Location Guipuzcoana de Ordizia . This same Saturday Ivan Round receives this peculiar title that gives it in an act called the chapter. "The chapter is our party, where in a normal situation, other invited brotherhoods are going, in addition to ours, now with the Covid, it is more limited. The number brothers who become part of the brotherhood and those of honor are named after. Being more than one, "says Loc Leire Arandia, member of it.

About Honor Brothers, Matiza: "They are named because they have spread and worked in favor of the diffusion of the cheese. This year they will be the local basketball club that has been 50 years, a recognition of a pastor of the area as well, a cook, Andoni Luis Aduriz, and Ivan round ".

The assistance of the former Sánchez cabinet head is confirmed. "Round Ivan is a great lover of Idiazábal cheese and also in his family there is tradition, comes from a family of shepherds, we know that when he was in the government his star gift was the Idiazábal cheese. We want to thank you that it was one of the biggest displeasers From this cheese and we also know that it makes special illusion to be a member of this brotherhood. We are also aware of the capacity of attention that it has for having been in the government and the visibility that gives us and above all, to cheese ".

In this way Ivan will become part of a brotherhood that is more than 25 years old and in which they have been appointed brothers of honor among others Urkullu Íñigo, the Forensic Paco Echevarría or Nekane Balluerka, Rector of the UPV. At 12:30 on Saturday, the family photo is made and then the act takes place in the town hall of the town of Ordizia. The return of Round Ivan will therefore be unique and marked by the origins of him.

Round Ivan was raised in a family of San Sebastián, being the third of four brothers. Son of a cook and a boat mechanic, he became very soon interested in politics. He studied a Bachelor of Humanities and Communication at the University of Deusto, where he met the woman of him, Sandra Rudy. Next to her he launched round and associates, a communication consultant who founded in 2009 and that now continues its activity with the name of Erre & Asociados. Rudy's media profile is very discreet and occasions have been counted in which we have been able to see it in some Photocall.

At the moment it is unknown if Ivan Round is focused on the search for a new political profile that interests you enough to return to the first line but, in addition to this illustrious recognition, you will have another next October 13. It is the publication of Moncloa. Round Ivan. The policy or art of what is not seen (Península), the Book of the Journalist Toni Bolaño who deals with the former Sánchez Cabinet Chief. "Honest, consistent and very pragmatic" is as defining the author a round.

Ivan Round saw clear the possibilities that Sánchez will rule a year before this occurred. These were his words on his blog The War Room: "If we focus well the political chess that is coming, they should know that there are high probabilities that Sánchez can be president. Well through a motion of censorship (if more scandals happen The breast of the PP and the alternative majority is conformed) or after the result of early elections ". So and not by chance he became the guru and right hand of Pedro Sánchez.

Date Of Update: 22 September 2021, 05:36

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