SECRET STORY 2, NOMINATION GALA, LIVE | The first nominations

Secret Story 2 begins to impact his stories. After a possible covenant to four to win the program, something that is forbidden, today we will see if they main

 The first nominations

Secret Story 2 begins to impact his stories. After a possible covenant to four to win the program, something that is forbidden, today we will see if they maintain it or not.

Carlos sends a big hug and a very big kiss from all the team of 'Secret Story'.

'' The first point is for Rafa because I like it but I have not had so much contact with him. Two points for Hector because I have not had too much Feeling because I think he listens to you with air of superiority and 3 points for Álvaro for the trifulk that was mounted, but the most conflictive situation I have lived in the house. ''

'' I am assimilating the bad news they have given me. '' My grandmother had Alzheimer '' has died fast, without suffering. These two years have been very intense with her. '' He gets rid of tears when he saw the video of her grandmother.

"And all of Spain listens to it '' says Carlo Sobera. He scares to see Gus: '' he is very big. This bug flies ... ''

It gives Al Altazne a point because I have not known it well, 2 for Hector because I did not just square and 3 for Álvaro because it is the only one who has made me suffer, until now, in the house.

He can not get a word to Gus.

It gives 1 point for Rafa because we have not had much affinity, 2 points for Alatzne: '' I was surprised by the conversation I had with her yesterday. '' And the 3 points go for Álvaro: '' I did not like what happened on Sunday. It is the strongest thing that has happened in the house. Adrián decides to stop the chrono because he would not know who to give him the six points.

He does not like Adrián because '' is a fake. ''

A point for Martha, 2 are for Adrián because I have not had affinity with him and 3 to Hector because I have seen some details that have made me doubt his attitude.

It does not get the guacamaya speak, Carlos Sobera brings her hair with the theme of the Korean.

Very quiet he listens to his namebody Carlos Sovera with the instructions: '' A point for Hector because after the game I was a bit scratched, 2 points for Rafa because I have not had much connection with him and the 3 van for Álvaro because he is the last who has entered and I have not had a connection ... ''

Do not get what Gus speaks with him.

Cora speaks very quietly, immunity will give it to Gus, for patience.

Cristina Boscá: '' It is normal that you like with such a short time, it reminds me of when you leave at night and you know someone ... ''

Cora has felt love for Adrián, almost at first sight '' I love hearing it ... the security that transmits. He is the only person who brings me, he seems to me super sensible ... and continue living the adventure. ''

It is petrified with the presence of Gus '' the animals I like a lot, but by far ... '' Cora: '' I expected anything but this ... '' Carlos tells him to breathe as in yoga.

His nominations are: 1 point to Hector because I have felt that if you do not think as he moves away, 2 points for Álvaro '' although I had an approach to him I did not connect "and 3 to alatzne because he does not transmit trust.

'' I am very happy because Héctor leads the nominations. The first nominations hurt as lemon to the wound. ''

13 points for Hector

6 Adrián

5 Álvaro.

Carlos recalls that Nissy and Laila have immunity.

The first thing he says is '' And this? '' He says it by the macaw.

Nomine with 1 point to Rafa because in these last days I have connected more with other fellow 2 points go for Hector, it likes me very well, but it made some comments that gives me the feeling that does not want to be in the program and 3 van for Álvaro Because I did not like its triumphant entry.

Carlos tells him that he has 25 seconds left to enter with the macaw, in which he has not been able to get a single word.

Not only Elena and Alberto, also Cora and Adrián. She has recognized that she feels very attracted to him.

The expert consulting that works in Berlin has had a slight confrontation with Nissy.

Alberto and Elena have a foolish. Alantze gets some earrings to give him on her birthday. Alberto wants to have a meeting with her ... but Elena resists.

Laila and Nissy are going to enter the cube. Carlos recalls that he has too many candidates.

His points go for Álvaro, give him a point, 2 for Alatzne and 3 for Rafa. We have given them the points because they have made a group between them.

Enter the cube and meets Gus.

It gives 1 point to Brenda because I do not talk to her, 2 point for Adrián, I like it but it is very neutral, and 3 points for Hector because it gives me discomfort.

Try starting a word to Gus, but it does not say anything.

It is the contestant who has a more complicated week. She was the first nominee and then she has starred a great anger with Carmen for being too long in the shower. They are called scoundrel one at the other. While Elena average between the two because she considers that she is not therefore ... Then Carmen speaks with Laila and tells her that her sister has passed three towns.

Mother of beautiful Love! What's this? They accuse the one to the other of being false ... then they continue without forgiving themselves and although Carmen asks for forgiveness for having talked about her Nissy's family that she decides not to forgive him.

Carlos points out, they can only count on 5 minutes of hot water each of the inhabitants of the house.

Then, the sisters also disagree with each other. Rafa talks with Nissy and tells him that he had given him five minutes and another partner as well, but Nissy says they would have to have told him. Laila asks her sister to calm down that they have immunity and that these attitudes are not going to favor him '' I knew this was going to happen, "she has watched her sister.

At the end Laila asks you apologies because Nissy is just recriminating that she is not the same to talk with her alone that in front of the rest of the companions of the house ...

His points go for ... Carlos asks him to start with 1, they are for Álvaro, 2 to Héctor because something has just happened that I did not like anything, and 3 for Elena. She only left 30 second to talk to the parrot ... she says' mom, key ... ''

Do not get the 6 extra points. He can not tell anything to his companions '' absolute silence ... ''

It reminds them of contestants who are not so intense that it is better that they become permanent, who enjoy the experience ... 'You do not have to suffer so much ...' 'and the macaw gets stuffed on the shoulder. The set applauds him.

The contestants paint shirts and defend their causes. Hector bet Porelamor. Carmen rises the voice for Ela's sick. Álvaro wants me to end with the 'Gordofobia'. Alatzne defends all those people who stayed at home during the pandemic.

Brenda comes down and cries because her father left during the pandemic, at which Álvaro approaches it.

In the cube Álvaro he cries before Kenny ...

Carlos talks to him and tells him that his friend is, actually, friend. He asks him to nomine. '' Quiet Rafa, who pay me for talking !!! '', the presenter tells him with irony.

Rafa gives 3 points to Héctor, 2 to Adrián and 1 to Virginia. Then talk to the guacamaya Gus and tell him at random words: '' Eye, Pen, Hi, Ala ... '', until he loses patience and ends: '' A to ... '' Sovereada asks for respect for The macaw and reminds him that he can not tell anything, and "nothing is nothing," his companions.

He has recognized that he misses his girlfriend. Rafa and Alatzne believe that it is a facade: '' It only needs to be writes in Mesopotamia, "says comedian converted in plumber.

They fight through the shower. Nissy believes that fifteen minutes are too long to shower.

We return to the live. Nagore comes to the house. Carlos wants to know how he feels:. ''Nervous. After twelve years she brings me many memories ... '' The excononcursant recognizes that she gets better with the birds ... She tries that Gus speaks.

Carlos tells his mission. The spheres are located on the magallanes boat. Only one of them will contain the 50,000 'eurazos' that will go to one of the contestants. Nagore must decide which one is.

He does not let Álvaro speak, who is scared all the time. Sovereigle confirms him between laughter that today begins the nominations. Like the rest of the contestants, Álvaro will have a minute and a half to nominate with 1, 2 and 3 points. If, in the time he him about him gets talking to the guacamay he will have 6 more points to nominate.

It gives 1 point to a lush, but it lengthens in the justifications. He is losing time! He gives 2 points to Adrián, '' because it is not believed the politically correct '', and 3 points to Hector because they do not congenian.

Gus does not speak and Álvaro stays without 6 extra points.

'' We must be open to new people. '' Cristina, for her part, believes that Álvaro, perhaps, hides a sensitive heart.

"Such as life itself, some people love you and others almost hate you ... '', I bet the member of the blonde nancys. For sovereign the important thing is '' Still breaking molds. ''

It has a confrontation with Brenda and then with Kenny. Alvaro is concerned about colleagues who have not given an opinion: '' The contest is experiencing more intelligently. I do not think they know how you have to live a contest. Everyone wants to sell their image of heroes. ''

Ávaro considers that his stay at the house of Guadalix is a gift.

Héctor manages to tear a great confession; '' You're here for the money. '' Álvaro defends and says that he is not hypocritical. Hector, very skilled, takes away the egg, in a moment of dismissal, but he has to return it because he has not done it according to the rules.

Then follow the confrontation between Álvaro and Carmen '' now I understand that you are nominated. '' Carmen complains that Álvaro baby from the Tetrabrik of milk and shouts: '' Everyone will drink from there ... '' Insolith! Bad Education? Are we going back to the shower from Mercedes Milà?

Álvaro enters as the great destabilizer.

It is not the only news. On Thursday there is a special program after the Copa del Rey Party. Today he will enter the house Carlos Sobera and he will accompany him a panda bear ... sorry? What is it about sovereign? This every day is more surreal. The scriptwriters are striving to butt ...

Sobine: '' They do not know they are going to be immune. ''

Then the collaborators enter: Mario Vaquerizo, Cristina Boscá, Xuso Jones and Nagore Robles. The latter does not appear because she is on her way to the house.

The presenter asks for an applause for the permanent of 'take bread and mueja' by Mario Vaquerizo. And he announces: '' We have one night but very, very different. ''

From Álvaro he went to Hector and his twins. Since then Laila custodia.

Sobeña announces that what the contestants do not know is that today they will have to face the nominations, given that the program has changed day.

Carlos Sobera will be today in front of the second gala of 'Secret Story 2: The House of Secrets'.

The contestants are all the time covering themselves with blankets. The temperature in Guadalix is ice sheet. Álvaro assigned the egg of immunity, something that he did not like him a lot of his companions.

Álvaro, who has not had an entrance with a good foot in Guadalix, has starred a joke of very bad taste. He has made Marta believe her (Lieutenant Mayor of the town of Him in Teruel) that she was the next nominee. Is Álvaro a contesist too disruptive for the program? In the next few days we will be revealed.

Two contestants struggle by Hector: Laila and Elena. He has a stable partner Will it be tempted? He will have to follow the reality day by day.

The pact has occurred between Álvaro, Carmen, Rafa, and Alatzne. They call themselves 'the band'.

The second gala of 'Secret Story 2: The House of Secrets' has changed day. Tomorrow, the Copa del Rey match between Athletic Club and Barcelona is issued in Telecinco.

Date Of Update: 19 January 2022, 19:13

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