SECRET STORY 2, THE NIGHT OF THE SECRETS, LIVE | Today one of the nominees will be saved: Álvaro, Alatzne, Carmen or Hector

Toñi Moreno, it becomes again, for the second time, at the head of 'Secret Story'. During the gala, the salvation of one of the four nominees will be produc

 Today one of the nominees will be saved: Álvaro, Alatzne, Carmen or Hector

Toñi Moreno, it becomes again, for the second time, at the head of 'Secret Story'. During the gala, the salvation of one of the four nominees will be produced: Álvaro, Alatzne, Carmen and Hector.

After face-to-face between Álvaro and David, the first one has decided not to confirm the push button to reveal the secret of Cap. '' We have lived the hard life of Brenda, who has shared calmly and directly with everyone.

'' Brenda my favorite sweeper. Sometimes we have not crossed and we have slept ... ''

'' It's a fighter. Example of overcoming. These are the stories that have to be displayed on television, "Lee Toñi Some of the tubs that are coming.

Bibiana: '' I love that there is time for tenderness. ''

'' It has not been easy to recognize who you are ... '' Brenda speaks with him: '' You have always defended what you are ... you do not have to paint your eye to be you ... ''

Eduardo Navarrete: '' I wear nervous. Not finding yourself and not recognizing you is usual. I love Brenda is to her side. They help each other.''

Toñi recognizes you that she has not had an easy life. '' Everything that happened to you has made you get here. '' Toñi wants to know if he was a pending conversation. '' I had many questions. I had a grudge and hate, especially when I was a mother. I have understood without being her. I have spoiled my fault for not having known how to act. I have forgiven her because I have realized that at age 40. Now I understood that she was different, a free soul that was in a body and a life. '' Toñi adds that she had a disease that, then she would not be recognized.

Bibiana cries and answers Toñi: '' The lives are like that. But she praises that she has forgiven him and understand that her mother lived in a body, and in a life that she did not correspond. ''

I did not understand that my mother had a glass of wine every day in her hand. I realized that there was a problem with alcoholism. My stepfather was very strict and I started working with 15 years to pay me the institute. At 14 I met who is the father of my children. He helped me out of all this. I independent at age 19. I did not talk to me with my mother or with my Father Juan. They forbade me to talk with my brothers. They called me a day to go to take care of your brothers. I knew something had happened, your mother has died! She did it in bed, found her my grandmother. At 26, she married me. I suffered labor mobbing in the first pregnancy. A new misfortune. My stepfather was on the ground without breathing. When he died I thought he was behind him. I could not any more ... it was just climbing up. But my daughter for the Covid had had problems. My partner is over. We kept coexistence for economic problems. ''

Toñi connects with Brenda. '' This is an important move, you have to take a walk. ''

You are here because you have faced the line of your life Olé Tu. !! Toñi thank you for sharing it. Are you ready? Of the pull, Brenda always says.

They ask them to be placed in front of their photos. Now they connect with Toñi that communicates that one of them will not enter the final vote.

'' The nominee that tonight does not opt for salvation and that is still at risk of expulsion is: Carmen. ''

The return to the world has taken them three days. '' I demanded a lot of teamwork and day day. You have had many failures. The rules were clear. Errors have been due to lack of attention.

Carlos is going to talk to it '' they have already kissed ... '' Carmen '' are shaking Tol ... Rato. '' Carmen says about Rosa Room.

Adrián: '' We only lack the official statement if there have been kiss so no ... ''

Other colleagues also believe that it smells like folder.

Bibiana believes he has done well, Ricky Merino: '' I think Álvaro is going to test the contestants. ''

This has been the Careo between Álvaro and David.

At this moment they go like this. 61% / 16% / 15% / 8%

Carlos excited with the momentum between Alberto and Elena. Toñi believes that they are falling in love.

Carmen believes that there is no attraction that is only a strategy. '' They stayed alone and they have come together but there is no feeling. ''

Adrián believes that Elena is containing Elena. Carmen catches them under the blanket. Carlos: '' Is she having 'Mantoning'?

Navarrete: '' His companions have envy ... ''

Alberto's head says he loved Rafa's video in which he sees that Alberto and Elena. ''

Toñi tells a conversation of Alberto in which he spoke of the sadness for the loss of his father, but also the support he offered his mother when she found someone to continue sharing his life.

But if they strive they can do it tonight. It's time to relieve cushion. Álvaro believes that he knows the secret of cushion. And it is: '' I was hooked to the scouring ... ''

The line of a life lack of love for your mother. This happened in her childhood. '' I was forbidden to see my brothers! '' The worst is that 19 years later the story again repeated.

They have to get the kilometers they tell them in the envelope. The rest of his colleagues pull them and animate.

Only three days have passed in the house and we already have the first 'eDredoning ....'

A clandestine kiss that ended up being the gossip of the whole house. '' The costumes as they have done, "says Toñi.

I fall asleep with his snoring watching

'' I feel that I'm failing Carmen because he can not sleep for my snoring. I have never had a complex for my weight, but I think the group does not take me seriously, nor as a rival, nor as a person. ' I love everything from Carmen. She has a big heart. She loves how she looks at me and how she smiles at me! ''

Adrián believes that he is working facing the gallery, that is, facing the nominations.

On the set, Bibiana recognizes that she feels a lot of tenderness by Álvaro. She has been changing after him. Carmen's brother only sees friendship between them.

They attack against Rafa and Carmen mainly. Rafa claims Elena to give her face because she reminds him that she was the first to say that they were doing a paper.

Carmen feels displaced in Guadalix's house and believes that his companions make him emptiness because they saw her strong.

It has not been two weeks and there has already been an approach between a couple of contestants. They are Elena and Alberto. Actually, it's not a surprise because your personalities seemed very likely related from the presentation.

At 22:00 a new appointment begins with 'Secret Story: the night of the secrets', by the hand of Toñi Moreno.

There will be new collaborators. After the presence of Mario Vaquerizo or Nagore and some of the relatives and friends of the contestants last week, today, Bibiana Fernández, Love Yoli will be held ('GH 15') and Eduardo Navarrete.

Date Of Update: 23 January 2022, 18:35

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