Salah Abdeslam, main charged by Paris' attacks: I did not kill anyone

Salah Abdeslam has saved silence since the investigation of the Paris attacks began, five years ago. But this Wednesday the statement of him has been extensiv

Salah Abdeslam, main charged by Paris' attacks: I did not kill anyone

Salah Abdeslam has saved silence since the investigation of the Paris attacks began, five years ago. But this Wednesday the statement of him has been extensive: "I did not kill anyone and I did not hurt anyone, nor if I want a scratch, I did not do it." The main and unique survivor defendant of the 2015 Yihadist attacks, who ended up with the lives of 130 people and wounded hundreds, is facing today and tomorrow before the criminal court of the French capital to try to clarify how the preparation of the Massacre and at what point this French of Moroccan origin raised in Belgium, 32, was radicalized.

"Since the beginning of this matter, they have not stopped slandering me, I understand that justice wants to give an example," said the defendant, who reiterated his belonging to the Islamic State, organization that in his opinion "combat to restore the Islamic order". "I see Bashar Asad treating the people of him, killing children, innocent people, I support the is," he proclaimed him. Wearing a white shirt and before a crowded room, Abdeslam considered, however, that the "message" that the judges launch is wrong: "In the future when an individual climbs a subway or a bus with a full room full of 50 Kilos of explosives and at the last moment say 'I'm going to go back', you'll know that it is not entitled to that, that will locate it or kill it. "

"The Western world imposes its ideology to the rest of the world. In many countries, Western values pass over Islamic values. For us Muslims is a humiliation," he criticized during the interrogation and affirmed that "Islam will triumph by force with Or without us, "he said 'Le Figaro'.

Abdeslam, which ensures "not being a danger to society," was the only one of the terrorists who did not activate the explosive belt he had tied to the body that night on Friday, November 13, seven years ago. He was not dejected by the police either, nor arrested five days later in the town of Saint-Denis, where the police ended with the life of the considered 'brain' of the attacks, the Belgian-Moroccan Abdelhamid Abaaoud, and of two collaborators. He managed to flee from Paris hours after the attacks on the Bataclan concert hall, six terraces of the city and outside the France Stadium, north of the capital. He was arrested in April 2016 in Brussels and remains detained in Fleury-Mérogis prison (south Paris), where he is subjected to constant surveillance. In the trial, it will be extended until May, he faces a sentence to life imprisonment for fees of belonging to a terrorist criminal association, murders and attempts of organized terrorist assassinations, kidnappings and murder tentatives to public authority.

At the hearing on Wednesday, he was planned to declare his mother and sister, but finally "will not come," said the President of the Penal Court of Paris, Jean-Louis Périès. The testimony of Him's former promised was also expected, from whom a letter was read before the room: "His parents were educated as if they could do what they wanted. They were not taught to discern the good of evil."

Abdeslam is one of the 14 defendants present in the court, two of which -osama Krayem and Mohamed Bakkali- have already exercised their right to keep silence. In addition to offering details about the preparation of the massacre, he must respond to issues about the stay in Syria at the beginning of 2015 of his brother Brahim, one of the suicide terrorists of the attack on the terraces. The only details he has contributed to this question is that Brahim "liked to meet people, was someone charismatic, very open, he did not receive the same mission as those who committed the attacks. He explained that they told him: you're going back to Belgium and We will call you when we need you, "said EFE.

At the departure of the court, the victims await their words. "We look forward to Salah Abdeslam, even if it is provocative, because that is his style, we need in this stage of judgment to understand his role, his participation, his relations with the other protagonists who organized and prepared these attacks. The important thing is that he speaks. Let him take part in this trial, "said the lawyer from one of the civil parties, Maktouf, to the LCI chain.

At the beginning of the trial, on September 8, Abdeslam has only confirmed to be a "combatant" of the Islamic State and has declared that the worst attacking in the history of the country were "inevitable" by the military interventions of France in Syria. In addition, he spoke to complain about the conditions in prison and said they were being treated "like dogs". "Dangerous or not, we are men, we are human beings, we have rights, I have not complained about a single reason, because when I die, I will rise," he said in September. In another hearing held in November, he gave more details about him before the attacks, in which according to AFP he had a fame of "party", of amateur casinos and nightclubs. He declared to have been raised "impregnated by western values" that he associated with a libertine and remote living of God, and explained that before being finally captured in Brussels the only reading of him was the Qur'an.

For the next few months, the doubts are resolved about why the explosion of its vest occurred, if by repentance or by a technical failure. Today, the question today was to know whether or not, explained this morning to 'Le Journal du Dimonche' Philippe Duperron, president of the Association of Victims 13onze15 Fraternité et Vérité and Father of Thomas, 30, who lost his life in Bataclan : "I am from the opinion that he will talk about, his two lawyers seem to have ancestry about him. In November, he participated in a psychiatric expertise when he had never accepted him, his attitude has evolved among the beginning of judgment and now." The psychiatrist that evaluated it then concluded that it was appropriate "formally eliminating any mental illness" of the accused. About the content of your statement, Duperron believes that "there is no reason to think that what you say change something. I do not have much confidence, but there will be no disappointment, because I do not expect anything. Many of us do not expect anything from his mouth."

In 2018, during the case instruction, Abdeslam was shown at all times defiant in his statements before the judge and came to justify the attacks saying: "We do not attack you because you eat pork, because you drink wine or because you listen to music, but that the Muslims They defend themselves against those who attack them. "

During the hearing yesterday, the 28-year-old Tunisian, Sofyen Ayari, arrested at the same time that Abdeslam and that until now had denied his belonging to the terrorist band, admitted having traveled to Syria in 2014 to accept "a mission" of the IS , picked up the daily L'Obs. The change in his statement, as he said, was motivated after having heard the pain of the families of the victims: "There was [in October and last November] five weeks of testimony. There were angry people and there was a question that came up often, is there? What happens to someone's head to leave his house and go to a country at war? It came a woman, it looked a lot like my mother. He said he had lost his daughter, that we were angels that we had become monsters, But that he wanted to understand us. His only request was to know what was happening in my head. I discovered that he owed him. If that is all he asks, I will not return his daughter. But that's the only thing I can do "Ayari declared.

Date Of Update: 09 February 2022, 11:17

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