Samsung gives a return to his appliances

Samsung has announced its novelties in appliances, which include new additions in the Bespoke product range, such as wireless vacuum cleaner or autonomous robot

Samsung gives a return to his appliances

Samsung has announced its novelties in appliances, which include new additions in the Bespoke product range, such as wireless vacuum cleaner or autonomous robot, or a new closet or steam cleaning shoemaker or water and air purifiers.

The company has celebrated on Tuesday the 'Life Ustoppable' event dedicated to its connected home products, which includes novelties for the different stays of the house, from the oven, washing machine or refrigerator for the kitchen, to monitors and speakers for Entertainment or wireless vacuum cleaners that eliminate any soil dirt.

Samsung has started the 'Private Tour' in the kitchen, where she has highlighted her range of modular and customizable Bespoke appliances. The refrigerator allows "making more sustainable decisions", as the company has exposed, not only for its design, which can be adapted to any situation or style, but also because it has the certificate to + energy efficiency.

The range also includes a dishwasher, capable of eliminating 99.999 percent of the bacteria. And two new products: a water purifier (Bespoke Water Purifier), available in six colors and with self-cleaning function; and a wireless arm vacuum cleaner, with a base that serves as a cleaning station and charger. This appliance offers a power of 210 watts and two hours of autonomy, AIR technology Press and ability to eliminate 99.999 percent of dust.

In the kitchen is also the oven of the Infinite Line series, available on Dual Cook and Dual Cook Steam models, which offer two independent cooked areas in the same appliance, and a campaign set and induction plate with easy control through one touch.

The company has also shown a washing machine with AI Ecobubble washing technology that helps save on water consumption, and with settings based on the amount of charge, which allow you to choose the best washing cycle. This appliance is complemented by a dryer with Optimal Dry technology, which establishes the drying time to avoid tissue damage, and with which it is communicated to optimize features.

For the bedroom, a stay that in the last year and a half has become the center of rest and entertainment, has announced, from the Bespoke family, AirDresser, which cleans the garments with steam and is able to eliminate 99.9 percent of the viruses. It includes a humidity sensor and functions based on artificial intelligence to adjust the air cycle to the set of garments so that they are always in the best conditions.

Next to Bespoke AirDresser, the company has shown Zapatero Shoedresser, with Jet Air technology to dehumidify footwear and capable of removing 99.9 percent viruses, bacteria and other elements.

For entertainment, Samsung Sound Tower sound tower, with 1500 watts, connectivity via Bluetooth and 10-inch subwoofer, as well as the new 65-inch Serif TV. You have also shown the NEO QLED TV and the Q950A sound bar.

Samsung included in your event LIFE Ustoppable The monitor for video games Odyssey Neo G9, 49 inches and 32: 9 format, which offers a 1mm response and a 240Hz screen and Quatum Matrix technology.

Also the computer 'all in a' smart monitor, capable of working as well as a computer as a television, with options of size of 43, 32, 27 and 24 inches. It allows connection with HDMI and USB type C and offers an entertainment mode that brings together different 'streaming' services on the same page.

Already in the living room, Samsung has highlighted the The Premier project, which can offer a screen size up to 130 inches at 24 centimeters away. It also has HDR10 + technology, 4K resolution, 4.2-channel speakers with Beam technology. This equipment can be complemented with the Q800A sound bar.

Within the Bespoke family, Samsung has also presented Cube Air Purifier, an air purifying equipment with HEPA filters that can eliminate dust, bacteria and pollen. It has a screen on which it shows information of air quality in real time and acts in five different addresses, which can be configured according to the needs.

He has also presented the Robot Vacifier Bespoke Jet Bot Ai + with Intel AI technology and a LIDAR sensor, which can move freely through the house, mapping the rooms and with the ability to recognize the objects. Offers video through the SMARTHINGS SAMSUNM application.

Updated Date: 15 October 2021, 19:18

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