Samsung presents the Galaxy S22, S22 + and S22 Ultra, revolutionary devices and premium

Samsung presents the Galaxy S22 and S22 +, two emblematic devices that enhance creativity and personal expression. Galaxy S22 and S22 + introduce dynamic came

Samsung presents the Galaxy S22, S22 + and S22 Ultra, revolutionary devices and premium

Samsung presents the Galaxy S22 and S22 +, two emblematic devices that enhance creativity and personal expression. Galaxy S22 and S22 + introduce dynamic cameras with an advanced intelligent image processing so that every moment is epic. Built with a daring design and sustainable materials, they are designed to be beautiful and responsible with the environment.

With the new and revolutionary functions of Nightography of the Galaxy S22 series, such as the sensor 23% larger than S21 and S21 + and Adaptive Pixel technology, your camera is designed to let more light, take details and capture colors that make Its content stands out, even in the dark.

They are built with a powerful 50 MP main camera, a 10 MP telephoto and an ultra-wide-angle 12 MP lens, so that the user always get photographs of the highest quality. And when you are recording videos, the new automatic framing feature detects and follows a maximum of 10 people and automatically adjusts the camera's focus, so that it captures all clearly. Both devices have advanced VDIS technology, which minimizes vibrations, so that you get fluid and sharp recordings even when you are moving.

They are also equipped with the latest IA technology. Now it is easy to make perfect photos in portrait mode with the new Stereoscopic Depth Map of IA and, thanks to a sophisticated IA algorithm that makes the smallest details appear much sharper and clear.

The first 4NM processor in a smartphone, the most advanced to date on IA and ML, offers unparalleled performance for all streaming and productivity needs. In addition, the analysis of the behavior of the network streamlines the performance of the applications by detecting

Galaxy S22 is built with a large battery for all day and a quick load of 25W, and Galaxy S22 + has a super powerful battery that can last even more than a day with a single charge. Galaxy S22 + also offers a super-fast load of 45W, so that the user does not have to wait when it runs out of energy.

Thanks to the big screen, users can enjoy the best experience when watching a movie or your favorite program. Both devices come equipped with a 120 HZ4 adaptive Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen, designed to enjoy the games and streaming. Whether the user chooses the 6.1-inch S22 6.1-inch screen, such as 6.6-inch Galaxy S22 +, each screen is built with the Vision Booster intelligent technology that automatically adjusts the screen to the environment lighting and improves the Contrast of color, so that the user can enjoy the best possible vision of its contents.

Galaxy S22 and S22 + also allow you to always be connected and produce more time. Thanks to the collaboration with Google, users can enjoy the Google Duo7 Live Sharing8 function to see photos in the gallery with friends or write meeting notes with co-workers at Samsung Notes, even when they are in different places.

Both devices have the iconic design Contour-Cut of the S series, favorites of fans, which integrates the camera perfectly on the back. To create a more elegant and refined aspect, Samsung built both devices with a distinctive flat screen, with a luxurious matte glass finish. Now, the series S series is designed to match the color of the device's body, with a thin and symmetrical metallic frame to achieve a perfect appearance. The result is a balanced and unified design that is modern, elegant. Both Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 + are available at Phantom Black, Phantom White, Green and Pink Gold10.

Galaxy S22 and S22 + are the first models of the S series manufactured with Armor Aluminum so that the user can take his phone anywhere with all tranquility. The telephones of the Galaxy S22 series are also the first smartphones that incorporate the new Crunch Gorilla Victus + glass.

The entire Galaxy S22 series will be compatible with up to four generations of Android11 operating system updates. In this way, millions of Galaxy users can further increase the life cycle of their smartphone without missing the latest news in safety, productivity and other interesting features.

Through collaboration with leading organizations, Samsung helps recover discarded fishing nets and transform them into a high performance material for their smartphones.

In addition to the plastics of oceanic origin, 100% recycled paper for the Galaxy S22 packaging has been used, next to a protective film made of recycled plastic. All the housings are also designed with ecological materials with UL certification.

The Galaxy S22 series is protected by the Samsung Knox Vault safety platform, which includes a safe processor and memory that completely isolate sensitive data, such as passwords, biometric data or Blockchain keys, from the main operating system of the phone.

In addition to the new S22 series, Samsung presents a new tablet line and a package of updated Galaxy Watch4 functions, so that Galaxy users can be connected in all aspects of their life. Created for a new era of connectivity, the Galaxy Tab S8 series -including Tab S8, Tab S8 + and Tab S8 Ultra- is Samsung's most versatile tablet line, built and designed to meet the ever-changing needs of those who work, study , they play and create.

As of February 25, 2022, Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 + will be available at and other regular sales points. Both devices will be available in Phantom Black, Phantom White, Green and Pink Gold colors; and in 128 and 256 GB models with 8 GB of RAM.

It merges the best of two legacies of smartphone - the unparalleled power of the Note series and the professional quality camera and the performance of the S-range to set a new standard for premium smartphones. With an integrated pen pen, advanced functions of Nightography and Video, next to a battery that lasts more than a day, Galaxy S22 Ultra is the ultra's most powerful device that Samsung created to date.

Date Of Update: 09 February 2022, 16:41

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