Sánchez asks to fulfill PE to PA the Constitution while its Government Partners Challenge

The Chairman of the Government has celebrated the Day of the Constitution by recalling that the Magna Carta "brought coexistence and Concordia where before the

Sánchez asks to fulfill PE to PA the Constitution while its Government Partners Challenge

The Chairman of the Government has celebrated the Day of the Constitution by recalling that the Magna Carta "brought coexistence and Concordia where before there was tyranny" and introduced a Spain that was "isolated" in the European Union. Pedro Sánchez has claimed, minutes before the institutional act on tribute to the fundamental Law on his 43th anniversary was beginning, to the thousand citizens who made him possible the Magna Carta and has stressed, marking distances with those who defend their profound reform and even undertake a constituent process, which "now what is touched is to take care of it by fulfilling all articles of the Constitution, of the first to last."

The President of the PP, Pablo Married, has insisted on his part that the Constitution is one of the fundamental keys to solve the problems of Spain at a time when in the country there is a "suicide revisionism". Married has referred to the indulce to those convicted of the Proctors; At the approval of the political arm of ETA, Bildu, as a priority partner of the Government and the review of the transition and commissioning of the Amnesty Law as examples of attack on text and constitutional spirit.

The leader of the opposition has also accused Pedro Sánchez of being who "more has attacked the Constitution in 40 years" and in that sense he has urged him to "renege" of the positions of his partners who claim, he has said, making a rereading From history and even claim the retreat of the title of King to Felipe VI. Married has rejected the possibility of a constitutional reform piloted by an executive who, in his opinion, "is not even able to fulfill it".

Despite the words of the president of the Government in defense of the Magna Carta, the United Canoe, his minority partner of the Government, has not hesitated to take advantage of the day to "challenge it", calling it from "old suit" and advocating it to open it in channel so that Young people who did not vote for them decide whether they want to live "under an obsolete and corrupt monarchy" or prefer a "modern republic".

In these terms, the President of the Purple Parliamentary Group, Jaume Asens, and the first secretary of the Congress and Deputy of United Can Gerardo Pisarello have been expressed.

Both have taken advantage of not only to argue against opposition parties -PP, citizens and Vox- to those who have "Francoists", but also against the PSOE itself, with whom they share a coalition government.

Pisarello has accused the socialists of "not to plant face to the involution" with its reiterated refusal to investigate in Congress the cases of corruption that, affirm, affect Juan Carlos I and the royal family, as well as not to deal with "emptying Of the rights and freedoms that the antifranquist movement introduced "in the magna and now, in his opinion, drives the ultrarage" with the PP in tow ". "Faced with this emptying, we ask," he has emphasized him, "constitutional fund changes to shield social rights" and draw a "green and feminist" constitution.

For its part, ASENS has shown its resounding disagreement with the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, for whom the Constitution does not need reforms. The Chairman of the United Knowledge Group we can insist that the country should face three "challenges" that should be collected in a new constitutional text.

Namely: the democratic challenge with changes in the electoral system to promote the direct participation of citizens; The Territorial Challenge to develop the State in accordance with a federal, plurinational model and in which it is the right to self-determination and, finally, the social challenge shrinking duties such as health, education or housing.

Since the PNV, its spokesman at Congress, Aitor Esteban, has pointed out, given a possible modification of the Constitution: "The Primordial is the recognition of the Basque Nation, bilaterality, a neutral arbitrator and the right to decide"

The President of Citizens, Francadas, has changed the tone by celebrating the "gift" that in his opinion is the Spanish fundamental law and has pointed out, like the PP, against Pedro Sánchez accusing him of being the first president who "allows those who who Attack the Spanish Constitution are members of the Government. "

For its part, the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has claimed the Magna Carta, the figure of the king, the bodies and security forces and the symbols of the State. And after her, the president of Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, has asked to make an effort "in defense of the legacy of the transition". Mañueco has encrypted the current concern of him in "protecting the Spanish Leoneses from Sanchismo policies." Also the president of the Region of Murcia has praised the constitutional text and lamented that from within the Government of Spain itself is "questioned and attack".

The General Secretary of the Parliamentary Group of VOX, Macarena Olona, has also armed against the president of the Government and against the president of the Congress, Meritxell Batet, who, in his opinion, starring an "authentic insult" to the Constitution "run over" with states of alarm "illegal" and "kidnapping" the congress.

Finally, the new president of the Constitutional Court, Pedro González-Trevijano, has also made a praise of the Magna Charter who has affirmed, "he entered modernity and closed the wounds of the civil war." The Constitution of 1978 is "of all and for all Spaniards" and guarantees "generous" the rights of all citizens. "What is missing", he has concluded, "is to develop the constitutional spirit" something that should be "teaching the Magna Carta in schools and in the barracks".

Updated Date: 06 December 2021, 16:24

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