Sanchez raises the tone against Churches and refuses any option of coalition

The (non) utility of CsPSOE and we Can break and lead to new eleccionesEl PSOE affirms that "there is no way to the agreement" after the second negotiation wi

Sanchez raises the tone against Churches and refuses any option of coalition
The (non) utility of CsPSOE and we Can break and lead to new eleccionesEl PSOE affirms that "there is no way to the agreement" after the second negotiation with you Can

Away to give birth to a twist that would allow a reopening of negotiations between the PSOE and we Can for the Constitution of a Government, the plenary that is taking place this Wednesday in the Congress is serving to deteriorate even more the relationship between the chairman-in-office, Pedro Sanchez , and the leader purple, Pablo Iglesias .

[ Continues in direct control of Congress to Sanchez]

In its second parliamentary intervention, the socialist leader has accused its partner of choice "despise" the offer made to him in July, an idea that has come several times to reject the new hand that Churches have tended this morning for a coalition government. A formula that the chief Executive has made it clear that it does not contemplate in any case, nor under any formulation.

"let's Explore the proposal that has made him the PSOE of an intermediate solution where you can cooperate with the PSOE," he urged. "There is not a single formula in which we can understand," he repeated again and again to Churches that were staring at him from his seat with a gesture line.

So, has reminded "after the Second World War, Italy has had 65 governments" to hold that "coalition government is not synonymous with stability in a legislature". "Issues such as coherence, cohesion, that does not have two governments is one that can ensure a legislature stable to allow Spain to undertake all their transfomaciones," he argued.

Sanchez, who has sparked the laughter of the deputies to ensure that the last thing you want is a repeat election , has blamed Churches of the new failure of their negotiating teams. "The question is whether you will go back to reject the formation of a socialist government, and if you are going to bring the country back to elections, the next 10 of November", has warned Churches.

progressive Government

"You don't study, doesn't weigh, doesn't value the middle way that was proposed by the PSOE," he has recriminat. "If you have proposals to make, make them. Is the negotiating table, we are willing to listen to their proposals, but there is not a single way of understanding".

Following this thread has offered Churches the negotiation of a "substantive agreement" based on Budgets that were not approved, and has requested that We allow them with their vote positive "that they have started a progressive government, that is what has been voted the uk".

But has also included a new requirement to all of the opposition to support his endowment in exchange for nothing. "Spain needs a great transformations based on large consensus, and therefore, it is essential that the main parties of the opposition drop the lock ," he claimed.

And is that Sanchez has dealt the blame for the current political situation to all the groups present at the Congress. So, has granted the PSOE share of the responsibility but not all of it, insisting that if there was a repeat election shall be guilty of the 350 deputies.

Churches, in the afternoon,

The appearance of Pedro Sanchez started this morning without Churches, has arrived about ten minutes late, and has taken a seat when the head of the Government spoke from the rostrum of speakers.

Yes, it had arrived in time, in change, the general coordinator of United Left, Alberto Garzón, who tried again to build bridges between the formation of purple, and the socialists asking for the return of the negotiation at the stage of July.

Relied on a twist in the next few hours, and ruled out that there are profound divergences between your training and we Can in terms of negotiating strategy, despite his unease at the tactics of Churches.


On the day of the Diada, the president of the Government, has influenced the social disruption caused by the pro-independence in Catalonia and has desired that "I hope the day comes" this party is a celebration for "all catalans and all the Catalan" and "not a part".

Spain, weather emergency

Sanchez, who has started his intervention by recalling the great forest fires of this summer, has announced that the new Government will declare the state of weather emergency in Spain , following in the footsteps of United Kingdom and pursuant to a request of United we Can. "That commitment is firm," he underlined.

Updated Date: 11 September 2019, 22:32

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