Sasha all member must take ten pounds: I get help

the 27-year-old Sasha all member have made tits, cheekbones, botox and lips, and earlier this month she took to Istanbul for a so-called brazilian butt lift. A

Sasha all member must take ten pounds: I get help

the 27-year-old Sasha all member have made tits, cheekbones, botox and lips, and earlier this month she took to Istanbul for a so-called brazilian butt lift. A project, which, incidentally, had to be postponed because she was too thin.

But it doesn't stop here, she says to Ekstra Bladet.

- I must have made my nose when I have finalised my brazilian butt lift, says Sasha all member specific.

I really has a nice nose, but it is slightly annoying when I'm looking at it. I have a tiny little ski jump, a bump on the nose, and so is the wide at the top and not the bottom. It should be narrower, and the ski jump, to move away, she continues.

For many, it is the nose is a sensitive place, preferably should not have too much contact. But when Sasha all member choose to put themselves under the knife, it happens without fear.

- I'm not nervous. I have many girlfriends that have been made noses. I have seen when it raises up, but I am not at all nervous. So, when I got made tits for the first time, there was blue and black around them, because a vein was blown. But it heals with the time.

however She has a hængeparti that needs to be done before she can focus fully on the snudeskaftet. When she earlier in the month went to Istanbul for a brazilian butt lift, sounded the message that she was too thin to get the inserted implants. She, therefore, had to thank with a liposuction on the stomach and fedtindsprøjtning in the buttocks.

Sasha all member went to Istanbul to get a more full-bodied ass, but had to be content. Photo: Stine Tidsvilde

Realitydeltageren has therefore got the message that she simply must take on in weight.

- It will be in april or may, that I get it done, and I have already started. I need to take ten pounds, so I eat 3000 calories a day. Sy (Lee, ed.) help me, for otherwise I never. I eat already candy in the morning and evening, and I can also easily eat cake or risalamande for breakfast, but we try to provide the little extra, says Sasha all member.

- You strike me also as the type, who find it difficult to take on?

- It is I certainly. I eat already very fat, and I'm a slikhoved, who would rather eat chocolate than oatmeal and rye bread for breakfast, but I must go on in a healthy way.

As she must lie on your stomach in three months after the operation, and because the body must have time to heal, does she expect, first, that there will be time for the nose to the winter next year.

- Fear you not now, that you melt in the summer heat with all that plastic, you get shot in?

Haha, you know what, if I melt, so it is as it is, I do. It is not something to do with it. It grabs on itself, but the nose is immediately the last, I should have made - but one should never say never, she ends with a laugh.

Sasha all member have always been honest about the fact that she loves the fake look.

Why does she also walk on time under the knife in order to give the already fake boobs a boost, and therefore put herself under the knife to get a bigger mås.

Examples of celebrities who have been mutilated face or chest are more, but Sasha all member do not fear that she will end up as another plastic freak.

- I got a message that said, though I feared not, that I came to look like Gustav (Salinas, ed.) or Stephanie Star, but they are not the worst to look like. When I think of them, it has gone wrong for, I am thinking more on her, who would look like Angelina Jolie, but I'll probably stop when the time is, " says Sasha all member, that soon must have given the lips a touch more.

- But just to keep in shape.

According to Sasha all member, there are risks associated with everything in life. And she does her to do homework properly and in this way minimize the risk.

- It means a lot to select a good location. It is cheaper to get the made in Turkey, but you have to check up on the site. I can vouch for Esteworld and Beautytrips, as Rikke Chili is a part of, but there are also many clinics, which have begun to follow me. When you look at their before - and after-images, the f.ex. only one image of a næseoperation. Is it the one time, it has gone well, ask Sasha all member continues.

- When I should have made tits for the first time, I spoke with the surgeons, and read reviews and found a place where I felt safe. It is so important that you feel safe, when we should have done something about his body, but all operations can go wrong.

however, It is too easy to give the surgeon the blame every time. One must also look inward.

I Remembered to wash hands, I went to efterkontroller, I had to. You can't put all responsibility from themselves, for there is of course a risk. But it is also there when you start the car and driving to work, she says.

Date Of Update: 30 November 2019, 01:08

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