Saul's noise: a summer without deals, the thirteen frustrated and a lane (unwanted) to take off again in the athletic

Despite the intense summer noise, Saul ñíguez (Elche, 1994) is still where always. The same where he has been doing it without interruption since he took the

Saul's noise: a summer without deals, the thirteen frustrated and a lane (unwanted) to take off again in the athletic

Despite the intense summer noise, Saul ñíguez (Elche, 1994) is still where always. The same where he has been doing it without interruption since he took the definitive leap to the first team of Atlético, seven years ago (2014). He had only 19.

For months, while Atlético walked towards his eleventh league title, Saul's future, sometimes needed from greater media attention, has been shaking over a tremendous wave. Last January he explained to the world that the mental state of him was not the best. Obviously, the sporting performance of it has not been a couple of seasons either. If he was present in the recent sprint of the conquest of the liguero title it was more for the physical problems of Lemar than by the merits of him.

So, that shrill noise placed him at the Premier, in the Bundesliga and, later, at the Camp Nou. Few would have dared to bet that this afternoon, in the first game of the Wanda with public (not counting the one who played the selection before Portugal) since March 7, 2020, in front of his worshiped Elche, the team of his land and of His heart, he would peek again through the green access tunnel of the Rojiblanco stadium. Of the stadium of him.

"There have never been offers for him at this time. Nor does an open conversation with another club," reveal this newspaper from the Dispatches of the Rojiblanco club. Since it started the preseason, Bayern, Liverpool or Manchester United, apart from Barcelona, were presented as possible suitors of Saul. The clause of 150 million would not have been an impediment. If a firm offer has arrived, Atlético would not have had any inconvenience in negotiating for a lower figure (its market value is 40). Despite the noise emerged from its surroundings, it is one of the pieces most appreciated by the club and, of course, by Simeone. "Atlético loves him and he wants Athletic," recalcan in the Rojiblanca entity.

The only real option for your departure took place a little over a month ago. The economic hardships of Barcelona, who was looking for formulas to retain Messi as outside, put Antoine Griezmann on the market. And as the Frenchman only valued the option to return to Madrid, the Barça club raised as a first choice a barter with Joao Felix. After the refusal of Atlético, Saul's name appeared, whose desires to change from airs came more from the surroundings of him than from his own mouth. The illicitane complied with the requirements for exchange: high salary player (six million net), with a lot of travel (26 years) and first level (338 matches with athletic). The operation was diluted by the magnitude of Griezmann's salary.

At the start of the preseason, Diego Pablo Simeone, tutor and umbrella of Saul, revealed some of the reasons why the footballer, with contract until 2026, would be intended to leave. "The last season spoke with the club and with us of their needs and about the option of occupying a place in the field where it feels more important, I consider that Saul became Saul for playing on all places, but he, or many Of those around him, see him as something negative, "the coach in an interview with diary 'as'. "What enhanced him to be what he was was playing in different places and, when the level of him came down, he was used to say that he had harmed him," he argued in his meeting with the newspaper Brand.

A week ago, Saul knelt on the Balaídos Lawn after attending Correa, in a play that ended a victory. A gesture of rabies and satisfaction equally, while receiving the heat of Koke. He had returned to look. Few was waiting for him at the initial eleven of Simeone (he may not even he) and, much less, as a left laminar, that position he always looks with suspicion.

Versatility served as a trampoline in his day and is a quality that has always valued his coach and who has catapulted other colleagues like, for example, Llorente Marcos, who has only lacked from playing from goalkeeper. The fact is that the Agency of Him, ICM Stellar Sports, the same one that has just been signing the Billionaire transfer of Jack Great Manchester City (118 million euros), has not found a better place for the representative of him.

"It has gone to the market and knows that where it is best in Atlético," they insist from the Madrid club, where they praise the midfielder, fourth team captain: "Saul works and works and is getting better. Compete and train spectacular. Is Very good professional. "

In the Metropolitan living in a relative calm about his future, more for the negative experience of a year ago with Thomas (Arsenal paid his clause on the last day of the market) that by the reality of the player: "He is plugged in and eagerly to demonstrate something. " Today, in front of the Elche de Him, he will try to continue turning off the noise. And he will, again, from the lane. The place he can recover the best Saul.

Date Of Update: 21 August 2021, 20:53

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