Sausage, ensaimadas and Volare, so it was the wedding of Manuel Valls and Susana Gallardo

The two "looks" that shone Isabel Preysler at the wedding Manuel VallsLa wedding, "gypsy" Manuel Valls and Susana Gallardo it Has been one of the links mos

Sausage, ensaimadas and Volare, so it was the wedding of Manuel Valls and Susana Gallardo
The two "looks" that shone Isabel Preysler at the wedding Manuel VallsLa wedding, "gypsy" Manuel Valls and Susana Gallardo

it Has been one of the links most anticipated of the year, among other things by the speed with which the protagonists fell in love and decided to be the "I do" shortly after crossing for the first time, a little over a year. This weekend, with the landscapes menorquinos as a backdrop, the entrepreneur Catalan Susana Gallardo and the former French prime minister and now council member of Barcelona, Manuel Valls , crowned with three days of feast your civil wedding, which, according to the newspaper "La Vanguardia", took place in the strictest privacy on Monday, September 9, in the City of Barcelona. From Friday 13th until Sunday the 150 guests of the brand-new marriage provided by a happy and fruitful life in common. For the politician it is his third wedding -the first marriage has four children - while for the heir of the laboratories Almirall is the second -of his union with Alberto Palatchi , founder of Pronovias, were born three stems-.

The choice of Menorca as a stage to confirm that theirs was much more than a love at first sight was due, mainly, to two reasons: it was precisely there where, in the summer of 2018, began their relationship and, in addition, Gallardo is the owner of a farm of 98 hectares in Binidali , the scene of the feast of the sabbath.

The slogan that the partner assigned to their guests was to wear white, which gave a touch of romantic to the wedding. To tone with the bride's dress, the political also opted for a suit of the same color. One of the details that stood out in the attire of Valls was the use of a hat style Panama , which gave them a dye and casual until summer to your attire.

In terms Gallardo, the dress I chose for such a special occasion was an exclusive design by Ze Garcia. With a model that incorporated a set of pens , "look" left without effect the initial versions of the press, which indicated that the wedding dress design from Pronovias. In keeping with the tone of the summer event, the song with which the couple entered the tent where they were waiting for the guests to greet them was nothing less than the mythical "Volare".

Each table, a sense True to the style of fashion in the weddings of today, the layout and the name of the tables of the ceremony were strategically chosen as a function of places that served as scenes in the history of love between the politician and the entrepreneur. It is so a took the name of Barcelona, another of Menorca and the third, of Paris.

The main table was occupied by the bride and groom, the mother of Valls Luisa Galfetti , and the two parents of Gallardo, Antonio Gallardo and Mary Teresa Torrededía . Also sat there the four children of the politician -a result of his marriage to Nathalie Soulié - the three stems of the Catalan -who had next to the owner of Pronovias, Alberto Palatchi - and other members of your family. As for the rest of the guests, highlighted the presence of Isabel Preysler and Mario Vargas Llosa , Javier Godó and Marisa Falcó -counts of Godó-, Felix and Nati Revuelta , Jaime Carbajal and Xandra Falcó , is José Crehueras and Column Martí , Paco Gaudier and Mercedes Arnús . There were also those who crossed the Pyrenees to witness the ceremony, as several friends that keeps Valls in France, of his time as prime minister galo.

The menu of the Saturday consisted of a gastronomic proposal that combines to perfection the culinary style of the region with traditional dishes of the land of iberia: included cream of tomato and sausage and the cake was a classic ensaimada menorca. Having finished the meal, those present returned to the finca Gallardo to prepare for the evening celebration , which lasted until late in the morning.

Festivities without end

although the heart of the celebrations took place on Saturday the 14th, the couple opted for a celebration that spread throughout the weekend. Friday night began the feast of "preboda" with a dinner at the bodegas Binifadet. The next day, the couple gave the "yes I do" and on Sunday, we held the grand finale of the conference, which consisted of an informal meal of the newlyweds with family and friends, which was attended by only about 80 people.

The lunch menu was a classic Spanish paella which guests sampled in front of the view of the Mediterranean sea at the Yacht Club Binisafua, a site frequented regularly by the partner during the year that they are together. The meal began just after 14.30 hours. During the three days of the celebration, Gallardo dressed always in white , using models of more informal on the Friday and the Sunday.

Date Of Update: 17 September 2019, 10:01

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