'Save me': Bitter earth of reds and fag

Between 2014 and 2018, on dates strategically close to the electoral calls of that exhausting cycle, many politicians gave them to come out in Sálvame. Gabrie

'Save me': Bitter earth of reds and fag

Between 2014 and 2018, on dates strategically close to the electoral calls of that exhausting cycle, many politicians gave them to come out in Sálvame. Gabriel Rufián was planted in a Deluxe Sabbath to discuss with the Father Apeles on the Historical Memory Law, and Ada Colau was in December 2017 so that Jorge Javier did an interview - he remembers because he slid that he had had a brief relationship with another Woman, confession without greater travel-. More famous was still the call made by Pedro Sánchez exactly eight years ago, on September 17, 2014, when Jorge Javier threatened himself with not voting the PSOE again if he then ruled in the town hall of Tordesillas - he still supported Festivities like El Toro de la Vega.

Sánchez, who had come to recently to the General Secretariat of the Party and had little popular support, knew that Sálvame was a good showcase to gain notoriety and approach an uncoatable vote bag, and although the intention was criticized, that call gave him Its fruits: not only allowed him to rehearse his populist inclination, but he gave him headlines and minutes of attention. At that time, going out in Sálvame for a politician was a cunt thing, but the economy of attention was changing and more was worth a rifirarafe with Jorge Javier than a cover in a newspaper.

Logically, the Joya de Mediaset did not seek by then entering the political debate, it was not his war or what the audience wanted. Save me, for so long the frivolous spa of the cathode heart, I was to know who was going there putting horns, to see how such a collaborator sweat blood to pass the arduous proof of the concchita polygraph, to know about the deams of Belén Esteban, the last News in aesthetic retouching of some tronist or stirred between the garbage of Isabel Pantoja. The more mundane it was Sálvame, the better I was in the audience: we wanted to know if Coto Matamoros was to really commit suicide or not, enjoy with the dismissal of deliveries of the failed couple formed by Pipi Estrada and Miriam Sánchez. The policy was a tostón.

But it starts threatening live with that you will never vote for the PSOE and, years later, when the same party reaches power, you become a pedrette of the hard wing. Since the beginning of the pandemic, a turn in Sálvame has been noted, not only in the greatest use that Jorge Javier Vázquez has given him as an ideological platform, but also in some sprigs added by Carlota Slover, which lately has opined Juan Carlos I, Feminism and other topics of the last current. It seems that it was yesterday when the program gave the bell with cantora, the poisoned heritage, a masterpiece of pink journalism.

Seen the success of the butchery that Mounted Kiko Rivera on the subject of his mother's manguis tejenages, Mediaset aspired to repeat success with the Docío Carrasco documentary, and for weeks the audience responded with passion and fidelity: the confessions of a wounded mother They always work. However, something began to grind: The Government took advantage of the Docushow to generate debate in social networks - Sánchez called La Interfete, and it was discovered that Irene Montero, who lived live in the program, was aware of the content since days; It was not a spontaneous call, but a forecast of agreed script -, and in the end, more than a heart, massage for the troubled soul, that seemed indoctrination.

Before that, the policy had already begun to contaminate and tear the playful unit of the program. Upon returning from his confinement, Belén Esteban was marked a diatribe against government policy during the pandemic, bound by Jorge Javier of Ultraderechist, who ended an outraged scrapious from the presenter abandoning the set very teatrally. To compensate, Jorge Javier himself demarcated days later to all the team of Cayetana opinion of his Collaborator Estrella, saying that Sálvame was a program of "Red and Maricones", argument that could not be sustained because, in short, there Kiko Matamoros and Rafa Mora collaborate. The last was the Acongojada intervention of the presenter, assuring that it was scared in central Madrid, where he does not reside, because a homophobic aggression in Malasaña was denounced.

Sálvame's audience began to go down in summer and this week is on the soil: it has a maximum peak of 1.5 million viewers at the beginning, before people go to a bitter earth, the Turkish telenovela of Antena 3 who, With its extemporaneous passions - cellers, infidelities, betrayals, greed - has convinced the generous niche of housewives. Another telecinco maneuver has been cut out saving me in his last hour to fit the high voltage contest, but the audience continues to prefer passapalabra on the chain that J.J. Tildored sad, and that revenge is served on cold plate. For more Inri, Kiko Hernández says that she does not return to the program. What will come after can be anticipated in a German film of 2004 that is called Untergang (Sinking).

Date Of Update: 22 September 2021, 05:14

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