Schizophrenia, Sometimes, diseases do not cure

The tragic event that has starred at NOELIA DE MINGO requires again showing that mental health problems require a sensitivity that moves from them the social st

Schizophrenia, Sometimes, diseases do not cure

The tragic event that has starred at NOELIA DE MINGO requires again showing that mental health problems require a sensitivity that moves from them the social stigma they provoke. "It is a tremendous misfortune, for the image of psychiatry and mental illness, we are facing an exceptional event, it is not normal," Matiza Jerónimo Saiz, Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Alcalá de Henares Madrid and Patron of the Foundation Spanish of psychiatry and mental health.

Saiz recalls that schizophrenia is a mental illness that has a prevalence in our country of 1% and that "can be cured and controlled", and stresses that "we are not facing a fact that is often given in this type of pathologies" . The psychiatrist recalls that Noelia de MiGo is a doctor, she already fulfilled her conviction and that she rehabilitated, "but sometimes there are diseases that do not cure."

In the case of schizophrenia, as the Spanish Society of Psychiatry (SEP) collects, it is a mental ailment that lasts a lifetime. "With treatment, all disease can be controlled. The one who has spent this obeys a timely fact, we still do not know the trigger," recalls Sáiz. The goal of treatment is to help the person lead a life as normal as possible.

Medications provide control of many of the symptoms. And for that reason it is possible that different medications should be tested to see which works best.

They must remain in treatment during the time your doctor recommends it.

Additional treatments, so-called non-pharmacological, can help in the day-to-day time to deal with the disease. These include therapy, family education, rehabilitation and professional training.

At first, the treatment focuses mainly on eliminating symptoms. To obtain the best result, the whole world involved, including the affected person, the family, the psychiatric team, the teachers and the social services, need to work together from the beginning. "In the case that occupies us, I know that it has been well attended and the resources have been adequate," emphasizes the psychiatrist.

They usually start between 16 and 30 years. Men often develop symptoms at an earlier age than women. It is usually not developed after 45 years. There are three types of symptoms:

People who suffer from schizophrenia "Many times are not aware that they suffer from the disease, it costs that they collaborate in the treatments. But, she worked a lot in her favor, like her family. It's just happened and you'll have to see why", count SAIZ As she collects the Sep, sometimes a small group of people are capable then to abandon the medication without the disease worse. Most, however, need maintenance medication indefinitely to prevent relapse.

Before being able to issue a trial even clinical "you have to know in what circumstances it was, if it followed or not the treatment and at what time it was of your illness." Saiz insists that "the extraordinary thing that this fact seems to us as society does not seem to us from another type of criminal events, such as cases of gender violence or other types of dramatic circumstances in which there is violence and blood. Therefore, there is to know how to put the focus and not relate mental illness and violence simplisticly ".

Some researchers believe that schizophrenia constitutes an isolated disorder, others are in favor of a syndrome (a set of symptoms) based on numerous underlying diseases.

Subtypes of schizophrenia have been proposed in an effort to classify patients within more uniform groups.

However, in the same patient, the subtype may vary over time. For this reason, the subdivision in Schizophrenia Paranoid, Hebeworking, catatonic or undifferentiated has been discarded in the international classifications of psychiatric diseases.

That is why he recalls that, in mental illness, "as in other pathologies we can run into unpredictable and absurd facts, such as this tragic event".

Updated Date: 21 September 2021, 16:12

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