Scholz completes a future Government focused on the pandemic and almost parking

The new German Government coalition, under the leadership of Social Democrat Olaf Scholz, will be a somewhat younger team than the last of the outgoing chancell

Scholz completes a future Government focused on the pandemic and almost parking

The new German Government coalition, under the leadership of Social Democrat Olaf Scholz, will be a somewhat younger team than the last of the outgoing chancellor Angela Merkel, concentrated on the fight against the pandemic and almost parking, at least in the distribution of ministries.

The Covenant Covenant has the approval of the parties involved. The Greens communicated this Monday the result of its consultation on the bases, which gave yes by 86% of the votes; On Saturday, the Congress of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) supported it with 98.8%, while on Sunday the Liberal Party (FDP) did it by 92%.

The Government Pact was so ready to be signed tomorrow. It will follow the investiture of Scholz on Wednesday in Parliament (Bundestag), where the tripartite sum 416 of the 736 deputies. The "Angela Merkel era" will be closed, after the age of 16 in the power of a woman, flooded in the east, which in 2005 made history with the arrival of her to the chancellery.

The next government will not fulfill the declared objective of Scholz to achieve a parking lot of their portfolios. They will have heavy on it the pandemic, on the one hand, and the fact that one of the three partners, the liberals, did not share that goal.

Scholz did not give the list of the seven ministers until today, two of which were given for insurance -Hubertus heil, work holder under Merkel, who will continue in office, and Wolfgang Schmidt, Scholz's trusted person as Minister of LA Chancellery.

To achieve the goal of parity should have designated the SPD to five women for the remaining ministries and leave outside the expert in epidemiology Karl Lauterbach. He is a reference figure in the pandemic, defender of maximum caution, of the mandatory vaccination and preferential object of the hostilities of the antivacunas.

Scholz wered the priority of the fight against the pandemic and opted for Lauterbach for healing. "We have opted for our seven ministries by four women and three men," said Scholz, as he announced the list of his headlines. The greens will have three women and two men, while the FDP only a minister, for three ministers.

The SPD ministers will be Christina Lambrecht, until now Minister of Justice, which will go to Defense; In the interior, Nancy Faeser will be and at the forefront of the new Ministry of the Housing, Klara Geywitz, Vice President of SPD will be placed. The last portfolio of its competence, development help, will be for Svenja Schulze, so far in the environment.

With the appointment of Lauterbach, Scholz reaffirmed the priority of the fight against the pandemic. Last week he put general senior Carsten Breuer at the head of the Crisis Crisis team that will integrate representatives from the Government of Him, of the "Länder" and experts.

The fight against the pandemic is "the first", coincided Co-President of Los Verdes, Annalena Baerbock, designated Minister of Foreign Affairs and, 40 years old, the youngest member of the next government, along with his Correlictionary Anne Spiegel, of The same age and future holder of the Ministry of Family, Woman and Youth.

The average age will be at 50.2 years, one below that corresponding to the Great Coalition of Merkel by assuming its tasks, in 2017.

Baerbock wants to mark his own line outdoors, a department that for decades moves through the same pattern -Europeudism, fidelity to the Franco-German axis and the transatlantic. No ruptures are foreseen, but more critical positions regarding China or Russia.

His partner at the Green Co-Presidency, Robert Habeck, will mark his own guidelines at the head of the superministerial of economics and climate. He will be the new vicecanciller, the position he occupied Scholz with Merkel.

Agriculture will be for CEM Özdemir, who in 1994 marked a milestone by becoming the first deputy of Turkish origin in the Bundestag. Close the list of Green Ministers Steffi Lemke, in Environment.

The third member of the Alliance is the FDP - obtained 11.5% in the generals, compared to 14.8% of the Greens and 25.7% of the SPD. But it has a key portfolio, finance, which assumes its leader, Christian Lindner, debt brake defender.

The Liberals will also correspond to transport and digitization, which will occupy the Secretary General, Volker Wissing, while in justice, Marco Buschmann will be. They reserve a ministry to a woman, Bettina Stark-Watzinger, for Education.

Updated Date: 07 December 2021, 06:23

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