Secret Story 2, Live | Adrián the first bran of the night

The first bran of the night is Adrián. Split jumps for joy. Now it is the final shift for Brenda and Nissy, the two discipinarily nominated contestants.

Secret Story 2, Live |
 Adrián the first bran of the night

The first bran of the night is Adrián. Split jumps for joy. Now it is the final shift for Brenda and Nissy, the two discipinarily nominated contestants.

The test has been surpassed by thanks to the help of Isa Pantoja.

A few hours ago Nissy left nominated as the most theater contestant of the house.

They will never agree. Brenda feels misunderstood: '' If talking with your classmates is to continue getting shit ... ''

Sobine: '' Going who leaves the house is not going to be the same. ''

The nominations are going to be complicated because they will have to highlight the friendship between couples who go to form tonight.

56.4% and 43.6% Nissy has recognized that it has been ashamed to see those images. Brenda is sunk with a very sad face.

The images of the confrontation that took them to the disciplinary nomination are shown, and that they have edited, as Carlos Sobera is remembering.

Brenda feels very hurt by Nissy's comments I can not with her !! I can also go! She goes to the cube and there she cries: '' I can not anymore !!! While Nissy is still depriving on her companions. They are so false, that I am the protagonist of the test and they have put me from chacha ... !!!

Can it be so Chabacana and be so off-center?

Very, that very complicated. Nissy believes that she is alone and Álvaro is like Sancho Panza next to the one who suffers, although at another time she has been against him and her.

Carlos, Marta, Virgnia, Laila, Capper and Carmen are thrown into his arms. Álvaro stays in the background. Carlos says that the reaction of a lush has been aestical, and has surprised him how loving it has been laila.

First time in the expulsion salt for Adrián, Brenda and Nissy. One of the nominees returns to the house ... and it is ... Adrián

Nissy and Brenda go with Brilli Brilli. Very elegant adrián.

Maybe one of them contains the 50 thousand eurazos!

Sobeña explains how Iand's secrets find. They offer a panel with twelve news about the daughter of Isabel Pantoja, only three are true.

It shouts soverew. And special congratulations to Laia. Álvaro has taught us your entire body !!!

It emphasizes the scriptwriters Rafa and Carlos. Nissy has put my head like a hype.

Threat to Rafa: '' If I leave tomorrow I drag you with me. '' Nissy: '' I can do everything alone. Direction, production and protagonist. ''

Carlos Sobera calls Rafa and Carlos and tells them to be attentive to what Isa is going to say. He tells them that she will help them to do the test and that she has brought a valuable present. A porridge falls at you !!! And they run out.

And starts to distribute pieces. Contestants abandon the scenario. And the winner at the best pie is ...! Cushion.

Nissy the test prota

"Being the protagonist touches me the Brilli, Brilli. Laila ponme pija bossy ... '' She gets angry: '' I only have two sentences ... I'm not finished, I'm the protagonist! ''

Sobera invites Isa to sit on the pink armchair of the house. Someone tickles. Today, many things are going to happen at home for what I see!

Gavilán payasim also enters.

More than 800,000 votes.

The percentages are: 50.7%, 34.7% and 14.6%

Remember the dinner with Adrián and asks to help your partner to stay. And he confesses how difficult it is to live being handsome!

He has recognized that when he does not wear underpants: '' I'm shot from the churra and I caressed the eggs '' It's your technique for not pa

Vaquerizo seconds his words: '' How difficult it is to live being handsome. It happens to me too!

Kenny while still sleeping on the set. Sobeña does not stop calling attention, yes with a smile.

Brenda very excited thanks her companions the affection you have given him during this time and strength so as not to face this challenge.

Adrián cries and recognizes that "I would like it to happen, outside we are together. ''

'' I respect him a lot and I do not want to be in his place ... ''

''I'm very happy to be here. I have some to tell the spectators. Sobine jokes on her family.

Presented by Carlos Sobera. The Tertulians of the Night are Nagore, Lidia Lozano, Mario Vaquerizo ... Nagore believes that Nissy is not Teatrera It's like this!

Nissy takes these days being the protagonist of the clashes with the whole house. She does not stop saying in the cube that she is the chosen of God.

Other Sunday surprises was the exit of Nessy by own will. Situation that angry tan toño. He could not continue without knowing anything about his mother, who for him is fundamental, although there was also that she was one of the furniture of the house and that's why I did not want him to expel him.

Today's gala will leave a new expelled, the room. Nissy, who after the disciplinary nomination is also alone, and Laila too, and Brenda following him on the tightrope for the discussion of it with Nissy. Adrián who seemed to be one of the contestants who would arrive in the final has left a lot of indifferent to the audience ... although until the end we can not know

While in the house, it begins to talk about the relationship between Carmen and Rafa, although the colleagues believe that Carmen feels something for Rafa, a statement that denies: "I swear I do not like it.

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