Secret Story 2, the House of Secrets, Live | Sobera is going to Guadalix and announced that the first expelled will be known on Thursday

A week after the start of 'Secret Story 2: The House of Secrets' we meet the contestants and their alliances to try to win the program. The Gala today has b

Secret Story 2, the House of Secrets, Live |
 Sobera is going to Guadalix and announced that the first expelled will be known on Thursday

A week after the start of 'Secret Story 2: The House of Secrets' we meet the contestants and their alliances to try to win the program. The Gala today has begun after the Copa del Rey match between the Athletic Club of Bilbao and F. C. Barcelona. Half an hour later than expected because the match has gone to extended.

Carlos Sobera has come to the house with a mysterious escondence hidden behind the Panda Bear mask. She was Lydia Torrent, a companion of the Bilbaian presenter in 'First Dates'.

Carlos has probed Lydia's opinion about the nominees this week.

Before concluding the gala, the presenter has given inaugurated the pushbutton of the secrets.

Next Thursday we will know the name of the first expelled. Meanwhile, Toñi Moreno will bring us again to the house of Guadalix this Sunday.

During the night of the secrets it is going to save the contestant less voted and on Thursday we will live the first expulsion. Bye!

Carlos says goodbye and announces that the first expulsion will occur next Thursday.

'' I get along with everyone, but I have not felt the connection with the companions. I hope that I will not go out. I feel strong. It's hard for me to open me, but it's my personality. ''

"Every half an hour we changed his mind, and you invite you to a movie ... things happen continuously. '' Carlos wants to know that in his opinion who should be expelled. '' She thinks Héctor ... ''

Alatzne tells him he likes Carmen, but he denies it.

He also recognizes that he lied in the curriculum, but he does not care and says that he has been working very soon.

'' In the cube I am not natural, talking with a wall I can not! ''

Lydia believes that Rafa and Carmen can join. Carlos replicates that the crackles unite and put a video again in which they talk about their colleagues and becomes Rafa the 'Radioactive' and Alatzne believes that Adrián is all facade.

Carlos Sobera talks to her although there are still sound problems. '' Your surprise was they nominated you just arrived. What have you felt? '' She answers: 'I have come back, I have had my days.' '

Carmen believes that the audience did not understand her well. '' I'm not as arrogant as they believe ... ''

Carmen: '' I ask for forgiveness to my family for the confrontation with Nissy. But, on the other hand I have the support of Rafa, Álvaro and Alatzne. ''

I think they have tagged me and I have been running myself. '' Carlos reminds him that he does not know what is going to happen, and that, he could even save him.

She thanks the presenter.

The moment of the percentages arrives. More than 120,000 votes of the audience in 24 hours.

Rafa believes that she will go Hector, at least that tells Carmen to encourage him.

Rafa recognizes that all participants have a strategy at home. Hector believes that Rafa has been manipulating Carmen and Álvaro.

Kenny talks to Alatzne and she recognizes that she does not feel weak.

Carlos Sovera wants to know how Álvaro is, but they have slowed to hear for a sound problem.

'' The nomination was assumed. The program took it as a gift. I do not hide in my life either here. '' Carlos recalls the difficult relationship of him with Hector. "If he had achieved the 6 points of the Guacamaya, he had given them to him. I do not like the moral superiority that Hector shows. ''

Hector enters. Sobera reminds them of brutal disagreement, but then they have reconciled themselves. The presenter wants to know the moment in which they are now. Hector gives him the opinion of him: '' Álvaro came talking about the prize, and I think he has understood how beautiful the relationships there is in this experience. ''

Hector stays alone to talk to Carlos Sobera. It is an intimate moment and Carlos you want to know how it has felt during these days that some colleagues have given negative opinions about it. "There are no type of control at home ... '' Virginia has said about him that it is a 'sheets'. For him the difference of age is a differentiating factor and he believes that we have to try to maintain control over the schedule.

Finally, he thinks about this relationship between them. The sweetness of her about the opinion of the contestants seems to make everything look like a haven of peace.

The video shows the good crumbs that the two contestants have done ... very accompliced laughter inside the duvet.

Lydia believes that his can reach a good port. You see the pictures of the silly and then on stage both recognize that they feel an attraction for each other and that has been something unexpected.

Elena recognizes that she gives her a little fear.

Alatzne shows his feeling about Adrián, unlike other women in the house does not feel dazzled by his 'charm'.

Adrián believes that it is the generational gap and, in addition, he wants to mark distances with a heart because he does not want to start a relationship in the program.

The moment of truth comes. All contestants comment on the first impression on their peers. The true personality of Nissy is shown: Renus, she is not able to forgive.

On the other hand, the relationship between Álvaro and Héctor is not as cordial either.

It is not another that Lydia Torrent, Commaper of Carlos Sobera in 'First Dates'. She joins the team of program presenters. Carlos believes that her point of view can be very interesting as a great knowledgeable of love.

After the victory of the Atlethic Club de Bilbao Sobera appears in the house of the secrets of Guadalix. She walks through the room, see details of the house and A announces that after advertising will be discovered the person behind the mask of the Panda Bear, which reminds us is a well-known person.

The Barça and the Bilbao play the pass at the Copa del Rey quarter. And after the addition of four minutes in the second part, the tie has occurred and the players have had to go to the extension.

For this circumstance, the program is delayed half an hour, as long as we do not go to the penalties, but Carlos is already prepared at the house of Guadalix.

After knowing what was nominated this week, it seems that Alatzne has not embedded it very well and has decided to speak with Rafa.

If the Atlethic of Bilbao and the F.C. Barcelona do not tie at the end of the Octave Party of the King Cup at 23:30 Carlos Sobera will appear at the house of Guadalix where it will surprise the contestants and where the first expelled of this second edition of Reality will be decided. On this occasion with anonymous characters.

Date Of Update: 21 January 2022, 01:53

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