Sergio Ramírez: Return to Nicaragua would be a jail and therefore death

"I'm being persecuted because I wrote a novel. I feel overwhelmed by the samples of solidarity," said this morning the Nicaraguan writer Sergio Ramírez at th

Sergio Ramírez: Return to Nicaragua would be a jail and therefore death

"I'm being persecuted because I wrote a novel. I feel overwhelmed by the samples of solidarity," said this morning the Nicaraguan writer Sergio Ramírez at the headquarters of the Cervantes Institute of Madrid. The 2017 Cervantes Award can not return to your country by an arrest warrant issued last Friday by the Government of Daniel Ortega. Ramírez was vice president of the cabinet emerged after the overthrow of the Anastasio Somoza dictator in 1984 and remained in charge until 1990. Since then he has dedicated himself to writing.

Sergio Ramírez said that returning to his country "would mean the prison and, therefore, death. I, at my age, I can not be imprisoned without a doctor's lives." The writer recalled that "Somoza did not dare to get into my jail. I was 30 years old. It's a small difference." And to Rwern followed he added that "there are prisoners who spend 24 hours a day with the lights on, others in insulation centers. They are conditions that I will not go to look for".

On what country could I live in a future, he said that he has not yet been decided yet. "I have many friends, I lived 14 years in Costa Rica so that I feel very good there." He does not rule out "Spain or Mexico" either. For now he will remain until October 30, several acts with the Instituto Cervantes, whose director, Luis García Montero, was all the morning, cropping him.

"The hardest thing is not being able to return to your country, I have not participated in politics and have accused me of all possible crimes," added Sergio Ramírez (Masatepe, Nicaragua, 1942), specifically to "money laundering, assets and assets. ; I detract from national integrity, and provocation, proposition and conspiracy. " "I have been put eight criminal charges, what can I expect? Go to the airport to the Chipote Detention Center, which is a fearsome place."

Returning to Nicaragua would mean jail, he added the author of books as Margarita, is Linda the sea. He fears that this could be the death of him due to lack of medical care: "They are very ruthless."

The current situation of Sergio Ramírez has arisen after the publication of his novel Tongole did not know how to dance (Alphagua), newly published but prohibited in Nicaragua as he denounces the repression with which the Government of Daniel Ortega responded to the demonstrations of April 2018. The result was saved, according to Sergio Ramírez referred to a Human Rights Commission, with the death of 427 people. "I'm being persecuted because I wrote a novel that naked atroples, violations and murders of dozens of young people in 2018 and that is the real reason," said the writer.

Sergio Ramírez participated in a tribute to his compatriot Rubén Darío, of whom he introduced in the Box of Letters Number 722 of the Cervantes Institute a copy of songs of life and hope (1905). In the same hole there was also space for a little land of the manor house of the poet in León. There, climbed to the branch of a tree, Ramírez recalled, the boy who Ruben began to read the Quixote.

At the event, the Cuban writer Leonardo Padura also participated, who introduced a folio center of what could be the original of a book of his. Next to them he deposited a copy of the novel of my life, one of the most beloved works of him. Padura said about the 'Case Ramírez: "I never sign collective letters but on Friday I wrote [A Sergio Ramírez] that if there was a letter of support he would sign it and I signed."

The Minister of Culture and Sports, Miquel Iceta, has today condemned "the accusations of the Nicaraguan Prosecutor against the writer Sergio Ramírez, and has warned this country that" the way to see freedoms and free expression and opinion of Its creators is very bad way. "

In its declarations for Zero Onda, the Minister has affirmed that Sergio Ramírez, who finds these days in Spain and for which an arrest warrant has been held and has decreed the raid of their properties, "all rights deserves, all Freedoms and the first freedom of expression and the freedom to return to their country. "

Asked about whether he believes that Nicaragua is a democracy, ICETA has been limited to responding that "we are fortunate to be among the twenty best democracies in the world, we have from behind about 180-200 countries that do not reach our standard, and Nicaragua is one of them".

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Spanish, José Manuel Albare, told Sergio Ramírez: "This is your country and your house because you are Spanish." And he added: "This is the country of freedom and democracy" and said that Ramírez is "a literary reference and also moral and intellectual".

Ramírez, writer, novelist, academic and also exvicresident of Nicaragua during the first Sandinista government between 1979 and 1990, is now one of the most critical voices against President Nicaraguan, Daniel Ortega, a fact that has led to the prosecution Country has accused him of performing acts that encourage and encourage hate and violence.

Date Of Update: 21 September 2021, 09:21