Sergio Scariolo, the Italian who fell in love with Spain

Ricky Rubio, an MVP in the divánEspaña and the gold of all the tiemposAsí will be the return to Spain of the champions basketball is a sport of players that do

Sergio Scariolo, the Italian who fell in love with Spain
Ricky Rubio, an MVP in the divánEspaña and the gold of all the tiemposAsí will be the return to Spain of the champions

basketball is a sport of players that does not always win the best. The incidence of the coach is higher, as you have in your hand many of the decisions that can change the tide of a match. A championship also. Know Scariolo, excited to face the challenge that was supposed to lead a group so new and without a lot of experience in this World. Mix of veterans and talented young people that had that model. He was very passionate about both the experiment in their few free hours in Toronto is dedicated to design of new systems . Defenses with which to tie the hands of the stars of the teams that I knew it was going to find in China . "It's been fun," acknowledged these days the Italian, who has given to Spain seven medals in eight tournaments. Only in the 2010 World cup , the fateful triple of Teodosic in the quarterfinals, was left without a place on the podium with the selection. The team of your life. The country that occupies his heart, even above that of Italy .

A young Sergio Scariolo visited for the first time Malaga 1986. Passionate for a sport that had been the center of his life since always, the Italian moved to Spain to follow their selection, the Italian then, in the Mundobasket . A trip that would be prescient, because that area of Spain in which so well what happened in those days was to become years later in his home.

the Son of a coach, his father Césare instilled in him the love for the basket to be a child and never was able to get away from it. Mediocre player, not slow to move to the bench to continue linked to the basket. Giving giant steps until you reach the Lega and hence, the Baskonia. His kicker at the CPF , where he also coached the Real Madrid and Unicaja . He spent five years in Malaga , the best in the history of the club-green, who took the title of League in 2006 . At this time fell in love with White Ares , his wife (exjugadora -how could we not!- and champion of Europe and Spain ), which is one of its key supports. Since they were born, their children, Charlotte and Alessandro , have followed by world. Of Marbella -where they have their operations centre - to Moscow, Milan or Toronto. United family to which the passage of time has gone apart. At least physically. Because his son has since headed to New York to play basketball at Manhattan College in the NCAA after being proclaimed European champion u-18 with the Spanish selection. Yours are the only parties that Scariolo lives with a point of excitement, because when you're in a dugout feelings have no place. There is a robot that analyzes and decides in seconds. "I can't afford to have a hard time. It is one decision after another. For me it is the most fun," he says. In that sense, the World of China has been an exciting journey for him, because he has been able to put into practice your slate a few times before. In fact, its beginnings in the Spanish selection were very different.

Scariolo he came to the national team in 2009, just a few months before the European of Poland. Was that a very fact, without any absence, in which the "Junior Gold" already formed the hard core of the locker room. The landing of the Italian technician, with a wide range of systems and tactics, they overwhelmed a much to the players, asked for more freedom. It is not refusing to accept your method, but I searched for a meeting point intermediate to go taking things without rushing. Intelligent, the Italian understood soon that this was a special wardrobe for them and gave them the freedom that they demanded, which resulted in a gold, the first in history for Spain in a European.

there Was born a love affair that has lasted in time. Any of those players, such as Marc Gasol or Ricky Rubio , now recognize the worth of the coach as a key piece in the history of Spanish basketball. "We have a coach very well when we have to give him credit. It makes us improve. Brings out the best in each player. She has done very well with us during all these years", explains Marc.

Scariolo won the hearts of the heavyweights of Spain in 2009 and extended that relationship to the London Games. Then announced his departure. I needed a break to spend more time with the family. To see their children grow up. An impas that lasted until 2015, when after the disaster of the 2014 World cup , the federation turned to call to his door. She stretched out then your legend with the gold of that unforgettable European France and with the olympic bronze medallist in Rio. Also with a creditable bronze medal in the Eurobasket 2017, although it has been this World your masterpiece.

NBA Champion

he Was in the air his presence in China , because the last summer of his life suffered an earthquake. The offer of the Raptors to be one of his assistants complicated his involvement with Spain in the windows classification. Not wanted to miss the train of the NBA and I didn't want to get out of the selection. They were hard days, of long conversations with the president Jorge Garbajosa and the leaders of the franchise. At the end, between all of us, they came to the agreement that would allow the Italian to reconcile both positions .

the Decision that has been revealed as the key to the future of the national team and yesterday he was grateful for. During the windows, Scariolo has accumulated a knowledge other than the Spanish basketball, and was able to work many of the systems that has been launched in this World Cup of eternal memory. "For the guys of the windows also will this gold. I pledge that all have their medal, although I don't know if I'm venturing a lot," bromeba happy. In the NBA he also learned things that have been implemented in the selection. Winning formula that has led Spain to the gold. Without barely any time to rest return you now to your routine in Toronto. To be with his wife and his daughter, who has barely seen in the last five months. Always near the basket and facing, the country that adopted him when he was young, and already you can't take your heart.

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