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The fifth season of 'sewing teachers' begins. Repeat the presenter: Raquel Sánchez Silva and the Judges: Palomo Spain, María Escoté and Lorenzo Caprile.

Sewing Masters 5, First Program, Live |
 Many news

The fifth season of 'sewing teachers' begins. Repeat the presenter: Raquel Sánchez Silva and the Judges: Palomo Spain, María Escoté and Lorenzo Caprile.

In addition today we will meet six of the ancient participants of previous editions, among others, Eduardo Navarrete who also participated in MasterChef Celebrity.

Will they be the most experienced contestants who repent before the novices? Or the level of new ones will leave KO to the ancient participants?

They are probably the judges who give us great fashion lessons, with their style and with their creations, as well as their lessons in which they rediscover some of the great modest of the past.

There is less left to discover it

It was the creator of Queen Fabiola's wedding dress. Caprile talks to one of her models: Lolita Lopporta that she remembers that she was given her every year she gave them one of her designs .... But she does not preserve them! We have launched ... just like Lorenzo.

It arrives at the Balenciaga Museum, in Guetaria. Wonder of designs! He has already spent 50 years since he left us recall Rachel.

The apprentices hallucinate. Lorenzo reminds them that it has been very difficult to get them to there.

Caprile: '' The gray was one of its characteristic colors, as well as the volumes and silhouette. There is always a very abstract interior structure. ''

Anthony, the contestant of French origin gets the third place, the second is for Jesus who has done an almost perfect job: '' that Caprile be careful ... '', Isabel gets the first place, has chosen the most complicated garment: ''I did not expect.''

The last place is for Laura '' You have to assume the mistakes, I was not on the mannequin, "says María Escoté.

Caprile takes his hands and gives him a first tip: '' You have to learn to master the nerves. You can not be your worst enemy. ''

Margarita has also done it well, it gives strength and Pablo also manages to do well. In the designs of it makes a recycling of clothing, buy in the markets and then transforms the original garments.

Borja: '' I have encouraged myself with a pleated skirt. '' María Escoté tells him that he has become phenomenal, Caprile, who does not give stitch without thread, tells him that he has improved it a lot. ''

Isabel, ancient Dutch contestant has also done it very well.

Laura also fails and María has scolded him. '' You have to go to the safe ''

Lili takes the low bottom inside, despite having lost a nail.

Jesus, Professor of Castilian Language and Literature '' I love Flamenco Fashion. '' He takes the bass to a miniskirt and the judges tell him that '' is perfect '' although he does not believe it.

Navarrete has made a bass perfect short pants, according to the judges '' I'm afraid to start well ... ''

Lili does it badly and Caprile is not cut: '' It's fatal '' and Palomo The first thing that says is: '' You have to put on the batteries ''

The first crying of the average hour, caterina, the most experienced of the new contestants can not finish the bass of your garment. Rachel tells him that nothing happens and pigeon reminds him that they have just begun and that she is a long time to show everything she knows.

Presents itself. He is from Albacete and has created his own signature.

The most veteran designer of the judges tells them that edition after edition there have been very basic mistakes: '' That's not going to happen again. ''

The first thing that or we are going to ask is to take a bass of the garments that are in the donkey.

'' It's very easy "'is heard at the bottom but Lili points'' depends on the fabric and pattern. ''

They have to go pick up threads with the color closest to the garment they have chosen.

The winner will take the golden mannequin and the 50,000 euros of the briefcase.

The second will receive a course to obtain the Vogue diploma of styling and fashion production

The third will receive a pattern course.

'' In Spain we are very creative and Spanish fashion is at a great time. ''

The contestants witness in front of the creations of some of the best Spanish designers of the moment.

Domminic, last winner of WHO's on Next. Luca de Tena, Marcos Luengo, Maison Mesa merges new technologies with traditional fashion craftsmanship. Manémané, García Madrid Men's fashion designer believes that you have to bet on constant and careful work. The 2nd Skin, Alma Aguilar thinks that you have to travel to the past to get to the future and the designers of Malne, the duo formed by Paloma Álvarez and Juanjo Mason who create their designs to dress the woman of the 21st century, which sometimes is not a woman...

The ancient contestants of previous editions.

The Contestant with Best Curriculum is a Caterina who has already participated in two fashion competitions: it was a finalist at the Mallorca Design Day and in Dual Look AdLib of 2021.

Raquel Sánchez Silva wears a dress with a red skirt and a pink top of Marcos Luengo.

Pablo, MJ carrying the nails very long, Jesus, Lili, Caterina and Anthony.

Borja, contestant of the third edition, Eduardo Navarrete finalist When the program began, Isabel who was in the second edition, Laura and Lluis participated in the fourth, the latter stayed at the doors of the final, and Margarita, at 53 years He demonstrated his competitive spirit in the third edition.

Ancor proclaimed the winner of the fourth edition of sewing teachers, but he is not one of the six contestants who repeat.

Date Of Update: 22 February 2022, 17:25

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