Shiloh Jolie Pitt: A girl like another to whom we did trans

We are living times of recoil, in which stereotypes and labels that seemed overcome. In which the way of acting, dressing, etc. It seems to invite to qualif

Shiloh Jolie Pitt: A girl like another to whom we did trans

We are living times of recoil, in which stereotypes and labels that seemed overcome. In which the way of acting, dressing, etc. It seems to invite to qualify people beyond what they really are. In which unnecessary and absurd labels multiply to infinity.

In the 80s, for example, each one, mainly our favorite artists, wore the garments he wanted, brought hair more or less long and used makeup or not according to his preference, regardless of his sex. None of these artifices changed the material material of these people. It seemed then, that at last, the rancid stereotypes of gender began to collapse.

Gender is behavior. Rules, stereotypes, roles, which are imposed on us based on our sex. It is what is expected of us, not what we are. The tool with which we are oppressed to women and the root of all the injustices and violence we suffer from. It is not something innate and immovable, it is not in our genes or brain and of course, it is not an "identity".

Since feminism we have always attacked by the abolition of gender. To let go and develop the personalities of girls and children without impositions. Without being born female, you wait for a girl tranquility, obedience, beauty, dolls and kitchens, long hair, pink colors and steamy dresses.

They are dark times for childhood. In which if a girl prefers to wear short hair, tracksuit, play soccer, get on the trees and get dirty; She runs the risk of being qualified as "TRANSM" and be conducted by a path of life dependence on drugs and surgeries that will cause mella in her healthy body.

Certainly there are minors who reject their sex and suffer from the so-called gender disorder or incongruity. Disorder that generates a profound discomfort and needs approach by a qualified professional who delves into its causes and proposes solutions aimed at that girl or child feel comfortable in her own body.

Unfortunately, it's not what is being done. It is pushing minors to "transition" by discarding less invasive alternatives. Upper disorders of autistic spectrum, depression, eating disorders, bullying, violence, sexual abuse. O The influence of social networks. Situations that could generate rejection of the body itself and should be prioritized.

Many professionals are being cornered to accept as one via the "transition" so risk of being crossed to apply conversion therapies otherwise.

Authorized voices in children's disorder, such as Dr. Kenneth Zucker, an expert in Child Disphoria, or the Transsexuality Unit of Malaga, have agreed to affirm that about 85% of children spontaneously discharged from identifying with the opposite sex after the puberty.

It could be the case of Shiloh, the daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: As a child, it was more identified with the opposite genre and now adolescent identifies more with the female gender. As we have said: The appearance of her is something artificial, so she would still be a woman even when she continued wearing suit and tie.

Beyond Elucubrations of what happens in this girl's life, we know for the few statements of her parents about it that she liked to dress as her boys and who will call him John, as his favorite story character. That for them this was a more characteristic of her daughter, whom she liked ties like other girls the layers of superheroes. At no time were she claimed that she was a "trans child", although some pretended to take her as a reference of her in that sense.

So we can deduce from the times when it was publicly presented, there was no family conflict in which the girl expressed her personality freely and take the haircut or clothes with which she was more comfortable, that at that time they coincided With what has been associated with the "masculine". And as seen in the last appearances of it, with fifteen years of age, she seems to feel more comfortable carrying another type of clothes, such as dresses, earrings or longer hair; Appearance associated with the "female".

And that's it: A person with tastes that change in time. A girl who the parents of her respected her preferences in something as superfluous as the physical appearance of her. Without this label it or conclude that the body of it was wrong and had to adapt it to the way of dressing it.

Elizabet Tarrío is a medical of the Canarian emergency service and responsible for the health and childhood group of the Alliance against Erasing of Women.

Updated Date: 08 November 2021, 16:32

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