Shortages of food and medicines in Gibraltar: the secret documents of the Brexit come to light

Why it is important that the High Court of Scotland declared illegal the suspension of the Parliament británicoEl High Court of Scotland declared illegal the su

Shortages of food and medicines in Gibraltar: the secret documents of the Brexit come to light
Why it is important that the High Court of Scotland declared illegal the suspension of the Parliament británicoEl High Court of Scotland declared illegal the suspension of the Parliament británicoVon der Leyen presented a Commission focused on the climate and the innovation

The catastrophic consequences that a Brexit without agreement may have for the Uk, repeated as a call of attention by the deputies against an abrupt exit, and by the advocates of the permanence, were known by the members of the british Government since 2 August. So it was learned on Wednesday night, when it published the documents of the "Operation Yellowhammer", an analysis on the day after a disorderly rush to the exit of the European Union (EU). Last Monday, during a vote in the british Parliament, the great brake of Johnson in its plans for the Brexit, went forward a motion that forced the Executive to the papers to see the light.

The text of the "Yellowhammer" is divided into a number of points in charge of unraveling different topics, among which stands out the description almost apocalyptic-which makes of the future that awaits Gibraltar, of the violence and the necessary police repression on the streets of the United Kingdom, the increase in the price of electricity for individuals and businesses and the deterioration of the security, by the brake of the exchange of information of different forces of order.

The point 12, which is in charge of analyzing the consequences of Brexit without agreement on the Rock, touches on three central issues. The first of these, the decline in the supply of basic products to the territory, among which are included the food and medicines. "Gibraltar, due to the imposition of border controls on the border with Spain, you will see an alteration to the provision of goods (including food), medications and transboundary shipment of waste," reads literally in the document, written in a succinct and convincing.

economic Damages

Not only the stomach and the health of gibraltarians sufririrían by a rupture abrupt with Brussels. Cross-border workers, explains the document, next to the residents and tourists , they would be forced to suffer delays of more than four hours for several months in its passage through the Fence. "The prolonged delays at border will probably be an adverse effect on the economy of Gibraltar", judgment also the document.

The third critical aspect is not negligible. The political instability would be another impact of the exit door slamming advocated by London without thinking about the capacity of the remaining territories of the Crown to follow his pace. The document explains it this way: "There is a concern that Gibraltar has not been approved all the necessary legislation to a Non-Agreement, opening up a potential risk for the Government of Gibraltar".

if that weren't enough, and as he told ABC in his day, the Field of Gibraltar live with great concern the threat of Brexit abrupt that drives Johnson for the next October 31. According to the latest data, the impact of Gibraltar in this region is about 700 million euros per year and depend on the last colony of the EU 15.275 cross-border workers, 9.726 Spanish .

also worth a Mention is the mysterious point 15 of the text, that appeared covered by black stripes in a first time. According to the information revealed subsequently by a journalist from "The Sunday Times", this section contains data regarding to the shortage of gasoline and strikes that could cause. In effect, the Government was very much aware of the social instability that a Brexit without agreement can cause, judging by the document to which we refer.

In that sense, the number 13 is significant and troubling, because it assumes that there will be an increase of violent clashes in the Uk after Brexit, caused by the difficulties enfretará the country and the dissatisfaction of part of the population with the output, to the point that go to the Police it will be essential to . "The protests and contraprotestas will take place throughout the Uk and could absorb quite a lot of police resources. There may also be an increase in public disorder and community tensions".

The Parliament has dealt several defeats to Boris Johnson, by the opposition of the deputies, even those of his own party, to support an exit from the EU without an agreement. Fears that Brexit abrupt relate to the tragic consequences that can result for the United Kingdom, possibly doomed to a collapse of its economy . With the revelation of these documents, the "premier" will have to give explanations and deal with the criticism from the opposition, both internal and external.

Asked to resign Johnson

The first reactions have come from the Labour Party.

The leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, has responded to the publication of these documents, accusing Johnson of wanting to "the benefit of their friends wealthy" , with an abrupt exit from the Union, being the most punished "those who can least afford it".

The deputy Keir Starmer has pointed out the serious risks of a Brexit abrupt: "These documents confirm the serious risks of a Brexit without an agreement, that the labor leaders have worked to block".

"it Is completely irresponsible that the government has tried to ignore these stark warnings and avoid the public to see the evidence," continued Strarmer. In addition, it asked for the immediate resignation of Boris Johnson since it "has been dishonest with the british people about the consequences of a Berxit without agreement".

Also, the secretary of the Interior in the shade, Diane Abbott , has gone to Twitter to respond to the launch of the "Operation Yellowhammer" denouncing the "evidence of lack of safety that would have on the country if it meets a Brexit chaotic".

on the part of the "tories", the former minister of education, Sam Gyimah, one of the 21 rebels, conservatives have accused the government of wanting to minimize document filtering in August.

Updated Date: 12 September 2019, 20:01

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