Simone Biles's request: I want to go home

Another Bilies Not a new Bilos. Simply another biles. A week ago, when something broke inside - "I jumped on a cable," he described this Tuesday - and a

Simone Biles's request: I want to go home

Another Bilies Not a new Bilos. Simply another biles. A week ago, when something broke inside - "I jumped on a cable," he described this Tuesday - and asked to be replaced in team competition, encouraged his companions, posed fun for photographs and in the mixed zone of the Ariake Gymnastics Center was even a parlanchina. In full descent, she was from rose. Maybe she was a protection at what happened. But on Tuesday, on the return of her to the tapestry of the Tokyo Games, she was another billes.

The work done by his psychologists was noticed, for his surroundings, in recent days. If things went wrong, she was ready. If things went well, as they left, too.

"I really do not know how I feel at this moment, I just want to go home and focus on myself, I must be fine with what happened these days, I went out to compete for myself, not for anyone, and I was equally Let him happen, "he recognized the gymnast with serenity. Despite the emotionality of his return, despite the ovation he received from all those present in the pavilion, although he finally hung a bronze in the balance bar, as he already did in the 2016 Rio Games, in almost no time He changed his face. She was not serious, she was controlling.

He barely allowed a festive time after his exercise. When he finished, he snorted, smiled, touched his heart with his left hand and let himself be carried away. Until she confirmed her medal, in that corner where she was happy, next to an apparatus, she became the Biles of other times: cheerful, extroverted, in her sauce. He went to put the monkey behind the Russian Vladislava Urazava, joked with the Canadian Elsabeth Black, congratulated all the rivals as soon as they finished and even greeted a man in the stands that, I do not know why, he was carrying a banner with the Photo of two perts.

But as soon as he knew that he went back to a podium, he broke briefly and, in the arms of his coach, Cecile Landi, who protected her with two hugs, recovered calm. She would no longer go back to that ease, she stopped the Bile Dicharalera. Maybe it was what she needed.

"I did not expect to go with a medal. Just get on top of the bar has meant a world for me. Now I just want to go home, really," Bile claimed after picking up the medal next to Chinese Chenchen Guan and Xijing Tang, Gold and silver, and to receive a personal gift from the Chairman of the International Olympic Committee (COI), Thomas Bach.

Before, since it appeared by a corner of the gym next to the rest of the finalists under an avalause avalaus, Biles was already imperturbable, preparing the one that was going to be the most difficult acrobatics of his life: the return. In the first place, Tang competed and she did not attend, rare, pending to complete the mental exercises of her and, while she expected to know the note of the Asian, she closed her eyes for concentration. Then she did her best exercise, it did almost perfectly and stuck a deadly, yes, but without turning in the air-the feared 'Twisties'-, a movement that remains impossible.

"Every time I see a boy or a girl doing a double-double [a pirouette that involves twists] I want to vomit. I do not understand how they do it, I do not understand it. That's why at the exit of my exercise I have removed the turn. That It lowered the difficulty, but it was not what I cared, "Biles exposed, who earned the bronze, effectively, with a low difficulty, but a high execution. Other competitors, such as her companion Sunisa Lee or the Canadian Black proposed more complicated exercises, but her mistakes condemned them to stay behind Biles.

"Mentally I still have many things in which to work, but I think that the mental health issue came to light, it has been very good to me. People had to realize that I am human, not an entertainment, and I think it has been Thus. I have received many encouragement, "Biles declared, who at previous days spent a lot of time training at a private gym near the Ariake Gymnastics Center and, as he recognized, on a visit to the villa lived a moment of inflection.

A few days after his withdrawal from the team competition, he occurred to him to go to the souvenir shop that the athletes have next to their apartments and there was such the reception, it was so much the affection received, which ended crying between t-shirts and mugs. That was part of the healing process that is only starting. The bronze, a serene bronze, will also serve you when she finally can go home.

Date Of Update: 03 August 2021, 17:35

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