Sir Nicholas Soames: you Could lose to Northern Ireland and Scotland

Cameron is positioning itself in favour of a second referendum BrexitCarencia of food and medicines in Gibraltar: the secret documents of the Brexit come to luz

Sir Nicholas Soames: you Could lose to Northern Ireland and Scotland
Cameron is positioning itself in favour of a second referendum BrexitCarencia of food and medicines in Gibraltar: the secret documents of the Brexit come to luzEl DUP argues that it would be up to Northern Ireland to choose the laws of the EU apply, in case of Brexit

European convinced as his father, lord Soames, commissioner for External Relations between 1973 and 1977, and as his grandfather, sir Winston Churchill, sir Nicholas Soames (Croydon, 1948) he was expelled from the conservative group of the Common on September 3 to vote against the Government in the process of Brexit. He was minister of the Army with John Major. Took 36 years as a party member in the House who will leave at the end of this legislature. But will still be voting conservative all his life.

How has the finish the Uk got into this chaos of Brexit?

There are two reasons. A referendum binary was not the way to solve this and that was the first mistake. The second, which was a nonsense and a fiction to believe that you could undo 47 years of zealous legislative effort in six months -or three years-.

The country has been split by this issue and the Parliament, which represents the nation, is also divided. And is proving that reaching an agreement is much more hard than any of the supporters of Brexit thought. And although I was and remain a strong supporter of the permanence, I do not think you can go back in time.

We have had a referendum, the people unfortunately voted to leave, which I think is a mistake of historic proportions, but the Government must meet. And if I can be a bit arrogant, I think this is a pity because Europe was better with the United Kingdom within. And this is not a good time for Europe and it is a terrible time for us.

Is it still possible to a Brexit with agreement?

twenty-one conservative members of Parliament who refused to vote in favour of a Brexit without agreement we sat in the "Cabinet Room" in front of Boris and asked him if he would seriously in the search for an agreement. And we replied: "Yes. And you'd have to make a psychiatric examination if you believed not, because the consequences are very serious". I agreed to that. I think he wants an agreement. But the type of agreement you want is not one that is possible. The big problem is the safeguard of ireland. I have much fear for the unity of our nation. We could lose to Northern Ireland and we will lose Scotland. And all for the Brexit.

do you Think that could or should be a second referendum?

Honestly, I don't know. We have to see where we arrive in the negotiation. But I think that another referendum would be extremely divisive once more. There was a referendum perfectly valid, and this sounds a little "continental": "we had a referendum on the that have not voted on what we wanted, hagámosles vote again to see if they do it well". To say that people didn't know what he was doing is very insolent. But they did so for many different reasons. There is a great tradition in by-elections to kick the Government in the softer portion of their anatomy. And that was what they did in the referendum.

populism is booming in the whole world. What is the Uk an example of this?

do Not think that there could be no doubt of it. The manifestations are evident. But this is a country that is very pragmatic. And that spirit has not been lost, but is kidnapped by the Brexit. And if we manage to overcome this period of Brexit we will be able to face the rest of our lives.

I'm happy to leave the Parliament. I can not wait to do so. Because this is going to infect british politics, and the hangover is going to last at least ten years. In my opinion, everything that has happened as a result of a Brexit has been a total disaster. We're going to infuriate our european friends. The day this runs out we will need to start a new negotiation, and it's not going to be easy.

I don't see the immediate future with any happiness. We'll step into the world, we have many brilliant people who are very good at what they do and will find the way out of this situation, but I think that the influence and power of the United Kingdom will gradually diminish, because a decision has been made unbelievably bad that is not understood by any of our friends among non-story to the president Trump.

in Spite of his expulsion from the conservative group in the Parliament, what remains a conservative in his heart?

Absolutely. I would prefer that I take out a wisdom tooth without anesthesia before you join the liberaldemócratas, to labour or the Greens. I am a tory, pure and loyal. I have been a member the keeper of the Common 36 years, a member of the party 45 years, my family has a long lineage conservative, I grew up in the Conservative Party and I will die in the Conservative Party. I have only voted against my government three times in 36 years. I'm sorry I have had to do that, but I did it because he believed that what they were going to do was wrong. Now I retreat. Never vote more than the conservatives and wish the prime minister the best.

Date Of Update: 19 September 2019, 10:01

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